The Accords of 004578: The Second Gray Fox

Designation: 004578
Aliases: "Fox", "Fox 2.0", The Gray Fox, "Nu-Fox", Sovereign Supreme, Zephyrus
Accent: Robotic Impression of Ambiguous New World (American)
Affiliations: Maya Lopez, The Matriarchy of Ninjeta 
Built: 2 Months Ago
Height: 10"
Weight: 5 tons
Eyes: Black with Purple pinpricks of light in the center of each eye.
Description: Calm, determined, friendly, hard-working.
Goals: Distancing himself from Tenebrasque In and the legacy his Creator left with them; Trying to build a better tomorrow for the inhabitants of Junon on Ninjeta; Elevating Ninjeta to the next level of Universal Dominance.
History: Under Construction.

Foreign Diplomacy

Under Construction

Kiss The Blood From My Hand: Return of The Exiled

Under Construction
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The History of The Gray Fox (Revised and Under Construction)

 The Birth of Subject: Alpha
Name: Dorian Gray
Aliases: Sovereign of Junon, Subject Alpha, The Proto-Protector, The Art Deco Assassin The Gray Fox or simply "Fox."
Accent: Robotic Impression of Ambiguous New World (Irish-American)
Former Affiliations: Paese Di Tenebra
Age: 62
Height: 10"
Weight: 5 tons
Eyes: Pure White with a radiant and ominous Red (sometimes Purple) glow.
Skin Color: None.
Description: Slim, cold, calm, patient, soft-spoken and determined.
Eccentricities: Constantly readjusting his armor and finding new ways to use his powers.
Died: Omega Darkness (Real), Reality "M" (Facsimile)
History: Virtually nothing is known about who Subject Alpha was prior to being inducted allegedly against his will into Project: Conserve and Protect, becoming the first of what was supposed to be an army of genetically engineered cyborg replacements for Earth's heroes.

What is known of Subject Alpha's past is that within the dark depths of Hephaestus, an off-shore underwater research and development facility owned by the AVALON Corporation and secretly funded by several members of The United Nations, Subject Alpha was stripped of everything that made him human.
In return, he became a slave powerful enough to ensure Ricardo Avalon II and his allies would finally rise above the rest of the world and proclaim themselves Sovereigns of Earth, Gods among Men, and richer than anyone could imagine.
Alas, it was not meant to be. Shortly after he awoke, something in Alpha snapped and he violently murdered most of the criminals who funded Project: Conserve and Protect along with the scientists who had physically stripped him of his humanity and turned him into a soulless abomination.

 Art Deco Assassin
When all was said and done, Hephaestus was left behind in ruins and Alpha fled to the surface world where he vanished into The Tibetan Mountains and was never seen or heard from again. Nearly five and a half decades later something vast is stirring in the dark.
Across the world those with the strongest ties to AVALON are being cut down one by one by an enigmatic menace some call "The Gray Fox", whose calling card is an incredibly detailed picture of said species of fox ice-burned into the chest of each victim.
Ricardo Avalon II knows that The Gray Fox is more than just a superhuman assassin, that he is the living embodiment of one of his greatest sins reborn. Ricardo knows that The Gray Fox is Subject Alpha and that he will stop at nothing until Ricardo and his family are laying dead at his feet. 
He knows that somewhere out there in the crawling darkness The Gray Fox is watching and waiting with silent anticipation.

From The Ashes

Fall of The Cyber-Soldiers
Following a foiled assassination attempt on the life of Jasmine Roland, one of Fox's primary targets, and suffering heavy injuries at the hand of her very own protector unit Fox met with the legendary tyrant called Darkchild and, in return for the resources required to combat the highly advanced guardians of his oldest adversaries, pledged his undying loyalty to Darkchild's cause. 
After upgrading his armor and technology, Fox was given orders to protect Asesino, one of his new teammates...during the course of an all-out invasion of France.
Upon arrival, Fox and Asesino were separated after coming under heavy fire from the French Military. Hoping to take Fox out first before focusing on his powerless ally, The French unleashed their VR-trained cyber soldiers and sent them after Fox, only to see them eventually fall at the hands of their target. 
Though he had been injured during the fight it had not been enough to keep him from teleporting across the battlefield and slaying the Generals.
The French Military fell into disarray following Fox's display and attempted to retreat but were kept from leaving the field of battle by Fox and his mutant ice abilities. 
Sometime later, after asserting his dominance over the whole of France, Darkchild assigned Fox the task of building his army of "Lucifers", robotic soldiers that Fox would construct using a combination of his own tech and tech stolen from a man named Sinister long ago. 
Combined, the two technologies would make the Lucifers powerful enough to give even the most powerful of Earth's so-called heroes a run for their money and would help them tear down the world the heroes had built during a time when villains focused only on destroying each other.

Omega Darkness

First Contact
After upgrading his armor and tech for a third time, Fox constructed a wireless War Net across the whole of France weaved together by massive spires and began work on The Lucifer Project. 
Before any real progress could be made The Omega Haven, which had bypassed Fox's War Net appeared above the skies of Paris. 
After alerting his allies of Omega Justice's intrusion upon Tenebrasquean territory, he made his way towards the fortress in order to find out how it had managed to defy his War Net only to discover that he had accidentally left it inactive following the test runs.
When the former leader of Omega Justice, Solace, arrived to aid her allies Fox turned his attention on her and engaged her in combat. As the two fought, Fox proved many times to be a superior and stronger combatant than his 16 year-old adversary. 
Fox soon fell prey to Solace after she managed to duplicate herself and then unleash a flurry of ionic and photonic energy attacks. These attacks proved to be ineffective however as Fox's adamantium hide had been able to weather her assault and keep Fox's true body safe from harm.
After Eternal Chaos placed a barrier composed of absolute darkness around the battlefield, Fox hacked into Omega Haven's security systems and turned them against their Masters. 

He soon placed Solace on the ropes, after having previously damaged her with blows to the stomach and back, by unleashing his Winter Blast attack upon her which sent her falling into the debris pile below. 
Unfortunately, before he could reach her and deal any finishing blows, Solace transformed into Sigma, an adult version of herself with complete mastery over her powers. 
Fox retreated to one of his pocket armories and equipped himself with a Hand Held Dark Matter Gatling Gun, a Tesla Shotgun and reinforced his armor with Mythril add-ons. 
Unfortunately, the precautions Fox had taken for his fight with Solace Sigma were for naught, Solace drew forth energy from Earth's North and South poles and unleashed it upon Fox, destroying him in the process and leaving his remains laying at the feet of fellow teammate Azrael.
Azrael managed to bring Fox back shortly after by transferring what everyone thought to be his true consciousness to the Mark IV armor, in reality however, Fox had died that day on the battlefield while a facsimile rose to take his place.

Building Darkness

Sovereign Supreme
With Junon now fully established, The Gray Fox had his predecessor's remaining AVALON Corporation adversaries kidnapped and brought to one of his labs by 004578, a Guardian Corps FoxBot who would later play a much larger role in the ultimate fate of Junon and its people.
After learning the identity of his predecessor's parents along with the real name, the nature of his birth and their ultimate fate, Fox had all his enemies electrocuted. With AVALON gone and his predecessor's work finished, Fox could now focus more clearly on the future
A future which would take Fox on perilous adventures into worlds he never thought he'd see and ones he never even knew existed. A future that would see Fox forging alliances with the most unlikely of superhuman candidates to stop ultra-powerful god-like superhumans and monsters that posed an even greater threat to life on this Earth and countless others as we knew it.
Threats even greater than all of Tenebrasque In illustrious members combined could ever hope to become.

Remnants of The Old World

The Wyrm Uprising
When a series of catastrophic events led to the total destruction of small villages all across the Carpathian Mountains in Romania, something compelled Fox to travel and seek out the source of these catastrophes, there in one such devastated village he encountered the undead creature known as Warsman whom revealed to Fox that an infant Wyrm, a member of an ancient and wingless race of Dragons, was responsible for the deaths of the Romanian villagers across the Carpathians.

With his curiosity now piqued, Fox joined forces with Warsman in the hopes of capturing the beast and bringing it back to Junon for study, but it wasn't long before the two found themselves trapped in the gargantuan underground tunnel system that the Wyrm had been making for quite some time or rather Wyrms as the pair found out when a second Wyrm nearly crushed Fox beneath its feet while traversing the tunnel system.

When Warsman learned of the Mother Wyrm's presence deep within the caverns, Fox and his new ally decided that the best course of action would be to eliminate the Mother rather then waste time hunting down Infants. It was not long afterward that Warsman and Fox found themselves under attack from the Wyrm Alpha Male and numerous Infants, all ordered by the Mother to stop her new enemies.

During the course of his vicious throwdown with a pair of Infants, Fox's first set of Mark IV armor was destroyed, forcing him to return to Junon and acquire a new body. When he returned, Fox discovered that the Infants were all suffering from rotting jaw disease and that destroying their jaws would result in their demise. After managing to slay a few of the Infants, Fox found himself confronted by an entirely different kind of enemy.

As it turned out, the Mother had been sending its children out to collect several carefully chosen young Romanian girls to impregnate with the seed of the Alpha and in turn, become the Mothers of a new race of Human/Wyrm hybrids similar to another species that died out millions of years prior. After a quick fight, Fox returned to Warsman's side with the harpies hot on his trail.

Warsman, who had undergone a drastic change in personality and appearance, killed the girls only to end up surrounded alongside Fox by thousands upon thousands of infant Wyrms. With the Mother having made a break for it, the two had little time to spare and thanks to Fox's teleportation powers were able to escape the mob of Wyrms. Shortly afterward, Warsman went under yet another transformation and destroyed the Wyrms. Fox and Warsman then proceeded to kill the Mother, ending the Wyrm threat once and for all.

Fox and Warsman then parted ways.

Reality "M"

Under Construction 

Alternate Earths:

In Age of Absolutism, Fox brought three rebellious superhumans before Darkchild to be punished for their crimes against him. After his Master had killed the other two, Fox knocked out the female and took her to the Third District, where she was forced to become a prostitute. Fox was later seen in Darkchild's throne room and bore witness to a spat between his Master and his Master's daughter. After leaving the throne room, Darkchild and The Gray Fox entered a secret room that only they could access. Knowing that the entire world was about to go to war, Darkchild ordered Fox to begin updating their weapons and defense systems on a daily basis so that they would be fully prepared for the conflicts to come.

Powers and Abilities

Ice Powers:
Fox's body can naturally freeze water. He can throw razor-sharp ice daggers created from openings on his wrists while his power suit continually hydrates him. There are also openings on his palms that allow him to unleash heavy streams of frozen shards, but due to the great deal of concentration and stress it takes just to channel these kinds of streams. 
Therefore Fox only resorts to channeling it through one hand at a time. In addition, his hands and wrists (save for the openings where he manifests ice daggers) are always covered in rock hard sheets of ice, which increase the amount of damage he deals should he be forced to assault someone physically. Following the events of Omega Darkness, Fox lost these powers.
Dark Matter Energy Manipulation:
Thanks to the Omega Device, Fox is able to wield the power of Dark Matter both offensively and defensively, but has yet to learn how to fully control this new form of power he has unlocked. In terms of basics, Fox can fire immense bursts of energy from his hands, fire laser beams from his eyes (both of which can ignite their targets in black flames) and create a number of different types of energy shields varying in both strength and size.
His most advanced manipulation technique is the Tracking Beam. Though, at first the attack seems to be nothing more than a standard tactic, the charade is lifted once they start following the movement patterns of their targets and matching their speed. So far only the fastest of speedsters and fliers have been able to evade the attack, though others without such abilities have managed to deflect it using shields or just plain old improvisation.
Stealth Abilities:
Fox's stealth-based abilities are derived primarily from numerous files of data programmed into his mind by the scientists at AVALON Corporation as well as two devices that were built into his armor. The first of these devices allows Fox to teleport from one location to the next so long as Fox can visualize the destination in his mind. 
There is but one tell-tale sign that indicates when he's about to teleport away and when he is arriving at his destination, which is to say shimmering, distorted air that folds itself around Fox's body. The second device shrouds Fox in an invisibility force field and quiets his footsteps, making it far more easier for him to infiltrate even the most highly guarded facilities...sometimes.
"Miscellaneous" refers to powers and abilities Fox gained through the armor-bonding process and computer-to-mind data transfers. In terms of superhuman abilities or "somewhat unexpected yet apparently natural side-effects associated with the armor-bonding process" as Professor turned Board of Director Pierre Cohen so eloquently put it, Fox's strength was enhanced to superhuman levels.
With his new-found strength, Fox is capable of lifting up to 25 tons, but not without running the risk of overexerting himself. Because of this he usually holds back at around the 10-15 ton mark. The second "side-effect" gained is enhanced reaction time, which visually slows the world around Fox down, giving him adequate time to dodge most attacks by physically moving about or by teleporting away. 
It should be noted that Fox's reaction time was enhanced even further when he swapped out his original eyes for bionic ones. However, even with the recent eye transplant, Fox has still yet to eliminate his blind spots. In terms of computer to mind data transfer-related abilities, Fox has managed to download a great deal of Martial Arts techniques.


 Mark I (Proto-Protector Armor)
Mark I (Proto-Protector Armor): 
Builder: AVALON Corporation
Color: Silver
Height: 10'
Weight: 2 tons
The original "Proto-Protector" armor was an incredibly durable titanium-plated marvel powered by a powerful fusion reaction catalyzed via harnessing Fox's bodies' waste-energy (Bioenergy) through the use of a more refined version of the same experimental technology the U.S. Military had been using in an attempt to create bioelectric tanks. Like it's successors, the armor's circuitry was grafted onto Fox's nervous system, though not permanently, which allowed the possibility of replacing said circuitry to remain an option.
Thanks to Fox's mutant ice-based powers, the armor was able to withstand harsh, "wintry" climates such as that of The Tibetan Mountain Range for over five and a half decades without rusting but not even this kind of protection was able to keep such climates from wearing out its shiny silver polish and causing small amounts of structural degradation in not only the titanium armor plating but also the armor and life-support circuitry systems. Like all of Fox's armors, the original was equipped with both a teleportation device (powered by a miniature quantum singularity) and an invisibility cloak.
It also possessed openings on the hands and the wrists so that Fox could channel his mutant ice powers through his armor and use them against his foes. The armor was eventually retired after sustaining heavy damage during Fox's first encounter with a modern day Protector unit belonging to Jasmine Roland, one of the people responsible for turning Fox into what he is today.
 Mark II (Tenebrasque Armor)
Mark II (Tenebrasque Armor)
Builder: The Gray Fox
Color: Silver
Height: 10'
Weight: 3 tons
Mark II is a fully revamped, near-state of the art variation of Mark I that has been refitted specifically for the purpose of semi-modernizing Fox's tech as well as ensuring the remnants of his human body within stay comfortable and safe. The armor plating itself is made out of Secondary Adamantium, a weaker variation of the near-indestructible Adamantium alloy, but strong enough to keep Fox's organic body safe. The old life support system has been removed to make room for a set of artificial lungs connected to a special breathing mask via a set of tubes plugged to the mask and various sockets on his chest.
The armor is also equipped with upgraded versions of the teleportation and invisibility cloak devices as well as USB adapter port designed to download information directly into either Fox's brain or the device Fox crafted to take in excess amounts of data in the event that Fox's mind can no longer handle large amounts of data. In addition, Fox's new prosthetic eyes are capable of creating holographic images of the data in his possession that can be projected outward for all to see or inward, which grants only Fox visual access to the data. 
Like it's predecessor, Mark II has openings on the wrists and hands through which Fox can channel his ice powers through. All of this hardware, including the armor itself, is powered not by the fusion reaction catalyzed from Fox's own waste energy but rather a heart-bound electromagnet fueled solely by a miniature arc reactor that, if somehow destroyed, could unleash an energy pulse wave powerful enough to level a city the size of Seattle.
 Mark III (Lucifer Tech)
Mark III (Lucifer-Tech Armor)
Builder: The Gray Fox
Color: Charcoal Gray and Red
Height: 10'
Weight: 5 Tons
While Mark III is vast departure from its predecessors it still retains updated versions of the teleportation and invisibility cloak devices. The armor itself is made out of pure adamantium and is charcoal gray in color, with glowing red lights that run down the chest. The helm has been altered into a rounded, more form-fitting shape with signal receivers positioned over the spaces where the ears should be. The faceplate is rather uninspired, with only two rectangular eye slots and a similarly-shaped mouth slot.
Mark III has many new built-in devices, most of which are designed purely for assassination. In order to add them to the armor, the openings where Fox would normally channel his ice powers through his left arm have been shut and deactivated leaving only his right arm with the ability to create ice daggers and fire streams of ice shards. In return for this loss, a three-parts blade folding mechanism with a ring on the pinky finger that activates the blade opening and closing system has been installed along with thorn-shaped poison-tipped darts that can be fired from his fingertips.
Other additions include a wide belt made out of mythril with a large number of pouches that contain miniature explosives, smoke bombs, adamantium throwing knives, etc. with a strap that goes across his shoulder and holds in place a black cape (with red inside) as soft as velvet and as strong as mythril with Darkchild's insignia emblazoned in red at the cape's mid-section that goes over and around Fox's left arm and shoulder, with the cape he is able to hide his new accessories from enemies until the time to unveil them is just right. His "boots" now feature an anti-gravity/jet system that gives Fox the power to levitate and fly.
Mark IV (Project: Ascension)
Builder: The Gray Fox
Color: Gray
Height: 10"
Weight: 5 Tons
When Fox's organic form was annihilated by Solace, a facsimile of his consciousness was transferred into a new body: the Mark IV/Project: Ascension armor, his most advanced creation to date. Along with equipment from the old Mark III armor, Mark IV came equipped with a new open-mouthed faceplate, spiked knuckles, miniature firearms bound to hidden blades, an energy cannon at the back of his "throat"  and a core containing a miniature singularity that drew in Dark Matter from all across the Multiverse to power the armor.


FoxTech is a term that loosely applies to the many devices at Fox's command thanks to the endless amount of resources he acquired from Darkchild. Below are some of Fox's most unusual, unique and powerful weapons and devices.
Pocket Armory Tokens
Pocket Armory Tokens can be used to create inter-dimensional doorways to immense armories and weapons caches that Fox has hidden throughout the Multiverse. All one needs to do is snap it in half and the doorway will form directly in front of the summoner. The portal to the armory will not close (unless the visitor wills it to close) for as long as the summoner is inside and cannot be penetrated by anyone who The Gray Fox has marked as forbidden. While Fox's supply of tokens is limitless, the tokens themselves can only be used once, once you run out more must be retrieved directly from Fox himself. 
Hand Held Dark Matter Gatling Gun 
The Hand Held Dark Matter Gatling Gun is a massive 3 ton gatling gun that fires hot, piercing vibranium bullets which radiate dark matter energy outward and create large explosions upon making contact with their target. The gun itself is hooked up to a power pack that, much like Fox's teleportation device, contains a miniature singularity which draws out massive amounts of dark matter energy from various universes scattered across the Multiverse. One of these guns were destroyed during the events of Omega Darkness.
Tesla Shotgun
The "Tesla Shotgun" is an upgraded shotgun with a double revolver mechanism that doubles the amount of bullets Fox can fire before having to reload, a sawed off barrel that increases the damage dealt by bullets and a Tesla Coil that charges the bullets with kinetic energy that deals electric shock damage to affected targets. A Tesla Shotgun was destroyed during the events of Omega Darkness.
Mythril Reinforcement
Mythril Reinforcement are pieces of armor that were constructed to match each set of armor Fox owns and will own and, when needed, the proper pieces can be bound to the matching armor in order to further protect Fox's weak, fragile human form from harm. The Mark III reinforcement pieces were destroyed during the events of Omega Darkness.
The Omega Device
Details Coming Soon

Primary Weakness

Despite having evolved beyond the restraints of the flesh and crushed any remnant of emotion within him, there is one weakness that has managed to stay with Fox throughout the course of his evolution and that is his weakness to electrical and EMP-based assaults. 
Such power can render Fox's bodies inoperable, placing him out of commission for long periods of time until he can replace his current form with another or somehow reactivate the decimated form. In the end, you could say that despite everything he has come to achieve, The Gray Fox is now just another machine.
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My Favorite Songs

Don't Stop (Innerpartysystem), Kings and Queens (30 Seconds To Mars), Losing You (Dead by April) & Beauty Is Within Us (Scott Matthew, Chris Modell and Yoko Kano)



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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Pre-Order Uniforms.

Recently, it was announced that Gamestop, Best Buy, Kmart and would be giving a code to unlock an alternate pre-order Spider-Man costume for players to wear in the game, better yet, the costumes can be used on all consoles unlike the ones in Web of Shadows. However, they aren't all offering the same alternate costume and from the looks of it none of the pre-order costumes can be unlocked normally in the game. You must have the pre-order to code to unlock the costumes. So, unless you have enough spending money to pre-order the game from all four companies, you can only get one of the pre-order uniforms. 

Gamestop's Captain Universe pre-order package.

Gamestop will be offering its customers a set of four unique Captain Universe costumes, however, the four Spideys cannot swap one Captain Universe costume for another, seeing as the costumes also give players access to a special power that can only be used by the Spider-Man they were originally matched up with.

Amazon's Iron Spidey uniform is offering its customers the "Iron Spidey" uniform, however only Spider-Man 2099 will be able to wear it. 

Best Buy's Negative Zone Spider-Man uniform

Best Buy will be offering its customers the little known Negative Zone Spider-Man uniform, which made a brief appearance during the Identity Crisis saga. It is not known whether all of the Spider-Men can use it or if it can only be accessed by regular Spidey.


Kmart's Scarlet Spider uniform

Kmart is offering its customers the beloved Scarlet Spider uniform worn by Peter Parkers clone, Ben Reilly, like Best Buy's Negative Zone Spider-Man costume it is not known whether all of the Spider-Men can use it or not.  
I've already pre-ordered from Gamestop to get the Captain Universe pack, but what about the rest of you guys and gals who have decided to pre-order Shattered Dimensions? Did you choose the Gamestop Captain Universe pack like I did or have you set your sights on obtaining a different costume?
Oh and before I has also been confirmed that the Mangaverse Spidey and Silver Armored Spider-Man uniforms will be in-game unlockables on all platforms, but like the pre-order Negative Zone and Scarlet Spider costumes, it is not known if all of the Spider-Men can use it. 






Date a Superhero Chick Quiz Results

Mmmm...I'd probably go with Kitty instead of Donna.

Take the Date a Superhero Chick Quiz

Your Results:

Donna Troy 100%
Donna Troy has had many different lives. That could translate into lots of experience.
Kitty Pryde
Tough, smart, and caring, Kitty is loyal through and through. She will let her hair down and show you how to party. Just don't do her wrong or she'll use her ninja-moves on you.
Silent but deadly, Batgirl is likely to knock you out if you try to put the moves on her. Oh, and she doesn't talk... hardly ever. Is that cool?
Lyja is from out of town...way out of town. Lyja has definitely been around the block...and the galaxy. With her shape-shifting abilities, she can give you a night you'll never forget. Hope you like the color green.
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What Obscure Villain Am I?

Oh Hell no...

Take the What obscure character am I?

Your Results:

Unus 100%
You are untouchable, like a Right Said Fred album. One of the X-Men's first villains. A trend setter. You're also dead. The best part was, you died twice! And both times from lack of oxygen! You really got to get that force field fixed before you die again!
You're Foreigner! No, not the band, but you were married to Silver Sable once, that's pretty awesome. You're a merc with no special powers. Congrats?
You're Xallarap, member of the Anti-Green Lantern Corps. You use your Black Light ring to try and destroy those pesky Green Lanterns. Black Light ring? Waitaminute... I think you have a law suit to win!
Son of Juggernaut? M2 Universe? Grunge music? Teen Angst? Yes to all of them please! You're alot like the old Spider-Man stories, replaced with a beefy guy. In fact, we're pretty sure all the old spidey scripts were changed slightly to become you're book. Enjoy a Soundgarden or Mud Honey album while you solve your "daddy issues!"
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Where do I work?

Hells yeah! Though...if I were to actually able to pick my job...I'd probably choose The Time Variance Authority.

Take the Comic Vine Job Fair

Your Results:

Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D. You'll do your country proud. We need to protect the world from those crazy wackos. Word of advice, if you land a postion on the helicarrier, pack a parachute.
Time Variance Authority
The Time Variance Authority will make sure the timeline is not corrupted. You may be stuck behind a desk for what might seem an eternity. On the other hand, you can probably take a vacation that could last a decade and still be back before the end of lunch. Time will be yours.
The A-Team
Welcome to the A-Team. A soldier of fortune is the life for you. You'll get to travel to different places, shoot machine guns and help polish Mr. T's chains.
Thieves Guild
So you've chosen the Thieves Guild, eh? The world is yours for the taking. You'll learn the art of...thievery. Why pay for something when you can just take it, right? Just watch out for the law.

Where Am I?


Take the Where am I?

Your Results:

Springfield 100%
Duh duhduh duduh duh duh dududududuh. That's how you're supposed to sing the song. Welcome to Springfield, . There's so much stuff to do and see, but I'm sure you probably just hang out with Comic Book Guy and just talk about how everything is the worst thing ever.
Xavier Institute for Higher Learning
Haha! You're in school. Pretty people with awesome super powers with a dash of teen angst. You lucked out. Now get to class! Your next class is the Effect of the X-Gene on Microbiology 202. Good luck.
I'm pretty sure that if you hear that stupid "In brightest day... In blackest night" b.s. anymore, you'll murder everyone on the planet. Luckily, you're in the center of the universe, so you have lots of traveling options.
Bizarro World
Me love having not to write this non-description. It is so much fun. No one on Bizarro world talks like this. They are all so smart. You should stay here forever and make friends with everyone. Bizarro World is not stupid.
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Superior: Do we really need another Superman Clone?

Over the years various companies have created characters based off of Superman. Marvel, however, has always been in the lead when it comes to creating Superman clones, as you can plainly see in my list "The Superman Doppelganger Corps". But despite already having so many Superman doppelgangers, Marvel has decided to create yet another one. Enter Superior:

Superior #1

Superior is apparently the story of a superhero who changes the life of a young boy suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, a superhero who just so happens to be a dead ringer for The Man of Steel himself. Now, while the story itself seems very intriguing, I cannot help but wonder why Marvel decided to make yet another Superman doppelganger when they already have so many. Don't we already have enough of them as it is? 
Could it be that "The House of Ideas" can no longer come up with anything other than yet another character who was designed to capitilize on Superman's success? If so, then they are only going to end up hurting themselves in the long run, no one wants to see a billion Superman doppelgangers running around The Marvel Universe. Well, at least I think no one does, but I could always be wrong. Though I doubt it, I mean how many of you out there actually like having more than one Marvel Superman doppelganger? Anyone?

Rant Ends Here.

Many-Angled...Face Huggers?!

Way back in Sinestro Corps Wars, it was revealed that a member (or several members) of the Yautja (Predators) as well as a Ferengi were part of Sinestro's Army of Mass Murderers. Though we didn't get to see much of them (The Ferengi only appeared in the teaser for Blackest Night that was included at the end of GL #25 and the Yaujta made very sporadic appearances, the last of which had some random Green Lantern blasting the Yaujta in the face). would seem that Sinestro and his Corps aren't the only invasion force in the Omniverse who have some famous aliens on their side:

Look at the top left portion of the panel and you will see...a giant Face Hugger.
The Face Huggers, who were once merely egg dispensers that would die shortly after completing their sole mission in life, have been given power by The Many-Angled Ones in The Cancerverse (too bad Marvel doesn't actually own the rights to the Face Huggers, I want to know if these Face Huggers were actually natives of The Cancerverse or if they maybe hitched a ride on a Many-Angled One as it was passing through The Dark Horse Universe (or the Alien Movieverse) and crossed over) and have evolved beyond their former status. 
As you can see they have become massive Extrinsic Entities with hides powerful enough to deflect energy beams of almost any kind (they are Extrinsic Entities now after all, so they would naturally get to reap the benefits of becoming as such, unfortunately for them their special hides cannot protect them from the Power Cosmic no more than it can protect the creature SS just slaughtered) and enough strength to cripple warships of almost any size. 
Well...except for that Star Destroyer that was knocked over by one of The Cancerverse's Colony Ships (or are they Warships?) in Issue #1. Not only that, but it would seem that the all-new, all-different Face Huggers have been breeding with the native Extrinsics as well, creating all sorts of new and terrifying monsters. 
The New Breed

However, the new race is going to need spend some time working on strengthening their hides so that Nova can't blast through their bodies like that. are all probably wondering what the point of this thread is, well...technically...there isn't one. I was just so excited to see a giant Face Hugger amongst the armies of The Cancerverse that I wanted to point it out to the world. 
The weirdest thing about all this is that I'm not even a fan of the Alien franchise but I do love playing "Where's Waldo?" whenever I read comics with huge epic battles that allow for the artists to sneak characters, ships, etc. from other companies into their comics. Hmm...I wonder if the Many-Angled Face Huggers are fluent in Chthuluspeak like the rest of their newfound brethren and if they still hug faces.
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