All the places in the solar system

As an amateur astronomer (very amateur) I do like to learn about the cosmos. Reading a bunch of Wonder Woman has exposed these to me in an unrealistic way as well as a lot of places throughout the solar system were the location for some action from time to time (especially in Mystery in Space). I probably won't get them all, let me know any I am missing. (not all moons have entries). Its from the center out, with moons following planets, though the moons might not be in the right order.

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Posted by SC

I wonder if I'm allowed to create a page for the Boötes void or VY Canis Majoris. Awwh this list is great, we should really talk Astronomy more, its so fascinating. Real places only by the way? 

Posted by RazzaTazz
@SC: As long as they appear in comics it should be ok, I included only real places.