Is Wonder Woman a virgin?

People here are always asking me this, as if it is really that important to her character.  The answer - she is usually portrayed as one, but she has in fact been with a couple of men.  There have been a few others in Elseworlds or dream sequences, but lets not get into that. 

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Posted by Unwritten Duck

At least there will be fewer asking this question now. 

Posted by cosmo111687

" Earth 2 Diana and Trevor have a child as well, which isn't really possible without some sort of something happening."  
Well, given Diana's origins, there's no telling. The two of them might've been playing in the sand at the beach one day and then *pop* a Wondergirl is born!

Posted by jrock85

Whatever happened to Trevor Barnes?

Posted by RazzaTazz
@jrock85: He was killed by the Shattered One
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Who's your favorite out of all of these guys?
Posted by RazzaTazz
@jrock85: I would say the Aquaman marriage would have been the most interesting if it had been allowed to pass.
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Looks like she likes her blonds and a little chocolate on the side.

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Interesting about Aquaman...still won't pick up any New52 comic however.

Posted by JayJayCAW

What no love for Superman Razza? Not just with whats going on in the comics now. There are plenty of stories where the Superman (before the reboot) and Wonder Woman hooked up, though most where erased, the Kingdom Come story had them sorta get married and they had a son together  :)

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@JayJayCAW: That is exactly right, no love for Superman

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@RazzaTazz said:

@JayJayCAW: That is exactly right, no love for Superman fair lol
Posted by lifeofvibe

the world may never know but i suspect superman even tho you didt put him in