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As good as the Avengers 2

The first full venture of the Marvel Cinematic Universe away from planet Earth (aside from the Asgard stuff and space elves from Thor) this movie successfully transitions from the Earth based heroes to a cosmic scale. Fans of the movies that are not comic fans are going to find themselves a little lost in terms of who is what, with the only connection to the other movie being the Collector, who was only seen briefly in Thor: The Dark World. In my opinion, the Avengers was a great movie, bringi...

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Paying it backwards 3

In what seems to be a continuing homage to the golden age, this issue contains two lacklustre stories.   In the first Wonder Woman must free the Amazons from Neptunia.   Some fairly typical action unfolds as the Neptunians vastly underestimate Wonder Woman’s ability before finally managing to bind her in her own lasso.   In the second story the Sky Riders from the flaming planet Nebulosta invade (that’s how they identify themselves which is how I would do it too if I was from there.)   A seven ...

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In Space They Can't Hear You Laying Asphalt 0

So far in the Wonder Woman title we have seen people invading from mars, and with issue 12 it will be the people of Venus' turn but here we see the people to Saturn trying to invade earth.  Despite the almost complete lack of any sense that that makes (Saturn is a gas planet and extremely radioactive) this issue is still decent golden age fun.  The first of three stories involves Wonder Woman foiling a Saturnian plot on earth (I assume they are called Saturnians - Saturnites maybe?) and in the n...

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Hollow Earth 0

 A fairly standard grouping of three golden age stories.   They all involve the underwater continent of Atlantis (not the same one as Aquaman.)   In the first Steve and Wonder Woman are captured and forced to battle against two wild boars.   The second story is a bit more convoluted.   Diana goes to rescue a sailor who has been captured by the Atlantis women and in the end puts down an insurrection by Clea, one of their enemies.   In the third Diana is back to face Clea again and ends up being s...

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Baroness 0

This issue contains four stories, all with Paula von Guther as the antagonist, though not always as the enemy.  It is revealed in one of the stories that she is acting as she is because her child has been kidnapped and she is forced to be a spy (she takes her job pretty seriously though.)  I liked the stories here for being golden age, in that they don't compare to modern comics, but they still aren't going off the deep end in terms of plot.  There are a lot of simple things happening - Diana pu...

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The Planets 0

I have recently been watching the BBC series on the planets from the 1990s, and while it is fun to watch, it is also obvious how far we have come with our knowledge of the planets even in 15 years.  So it is not very surprising that the early Wonder Woman books dealt with a Mars where life was sustainable, especially so that Venus and Saturn also were presumably inhabited planets.  In this one Mars is the home of Mars (who would more often be depicted as Ares in the modern era).  The stories are...

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