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Originally, the Titans (or Titanians) had no connection to the Eternals; the two groups were independently created based on Greek mythology. When the Eternals were made part of the mainstream Marvel canon, the Titans were retconned as a branch of the Eternal race.

At the dawn of the Eternal race, they were divided into two societies, one which remained on Earth, and one which fled into space. When the Earth Eternals conducted an experiment in cosmic energy which unleashed the full potential of their godlike powers, the Titanians were too far away to receive the full benefit, and therefore developed less degrees of power. This experiment turned the leader Kronos into an immaterial being; his sons, Zuras and A'Lars, both wished to become the next leader, but when Zuras was voted to lead, A'Lars left for Titan to avoid another conflict. He eventually became the leader of the Titan colony, and took the name Mentor.

Titan has been altered by the advanced technology and powers of its inhabitants; under the surface, an entire balanced artificial ecology supports a colony of several thousand Titans with varying degrees of superhuman powers and longevity. The system is maintained by ISAAC, an artificial intelligence with vast power and knowledge. The core of Titan has been replaced with a massive fusion power generator, which supplies artificial sunlight to an array of lush gardens seeded with plant life from Earth.

In one episode of Mystery in Space, titan became known as the Scarecrow World.

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