nuEarth-2 Re-imagination Project

List of characters I would like to see on the New 52's Earth-2. Please note, the comments below are what possible ways those 'wonders' could get introduced.

My suggestion for DC would be to make three books for the Earth-2 family:

1) Earth 2 being the weekly series that is world building with E-2 Batman, Mister Terrific, Aquawoman, Red Tornado, Val and Accountable.

2) Justice Society being the main Wonders of Earth-2 so Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Dr Fate, Flash, Atom, Sandman and Red Arrow with Major Sato being the liaison to the World Army

3) Infinity Inc being 6-7 superheroes from the future being the Legion of Super-Heroes of that Earth where they travel back in time to stop a big cataclysm from coming to pass.

List items

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This actually pretty interesting. Not sure I like the idea of restricting Infinity Inc. characters to future heroes, but otherwise this is really interesting.

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This actually pretty interesting. Not sure I like the idea of restricting Infinity Inc. characters to future heroes, but otherwise this is really interesting.

Thank you! And sorry for the late response, I thought responses would be flagged on the lists so didn't see your response.

Personally, my thoughts are turning Infinity Inc. into Earth-2's Legion of Super-Heroes and Young All-Stars being kind of the Young Justice of that version of Earth. But that's just my opinion really.

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the Silver Scarab and Dr. Midnite.

Silver Scarab: Hector hol is the son of Katar Hol and Shayera Hol, two Thanagarian soldiers who landed on Earth in Ancient Egypt. They were worshiped as gods and became king and queen. On Earth they had a son, Hector. As a young man Hector found the Blue Beetle Scarab, or rather it found him. The alien technology merged with him and, combined with his Thanagarian Nth Metal turned him into the Silver Scarab. The Nth Metal altered the programming of the Scarab giving Hector complete control and alter his powers. When Hector seemingly died he merely was absorbed into the Scarab. Centuries later Terry Sloane found the Scarab and couldn't get it to work, until he could and to keep others from using it it was locked in the volts along with Aquagirl, Jimmy Olsen, and other possible threats. After the second invasion by Apocalypse and the Parademons, the Scarab resurfaced. On accident it was unlocked and Hector was alive again. Now in modern times, and is now the protector Silver Scarab. (Because of the Nth Metal the scarab is forever connected, part of, Hector). Just like Jaime he can fly using the wings, and shoot energy blasts from his hands by turning them into gun like weapons. Hector has all the same powers Jamie has in the comics. Essentially he is Earth 2's Blue Beetle.

With Hector I tried to simplify his origins which are as tangled as his father's, Pre-New 52.


Dr. Midnite: Beth Chapel was finishing up her medical degree, ready to become a doctor, when she started loosing her vision. She found out that she had a degenerative eye condition which would eventually make her totally blind. After two years a medical study with the goal of returning eye sight came along looking for volunteers. Beth accepted the chance. The results hardly worked for any of the volunteers, but Beth had strange results. She could see but only in darkness. Furthermore, and more unusual, was that her reflexes and strength, and speed, were heightened. (It was an Earth 2 version of the drug that gave Deathstroke his powers.) She hid all these from the doctors and became the vigilante Dr. Midnite. She created blackout bombs that were like reverse flash grenades. Using that same technology she also created batons that would stun her opponents. Allowing her flashes of sight when she hits her enemies. She also hides these, like Daredevil in Marvel Comics, as walking canes she uses to get around. (I also have an idea that she becomes the vigilante Dr. Midnite to stop some of the other volunteers who experienced similar results as she did and tried to steal more of the drug. Her pet owl, Hooty, used to belong to the Doctor who ran the medical study but died at the hands of one of the other volunteers. I also feel that to explain her combat skills she either has been in mixed martial arts since grade school because of the naighborhood she grew up in, like the other Dr. Midnite, or she was trained by Earth 2 Batman, or both.)

Slight change to this: She was a became a Doctor and soldier in the World Armyb ut got a Honorable Discharge when she started to go blind. That way she was already trained as a soldier in combat, to explain her fighting skills, and why she would even consider this line of work.

Her origin would probably take place after the Evil Superman, Second Apocalypse Invasion, in Earth 2.

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Wow, very nice. Quite like those. Makes me wish to see those in Earth-2 :)