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I vote for Stan!  
Can I vote for him again?
How many times can I vote? 

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I thnk it all depends on the character.  
Wolverine for example needed to be mysterious but after so many years, we readers demanded the origin, which was not bad. Now having his origin we need to see how it affected the character. The writers have to get focused with the change or the character can have a great origin but nothing left after that. 
The Joker is a character that is ok without an origin, he was meant to not have one and not need one. He has so many origins told that I think I should stack them together under Joker's Origins and see how many I can find in my collection. 
As for Rulk, if you look at the story it was there, it was planned so the story was driving to that point anyway. This is one of the origin stories that are defined by the current arc or story and are going to be as good as the story can be. 
What do you guys think of the Ultimate Origins series?

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Really, really REALLY looking forward to this.

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Visionaries, Robotech and Centurions.

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I think it would fit better to have the new Cap look on the game although it would change his game mechanics as Bucky fires guns and Steve generally doesn't. 

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with... an arrow.. 
loved it...  

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I think it is time for cyclops to have some grave time. He has been doing great as a leader and took some difficult decisions. He is in the spotlight, it could be a great death.

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Hulk Corps now? We've had the green and the grey and the red and there are several of the first and the later and don't forget hulked out heroes. That's an awful lot of hulks hanging around.

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Seems awkward to me, maybe because of the recent verbal fight they had about Steve telling him he was not sure he should keep his armor. 
It also resembles a lot to bat supes but the other way around, the techie millionarie playboy gives the american symbol a way to defeat him because he trusts him. 
BTW, I think that if Steve wanted he could scrap the floor with Tony, specially now that he has S.H.I.E.L.D. and all, Tony is no longer a big risk, possibly a potential risk that still needs to get big again.

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I think Lizard is great for a reboot story. The Dr. and Parker have one side of it and their alteregos see another one.