The Superman Doppelganger Corps

This is just a list of characters who were based off of Clark Kent/Superman (and some of his counterparts from alternate realities) in a variety of different ways.

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great list  , but you to put Supreme and the Samaritan on your list
Posted by Primmaster64

Aizen as # 1?

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@Primmaster64 said:

" Aizen as # 1? "

I just put him as number one because he was the first person I thought of while constructing this list. Basically, the list is in placed in the order of which number the person was given when I added them to the list. Hyperion was second, Sentry was third, Gladiator was fourth and so on and so forth.
Posted by Primmaster64
@The Gray Fox: lol
Posted by PowerHerc

Good list.   I've considered making one like this many times, but still have not. 
How about Supreme, Mighty Man, Icon, Blue Marvel and the Greatest American Hero?

Posted by Crymsun

What about Superman's legacy characters?  Superboy, Superboy-prime, Mon-El, Ultra Boy, Supergirl...?
Posted by RoninTheFury

Hey, you could also add the very short lived "Mighty Man" from the now bankrupt Crossgen universe:)

Posted by PowerHerc

How about Captain Dynamo?

Nice list, btw!

Posted by Thor_Ul

Are you sure than Hyperman is a pastiche of Hyperion? I mean, Hyperman was a one-issue character who debuted at least 10 years before the first appearance of Hyperion. Check your facts.