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Mighty Man is an ancient entity who was created by the wizard Fon~Ti to fight his war against his eternal nemesis, Abner Cadaver. One of the effects of it is that it always turns its host regardless of their gender into a blond, long-haired man with the super powers of flight and super strength. Mighty Man entity is passed from host to host at the point of their death.


Mighty Man was created by Erik Larsen

Character Evolution

Image Universe

Robert Berman

Robert Berman (Mighty Man I)

Robert Berman was the first host, he used the Mighty Man's powers for forces of good. Robert then enters WWII, with the superhero team of the Allies. He teamed up with Superpatriot and they became close friends, after the disbanding of the Allies, Mighty Man and Superpatriot went on to forming their own team called the Fighting Force. By the 1960s, the Fighting Force received government funding and changed their name to the Liberty League. Internal bickering eventually led to Superpatriot and Battle Tank quitting the team over one another, ultimately leading to the team disbanding. Mighty Man and Superpatriot remained the protectors of their native Chicago, right up through to the 1990s.

Ann Stevens

Ann Stevens (Mighty Man II)

After Robert death, he passed the Mighty Man entity on to Ann. She didn't realize she even had the Mighty Man entity, until she slipped on a glass of milk while trying to race to a call from Dr. Plucker and she accidentally struck her wrists together. She was instantly transformed into the body of Mighty Man and could not figure out how to return to normal. She soon learns how control her powers and how to turn herself into Mighty Man at will. Before she found out that she had Mighty Man powers, she treated a green-skinned super freak who was found in a burning field with amnesia. She gave him the nickname ' the Dragon' which he finally picked as his legal name. She also fell for Dragon’s charm and developed a crush on him. Ann made her public appearance as Mighty Man when she saved Dart and Star from a group of super-powered escaped prisoners. Ann returns as Mighty Man when she saves Robert's old friend Superpatriot from being controlled by the Horde. Ann discovers that Dragon was no longer sterile after his encounter with the Fiend III and he finds out that Rapture is pregnant with his son Malcolm. Ann's room-mate Phyllis Deeder discovers Ann's secret identity and she tries to hit on Ann's male form, but she rejects her electives. She then teams up with Freak Force, but she promised not to reveal her identity to them or Dragon.

Chelsea Nirvana

Chelsea Nirvana (Mighty Man III)

After the death of Ann, Chelsea takes the powers of Mighty Man entity. As Mighty Man she went to find her father's secret base, she held Dr. Nirvana as he realized that Mighty Man is her daughter and then killed him. She attempted to seize control of the Vicious Circle, but she was then possessed by the last Wicked Worm. She was left starving to death while trapped in the powered form and even when the leech was removed by Dragon, Chelsea opted to continue fighting. The exhaustion killed Chelsea and powers of Mighty Man entity passed on to legless Dart


Jill August as Dart (Mighty Man VI)

Jill August (Dart) was overjoyed to walk again in her Mighty Man form. Her first mission was to locate her long lost former teammate Superpatriot. She joins with Dragon when Vicious Circle’s leader Power House gives information about Covenant of the Sword facility. Dragon and Dart use Dr. Nirvana's imager device to take on appearances of Smasher and Angel Murphy gain entering into Covenant facility. Dart faces brainwashed Superpatriot and was defeated by him. Dart was taken prisoner by Damien Darklord from Darkworld universe. Dragon however rescued Dart and she then killed Darklord when she threw a large spire through his chest. She later became a member of the S.O.S, she rarely fought many battles with very few super villains left in the world. She and the S.O.S. launched a counter-attack against Universo, but they were defeated. Dart as Mighty Man was wiped out when Universo consumed the Earth.

Savage World Universe

Robert Berman

Robert Berman (Mighty Man I)

Most of his origin is the same as the Image Universe version.

Ann Stevens

Ann Stevens (Mighty Man II)

In this reality Ann had never discovered that she had the Mighty Man powers. She moved back to Kansas City following the Martian invasion where she rekindled her relationship with Dr. Larry Bradford. With Mighty Man not being around changed this world's history. Dart was carried off by Mako in the prison break that mighty Man was supposed to stop, to a remote tropical island. Chelsea Nirvana is unaware of Ann as Mighty Man and she didn't become evil. Years later Dragon (Image Universe) arrived in Kansas City looking for allies to help overthrow CyberFace. Dragon shows how Ann to transform into Mighty Man and she help Dragon to defeat CyberFace. Mighty Man join up with the new incarnation of the Liberty League alongside with Dragon and original members, SuperPatriot and Battle Tank I. Later the team dissolves when many members went off to do their own things.

Billy Berman

Billy Berman (Mighty Man III)

After watching a News programmer about his grandfather as the Mighty Man, he discovers a ray gun that was created by Dr. Nirvana which can steal the powers of Mighty Man from the host. Billy follows around the Mighty Man and finds out that Ann is the host. He uses the gun on her in middle of transformation and takes the powers from her. As Mighty Man he becomes more effective by cuts down crime with in matter of weeks, but he push himself to point of starving. After return home as Mighty Man, Billy gets attack by gang and he is shoot while transforming. He later joins the new form Freak Force, but he kills all their enemy with in a few days. Which cause them the team to break up..

Betty Bradford

Betty Bradford (Mighty Man VI)

Ann remained inactive as Mighty Man and instead concentrated on being a mother to her child. As Ann lay Betty down, Betty knocked her wrists together and she transformed into Mighty Man. The infant Betty don't understand what she had become, she started destroy parts of Chicago. When Daredevil, Malcolm and Angel Dragon tries to stop her, but she defeat them. Ann shown up, she stops Angel and Malcolm from hurting Betty. Ann tells them that Mighty Man is her baby and then Ann helps Betty to transform back to herself. Ann set out to find way prevent Betty from transforming. until she is ready to wield the powers of the Mighty Man.

Major Story Arcs

Image Universe:

The Death of Robert Berman

Robert Dies

In 1992, Robert secret identity revealed in newspaper by his grandson, Billy Berman. After this a group of thugs broke into the home of Robert Berman and stabbed him repeatedly before he could become Mighty Man. Robert was taken to Hillman Hospital where he was cared for by staff nurse Ann Stevens. Billy visited regularly in the hope of receiving the Mighty Man abilities but when his grandfather refused to die, he opted instead to have the hospital staff call him at the first sign of trouble. As Berman begin to die, he mistook Ann to be his grandson and he passed the Might Man entity to her. He then passes away.

Ann Adventures As Mighty Man

Mighty Man in S.O.S.

The Dragon offered her a chance to be on another team but Mighty Man denied him because she didn't want her identity to be revealed. Ann does reveal identity to Superpatriot, after she defeats a powerful opponent in her human form. When Freak Force secretary turns out to be the original Mighty Man arc-nemesis Dr. Nirvana's daughter Chelsea Nirvana. She finds out Ann identity and she become Johnny Redbeard II, where she created a new Bludgeon who beats Mighty Man into a coma. Ann stays in her male form, untie she reverted back to Ann. Ann as Mighty Man remained a member of Freak Force for many years. She also aided in numerous superhero team-ups with Dragon, WildStar, the Wildcats and Badrock. Dragon has another run-in with the Fiend III, she breaks every bone in his body, so that he heals incorrectly. Ann is called in for her nursing knowledge and so she in Mighty Man form she breaks Dragon's bones in way so that he heal correctly. Later the Freak Force agreed to become founding members of the government’s Special Operations Strikeforce, Ann was unwilling to give up her secret identity and civilian job and instead opted to remain behind in Chicago as a freelance superhero.

The Death of Ann

Sometime later Dragon wife's Jennifer Murphy was apparent murder by Overlord on their wedding. Ann began dating with Dragon, on the night that they were to consummate their relationship. Dragon handcuffed Ann to bed reels and shot multiple times, which kills her. It turns out Dragon was Chelsea who's in elder father body, she used her father’s imager device to take on Dragon’s appearance.

Savage World Universe:

Ann Loses The Mighty Man Entity To Billy Berman

Ann had Mighty Man powers stolen by Robert's grandson Billy Berman and become the new Mighty Man. After losing her powers she says yes to marry Larry after he had repeatedly proposed to her. Sometime later, Billy as Mighty Man started use even more lethal force on any and all criminals, he slow become more power hunger. This leads Dragon to confronting him about his actions. Billy puts Dragon into hospital which prompts SuperPatriot to gather up a small army of heroes to challenge Billy. Ann and Larry shows up with Dr. Nirvana ray gun and she uses the gun on him, but doesn't work while in Mighty Man form. Billy destroy the gun and rips open Ann's top, but SuperPatriot stops him. During the fight they cause release of Vicious Circle members from their prison. Then Vicious Circle goes after Mighty Man which overwhelmed him and returns back to normal self. A starving Billy ends up dying and Ann tries to save but she can't. He tells Ann to forgive him for what has doing. He pass the powers back to Ann and she become Mighty Man again. She then rush Billy to hospital where he remains in a comatose state.

Ann Meets Fon-Ti

Ann Bradford Returns

After saving Billy life, Fon~Ti called her to his cave and tell her that she is choosing one because she got Mighty Man powers twice. Fon-Ti wipes minds of her secret identity from the world, but for people she trust. She later tries to stop Universo from draining energy from the planet. Later Ann finds out that she is pregnant and refuse to transform into Mighty Man in fear of harm her unborn child. Much later she give birth to a baby girl name Elizebether "Betty" Bradford.

Powers & Abilities


Mighty Man Entity

When Ann Stevens slams her wrists together, a bright light is emitted, within which her body is transformed into the body of Mighty Man. However, while her body changes from one form to another, her consciousness remains and is in control of the Mighty Man form. The Mighty Man entity has no mind or will of its own. The act of transforming into Mighty Man or Ann Stevens sends the inactive body to another dimension - Ann Stevens’ form is replaced by Mighty Man's, and vice-versa. Even though inactive, Ann Stevens’ body needs nutrition regularly in order for her and the Mighty Man identity to survive. Mighty Man has vast super-human strength. He can fly at incredible speeds, has seemingly impenetrable skin, inhuman stamina and endurance, and an accelerated healing ability. He is capable of lifting (pressing) 150 tons.

Mighty Man Entity

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 240 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Other Versions

Unknown Universe

Dragon travels to the past where he stops Chelsea from killing Ann and creates a new reality.

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