Angelus and Willow. Run, run, run!

// Warning, this will include very graphic stuff. Only since it is Angelus LOL. //

Chapter One:

Willow woke up, yawning and stretching her arms. Her eyes were red and puffy, indicating that she had been crying the night before. Oz had left yet again. Her heart felt like it was gonna burst into a billion tiny pieces. How could he keep on leaving her like that? Knowing that she hurt EVERY single time he left. "Love is complicated, Will." She remembered when Buffy said that to her. Remembered when they were sitting on her friend's bed, talking about boy gossip, and how cute Xander was when he.. Oh God... XANDER. He still had a crush on her. Great.... this was gonna make things even more complicated. Sighing, she placed on her pink fuzzy jacket and slipped on her matching slippers. She would tell Xander later, as well as Buffy. She walked over to the window and opened it. She smiled as soon as the fresh, cold, night air entered the room. But that wasnt the only thing that entered...


Angelus entered the room, his black boots making a distinct 'clunk' while doing so. He had been stalking the redhead for weeks upon weeks, studying her and learning her habits. He intended to make the Slayer pay for what she did... and that meant making the ones that she loved suffer. "You know... someone should close that window." He grinned, walking closer to her. Once he was near her, he pushed her up against the wall and pinned her there. "The things that enter could be dangerous."


As soon as Angelus entered the room, Willow felt her heart racing in her chest, threatening to burst at any given moment. She groaned, being pushed and pinned to the wall. With fearful eyes and a stutter, she spoke up. "W-Well it d-depends on the t-things that enter..." She whimpered. "W-Why are you here?"


Chuckling, Angelus brushed red hair from Willow's face, his brown eyes never once leaving hers. "Maybe I just wanted to see you." He taunted, grabbing her shirt and removing it. He vamped out, and sniffed the air. God, she smelled amazing. Like strawberries and vanilla. It was mouthwatering just to be this close to her.


What a lie. Rolling her eyes, Willow glared at him. She was scared yes, but that sure as hell did not mean she was helpless. "Now see, I know that is a lie. You want to hurt Buffy. Well, I am NOT letting you hurt her!" With what strength she had, she gave him a rough push. "Get out!" Wait... window was open. No need for invite. Crap...

Even if she did know Magicks, there was no way she would be able to take on Angelus herself. He was much too strong. She would have to obey his wishes... no matter WHAT they were.


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Diana and Buffy. A cross over. Part 3

(This takes place during season 5 of Angel, episode 22.)

It had been several months since Diana had heard from Angel, Buffy or the Scoobie gang. She was confused and... a bit hurt, she felt like she did something wrong. She was reading a chapter in her book when the phone rang. "Hello?" She answered, shutting her book. "Diana! Oh my god its really you!" She chuckled. "Yes, it's really me. What's going on Buff?"

Buffy giggled over the phone, causing Diana's sensitive ears to ring. "Angel wants you to go to Wolfram and Hart! He says he needs help on defeating The Circle of the Black Thorn."

Diana grumbled, really hating that he decided to now just contact her. "I think I've heard of them before, demons and hub-bub. I'll be there soon." She hung up her cell, placing it in her pocket.


Diana finally arrived in Los Angeles, regretting that she took the plane instead of just teleporting. Well, now she was gonna. Teleporting into the building of Wolfram and Hart, Diana glanced around, already feeling all eyes on her. She walked up to the small desk where a blonde woman was busy rambling on about how unappreciated she was. She cleared her throat, looking at the other female. "Diana Lake. I am here to see Angel."

Harmony let out a small squeak as she saw a beautiful woman standing in front of her. "O-Oh hi! Yes, Angel. Hold on oneeee second and i'll get him!" She nodded, walking into Angel's office and telling him about who was here to see him.

Angel was surprised to find out that Diana was here. "That was quick..." He muttered to himself and stood up, walking out of his office and into the hall. [God she is beautiful...] He thought to himself, taking a quick peek at her body before looking away and clearing his throat. It was not long before Wesley, Illyria, Gunn, Lorne and Spike appeared, looking at the new girl in awe. Angel spoke up. "Diana.... It is good to see you." He smiled, approaching and engulfing her in a tight hug.

Diana blinked and smiled brightly, hugging him back and then pulling away. "As to you." She looked at the group, a bit nervous. Gunn was the first to introduce himself to her. "Name's Charlies Gunn, pleasure to meet ya."

(I'll continue the rest tomorrow. :D)

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Diana and Buffy. A cross over. Part 2

Buffy's house. 7:00 AM.

Diana awakened with a yawn, throwing the blankets off of her and stretching her arms. She stood up and walked out of the bedroom, and down the stairs. She realized her hair was a mess and grumbled, placing it in a bun. "Hey, you're awake!" Buffy called, running up to her friend and engulfed her in a tight hug, pulling away after a few seconds. "Yeah, more or less." She chuckles. "Willow made breakfast, its in the kitchen if you want some. But listen, I gotta go to Slayer duties. I'll be back in a while." Buffy smiled, walking off. Angel rushed through the front door, a black blanket over him to shield him from the sunlight and shuts the door behind him. "Oh, hey." He walked over to her, smiling and throwing the blanket off of him, it landing on the floor. "Didn't think you would still be here." Diana raised a brow while she looked at him. "Oh really? Do I look like the type of girl to run off in the middle of the night?" Angel laughed, running a finger through his thick and dark hair. "Yeah, actually." She smiled, giggling. "Well im not" She placed a kiss on his cheek. Angel blushed, clearing his throat. "Well uh... listen im gonna go. It was nice talking to you again, Diana. And you know Spike was wrong to hurt you." Diana laughed, shaking her head. "Not like he could do much damage any way." Angel morphed, his fangs now exposed as he looked at the female. "Could I?" He said simply, waiting for her answer. Diana leaned close to him, her canine teeth now grazing against the soft flesh of his neck, causing Angel to grunt and gulp. "No.... not at all. But then again, you hurting me? Well, that is very attractive." She pulled away from him, winking. Angel smirked and then cleared his throat once again. "Are you just visiting Sunnydale?" Diana chuckled lowly, resting a hand on her hip. "Im staying for a bit. Buffy needs my help against the First." Angel's eyes widened. "It's back?" The question was answered by The First appearing as Buffy, folding her arms across her chest and smirking. "My my, we have a new-comer here.... You look powerful." Diana glanced at the fake Buffy, growling lowly. "I am, especially when im pissed off." The First laughs loudly, pacing around the room. "Aw, how cute. The Slayer brought a lacky to help against my army! She still is gonna lose. She still is gonna die. Once more." Diana placed a hand against Angel's chest, holding him back. "And I will be here to stop that from happening."

The First smirked once again, inching close to Diana and breathing against her face. "Will you? I mean, I can always visit your daughters and sons." Angel looks over at Diana, he was surprised to find out that she had children. "Leave her alone, First. And leave her children out of this." He spoke up, placing himself in front of Diana, protectively.

The First chuckles lowly, tapping Diana's nose and then backing away. "For now." It disappeared. Angel turns around and looks at Diana, a concerned expression on his face. "Are you alright?" Diana sighs deeply, looking down. "Im fine..... Thanks." Angel plants a kiss on her chin, smiling. "Good." Diana raises a brow and presses her body up against his, forcing a kiss on his lips. Angel blinks in surprise and slowly wraps his arms around her neck, holding her close to him as they kiss. "What.... what are we doing?" Diana pulled away, smirking. "Shut up and enjoy it." She kissed him once again, placing her arms around his waist. Angel looks at her, studying her. She was beautiful, her eyes were like sparkling emeralds, her hair as bright as the sun and her body well... that was more then beautiful. It was sexy. He cleared his throat. "Oh fuck it." He smiled, kissing her back passionately and stroking her soft hair. He then picked her up and carried her up the stairs, and towards the bedroom, shutting the door as soon as he enters. Diana raised a brow, a bit surprised at his speed and slid her top off, as well as her bottoms and bra. She pushed him onto the bed, straddling his lap. Angel leaned his hands up to grasp her hips, holding her tightly.

9:00 AM.

Diana panted loudly, placing the covers over her and rested her head against his chest. Angel smiled, stroking her hair and kissing the top of her head. "That was wow." He said quietly, chuckling and staring at her naked form. "Good, because it is not happening again." She got up from the bed, looking for her clothes and then slipping them on. Angel blinked, getting up as well and pinning her to the wall, holding her there. "Well why not?" Diana growled lowly, headbutting him in the face, and breaking free of his pin. Angel staggered back, holding his head and frowning. Diana sighs aloud and mutters. "Because... I do not want you getting hurt! And every guy that is in my life ends up getting hurt." She shakes her head, tears forming in her eyes. Angel walks back up to her, forcing her into a hug and holds her close to him. "Im not the type of guy that gets hurt." He lied, obviously he gets hurt, but at this moment he wanted her to think he was safe. "Im here for you, Diana. I... I love you." Diana blinked rapidly, looking up at him. "One that is a big lie and two... Why? Im not that beautiful. You love Buffy, not me." Angel chuckled lowly, wiping her tears away. "You are not beautiful, your right. You're gorgeous. And im not with Buffy anymore, that time has passed."

A knock was heard at the door and Diana muttered, opening it up and raising a brow as she sees Spike standing there. "Uh hey there. What are you doing here?" Spike rolled his eyes, lighting up a cig and smoking it. He talked in between puffs and then glared at Angel. "I came to apologize. Looks like you two got a bit too comfy." Angel stepped towards Diana, growling. Obviously not happy to see Spike. Diana rolls her eyes, folding her arms over her chest. "Angel, stop being a territorial mutt. And Spike, I gladly accept your apology. Come in and we can talk." Angel mutters and stops growling, walking over to the bed and sitting down on it. Spike steps inside, smirking towards Angel, who glares at him. Diana realizes that her white tank top is see through and clears her throat, looking down. Spike stares at her chest, grinning. Angel quickly gets up and hits Spike in the face several times. "You fucking did that on purpose!" Spike grunts and groans, hitting Angel in the face as well. "Oy! Don't mess with the face! This is the money maker!" Diana steps in, grabbing Angel by the neck and lifting him up with her right hand, while her left hand holds Spike up. "Alright, I've had enough of this damn rivalry. Just measure your dick's already, I mean for fuck's sake." She growled, angry. Spike mutters, glancing at Angel. "Mine would be bigger." Diana sets them both down, exiting from the bedroom and runs into Giles, letting out a large "oof." Giles raises a brow and then smiles. "Hello, Diana. enjoying your..." His words were interrupted when he saw Angel and Spike exit from the room, glaring at each other. "Im guessing you aren't." Diana rolls her eyes. "Actually I am." She chuckles.

-To be continued.....


Diana and Buffy. A cross over. Part 1

(So sorry I have not posted in a while, been busy and on top of that had writer's block.)

Two female figures could be seen running across the grassy ground, footprints appearing as they ran. They both stopped, one of them panting while the other does not. "Hahah.... Nice try. You still lose, Buff."

The blonde female rolls her eyes, folding her arms over her chest. Obviously not happy that she had lost to the race. "Well you weren't out all night staking baddies. So hush up Diana...."

The female now identified as Diana chuckles and smirks, swift-fully pulling out a black and long dagger, leaping over her friend Buffy and plunging it into the vampire's neck. Dust soon covered the ground as she killed the creature. "I just saved your ass, you better take that back."

Buffy grins and pulls out her own weapon, a stake and whips her body around to dust the vampire. "And I just saved yours. So we're even." Diana mutters and places her dagger back in it's holster. "Yeah yeah.... Whatever."

A sound of bushes rustling alerted the two girls, both of them balling their fists and ready to strike. Oz and Angel leap out, Angel flashing his fangs at Diana while Oz holds a axe, growling. "... You didn't tell them about me... did you?"

"Uh.... no." Buffy laughs nervously and then unballs her fists. "I kinda left that part out, ya know about being.. a hybrid and my friend." Retracting his fangs, Angel looked at Oz then at Buffy and Diana. Oz just shrugged. "What is going on here Buffy? Who is she? And why does she stink of wet dog?" Diana growled, oh how she hated those dog references and remarks. A familiar voice would call out, soon running up and kicking Diana in the face.

"Spike! What the hell is your problem!" The enraged Slayer yelled and punched him in the face.

"uhm ow! I was just protecting you! And..." Spike looks at Angel, narrowing his eyes. "What is he doing here... I thought we staked all of those insane vampires a while ago."

Diana rolls her eyes, lightly rubbing her chin. "It's cool, Buff. Pipsqueak here barely hurt me and alright obviously we got off on the wrong foot here... Literally." She glanced at Spike. "So let me introduce myself. My name is Diana Lake, a 67 million year old hybrid and I look good for my age." She grinned.

Buffy rolled her eyes as well. "Are you guys done eye fucking each other?" She referred to Angel and Spike, who groan and look away, muttering to themselves. After a few seconds the three men shake Diana's hand, smiling. "Name is Angel... Blondie bear here is Spike and the werewolf is Oz." "Oy! That was a while ago! When Harmony and I were dating!" "Yeah okay Blondie bear." Buffy said, giggling. Spike sighed in defeat. "Stupid Harmony...."

The group walked to Buffy's house and took a seat in the living room. Willow, Anya, Andrew, Tara (Yes. I am totally having her alive in this. :c), Giles, Xander and the wanna-be slayers appeared, sitting down. Giles looked at Diana, studying her carefully, while Andrew blushed and cleared his throat, walking up to her and shaking her hand. "H-H-H-Hi my name is Andrew and my brother was Tucker, but I kinda killed him. It's a long story." Diana chuckled, shaking his hand, she was beginning to like this gang and their nervousness. Yet, she still had her guard up in case one of them tried with her. She sniffed the air, catching the scent of another Slayer. Faith walked down the stairs, raising a brow as she spots Diana. "Buffy you do realize there is a prostitute in the house right?" "Joy, smart ass comments. Oh how I love that leather outfit you have on, Faith. What are you trying to be? A dominatrix?" Faith looked shock that this strange woman knew her name and rolled her eyes. "Go back to the streets where you belong, blondie." Diana stood up, dusting her dress off and approached the girl, grabbing her by the throat and lifting her up off the ground. "Im really not in the mood for your.....Pissy mood swings. Really, Im not. Parents been fighting again, Lanoian Angels have been killed and well a lot of other shit. So here's the deal: You shut up for five seconds or more and here me out, so I can explain to all of you where I am from and how I came to be, and all of that good stuff. Because, I could kill you in many ways, 500 to be exact. Most of them pressure points. So stop being a emotional train wreck and just have sex already. I have and I feel great. Really, sex does you wonders. So we good faithie?" She released her hold on the girl. Faith coughs violently, holding her throat and glaring at Diana. "Yeah... we good." Spike grins, enjoying that this stranger just told Faith off. "That was bloody awesome." Diana chuckled, walking over to the wooden chair and sitting back down. Giles glared at Spike and looked at Diana. "Yes, do explain on how you just held a Slayer by the neck like it was nothing." Diana twiddled with her thumbs. "I am a hybrid of Witch, Angel, Werewolf and Vampire. I was born part Angel and Vampire. However, my father Gabriel did not like that his daughter was not like him. So one day he decided to take a chance and turn her. The really messed up thing is.. it could have killed me. Since a werewolf bite is deadly to a vampire. Yet, I survived and changed. My strength was increased ten fold and my sense of smell was incredible." She sniffed the air once again, looking in Willow's and Tara's direction. "For instance, you two had sex 5 times this week... All in the kitchen." Willow and Tara blinked rapidly, placing their eyes on the ground, the rest of the group coughs loudly. Xander spoke up. "Oh crap..." Diana grinned. "I can also read minds." Xander gulps. "Dont think about sex... Dont think about sex. 5x5 is 25, Naked Diana, naked Diana." Diana continued to grin and placed her leg over the other. "I just heard you." He looks at her and then looks around the room. "Actually.... BYE!" He runs out of the room, leaving Diana to laugh loudly. "Ahh man. This is gonna be a long week."

-The End. (Hope you guys liked it!)

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Diana Lake: Powerful Hybrid. Part 1.

Eons ago when the earth was young but barren with life, God created two people: Gabriel and Rainn. He grew very fond of his children and decided to grant them powers, Angelic... powers. They became the most power beings to ever exist, besides the Lord himself of course. Many years went past as the couple fell madly in love and soon bared a child. This child they named Diana. Due to her intelligence she was reading and hunting at the age of 5 and at the age of 10 was learning to use magik, however not very well. It took her more then several years to become the expert she was destined to be.

However due to her being so powerful and experienced, something merged within her. Something powerful and evil. Chamera.~ End of backstory.

The female would walk along a brick road, until she came across a black and gothic mansion. She could tell there was no one in there, no potential threats that is. With blurring speed she entered the house and scanned it with her emerald eyes. However she was wrong. A fire demon laid in hiding, waiting for her and the right moment to strike. The female was suddenly pinned to the ground with a flameful fist in her face. 'Foolish girl. You should have known not to go into a house, Espically alone.'

She'd yawn and press her feet to his chest, pushing him off and away from her. "Hmph. Guess you dont know what im capable of. Oh and by the way.... Just like every other good burn, it needs water." A blue sphere forms in her hand as she speaks to him, and then propels it towards him, drenching him, causing the flames to die down.

'Oh... that is cruel. And cold.' He would shiver and leap towards her, with his claws ready to strike. She would grin and side step out of the way, kicking his back with her foot. As soon as he landed, and with a grunt. She would press her heel to his throat, pressing down. "Now. Why is a hell scum like you here?" 'Isnt it obvious? To kill you.' "Well, you failed. Big time. Tell your superior, Diana Lake says hi." She would then pick him up and snap his neck.

"Males. All idiots." She would whistle a tune as she exits from the house.


Lilin: A dangerous woman to cross. Part 3

The scene was a beach in Scotland, the sun high in the sky. Lilin walks along the shore, enjoying the sand between her toes. She yawns realizing that there was no humans to maim or kill. "Tsk, Such a boring day."

A storm clouds followed by a tornado descends on the Scotland beach. It was of the F3 class on the Fajita scale. It touched down then began to disparate. When it cleared their was only a man taller than any other man and far more muscular than any other man as well. He wielded a Giant Sledge hammer that was held in the air. The F3 tornado seemed to disappear inside the sledge hammer. He sheathes back inside his giant rectangular shield next to his giant sword. He looked around. And that is when she noticed the Black Half Mask that covered the left side of his face. 'Hmm... Where can I find this Monster of loch ness?' He said aloud to himself.

Lilin's emerald eyes caught sign of him and raised a brow, Her white and curvaceous frame appeared to be swaying in a threateningly manner. "Who are you and why are you here?" She called out to him, her tone was hinting her annoyance.

Warathusis looked over at her to see a beautiful and innocent girl on the inside, but a heartless killer on the outside. He introduced himself as son of Helios The Titan of The Sun and and Selene Titaness of The Moon. 'Thy has come looking for the loch ness monster. Why may I ask are you mi'lady?'

Lilin's voice suddenly sharpens at the mention of the creature. "A titan eh? Interesting. What business do you have with my pet?"

Warathusis raises his only visible eyebrow which is his right one and moves closer towards her. 'Your pet? The people of Gaea's Realm believe it to be a myth.'

This made Lilin laugh and pretty hardly at that. "Dear one, The Loch Ness monster is hardly a myth. It breathes for me and kills for me, only and if i want it to. Orion is a fierce, loyal and lovable creature."

'Orion? The Mortals say it's name is Nessie.' He looks confused. 'Have you been influencing them?' He sniffs the air. 'You are a succubus.' He narrows his eyes

"I have named him Orion, And dont make me laugh! I kill these fools and seduce the men to get what i want. If i wanted them all under my control i would have done it by now." Lilin's gaze was on him.

Warathusis looks down at her, his eyes looking into hers. ' They are living beings, not your play things Succubus.'

With that Lilin snapped her jaw at him, showing off her deadly and sharp teeth. "You are a foolish being. Look around you... They're lives are controlled by the mayor, they have refused to listen to me. Secondly my name is Lilin and i am just more then a succubus."

'Your teeth are sharp but I have seen sharper. They deserve to think on their own free will. Yes you are more than just a succubus because you also smell like Witchcraft.' "Then you should do well then to make me angry." She scoffs. "These people are not worth controlling and the mayor does that for them." Lilin heads towards a inn. Warathusis follows after her. 'I smell human blood on your hands. So do not speak as if you are in the right Lilin. You may know witchcraft but it will take more than you have to worry thy in the slightest.' Lilin glances back at him. "I never claimed i was, Oh i adore the feeling of blood on my hands. It makes me feel special. Oh really now? Good because i enjoy a challenge." Warathusis spins her around to him. 'How can you act as if innocent lives do not matter? As if what you do does not hurt those around you.' Lilin raises a brow at him and then rolls her emerald eyes. "Some people were meant to die, as if fate predicts it. Others well... That is not my problem. Now why are you following me?" Warathusis answers truthfully 'Because their is something... Dangerous yet redeemable about you.' Lilin lets out a small scoff. "That is like telling a priest not to sin." 'Priests do sin mi'lady.' Lilin rolls her eyes. "A figure of speech." Lilin enters the inn and sits herself down at a stool, a man sends her a dirty look and she turns her head in a eerie way towards him, showing off her deadly teeth. He lets out a whimper and runs out the door. She smirks. "Now... What do you want to drink?" Warathusis looks at the bartender. 'Wine and thank you.' Lilin takes a sip of the Smirnoff that was brought to her. "You're welcome." Warathusis smiles faintly and gets the feeling that all eyes are on him. Lilin gets up from the stool, She then stands in front of the men and women. Her white horns curve forward and her eyes now shine a brilliant crimson red, Her features soon sported a deadly smirk to it. "Just because we are different does not mean you have to stare. Do me a favor... Mind your own fucking business or I might just slaughter you all one by one." The people's eyes widen and nod in terror, fixating they're attention on the ground. Warathusis looks at her displeased about how she handled it. 'Thy does not know to thank you or berate you.' Lilin chuckles. "Then let's meet at the middle then."

(Having writer's block so bare with me. This is not finished. c:)


Lilin: A dangerous woman to cross. Part 2

{Rated R.}

Bucharest, Romania. 12:38 AM.

Lilin's emerald eyes fixated on a man in front of her. He was rather built, muscular, 6'2, blonde hair and blue eyes. What was his name you might ask? Aarron. A bounty hunter and demon killer. What a catch. She knew this man meant trouble, thus she was extremely cautious. When she finally spoke up, her voice hinted her annoyance with him. "You do fail to realize that I am twice your age, twice your size and yet you still come after me like a love sick puppy dog. Is that what you are Aarron? In looove with me?" The male's eye twitched with irritation, oh how she loved to try his patience. 'You only wish, Lilin. But sadly to say.... I do not fall for lustful creatures such as your self. Not to mention you are not attractive whatsoever.' Lilin scoffed loudly, her black large demonic tail emerged from her backside, swaying back and forth. "Dear me... Do I sense some jealousy? Are you jealous of all the popularity I have? Is that it?" The male soon took out a silver coated knife, tackling and pinning her down to the ground in an instant. He held the knife to her throat, pressing down. 'You really know how to piss me the fuck off. Before I end your life, I would suggest you stop with this nonsense.' "Oooh... Did I touch a nerve?" Lilin cackled in laughter. "It seems like I did." She leaned up to plant a kiss on his chin, going up to his lips. Once she did so, she stopped. Aarron looked at her, growling slightly. 'I know what you are trying to do, Succubus. It isnt going to work.' Lilin smirks wickedly and knees him in the gut, once that was over she grabbed him by his neck and threw him off of her. Aarron lets out a loud yell, it seemed to echo through the crisp night air. He then groans as he hits his head on the wall and gets up, pulling out a pistol. 'Fucking bitch. Now you have done it.' "Aww.... Im so offended. I thought you and I were dating once upon a time. Oh I forgot.... You found out what I truly was and tried to kill me, But before doing so... You broke up with me. Tsk, what a silly little man you are." The scene seemed to stop as she remembered what had happened.

FLASHBACK: A woman who appeared to be the age of 22 stood tall in her bedroom, white bedsheets covering the bed. Honeymoons tended to make her nervous. She sighed as she looked out the window towards the moon, gazing at its beauty. "Tonight's the night." The young male opened up the door, the sound of it creaking made Lilin jump in surprise. "Oh you scared me!" 'Sorry. I didnt mean to.' She chuckles and embraces him in a tight hug, kissing him. "Its alright." She then carefully pushed him onto the bed and smiled at him. "So uh... Hi?" The young Aarron laughed and cuddled close to her, enjoying the scent of her perfume. Without her knowing, Lilin's demonic tail slipped out and started to wag in excitement. The male blinked and scooted away from her, soon getting off the bed and stood near the window. He then pulled out a .25 glock and aimed it at her head. 'What the fuck are you?!' Lilin sighed and looked at him. "A succubus.... You probably know what that is. After all, You hunt ones like me. Demons that is." Aarron shook his head, she was everything he hated. 'Just get away from me... I dont wanna see you anymore.' Lilin continues to look at him, but her eyes water this time. "W-What are you saying?" 'I MEAN I DONT WANNA SEE YOU ANYMORE!' She grabs the wedding band that resided on her finger and tosses it on the ground, a low clinking sound can be heard. "I thought true love meant something, But it seems like you didnt really love me after all." 'Just shut up and leave....' Lilin shook her head and ran out of the door, tears flowing from her eyes. 12 minutes later, Lilin sat down on a chair in a abandoned warehouse, growling loudly. "Father was right about one thing, You never can trust humans."

End of flashback.

Lilin snapped open her eyes, realizing that she had ANOTHER flashback. She swiped her tail forward, knocking him onto the ground once more. "You abandoned me, remember that. All of you humans are the same.... Worthless." Aarron groaned loudly as pain coursed through his body.'And you are the same worthless woman I once knew.' "Ha! Me worthless? Look who is on the ground right now, looking like a fool. Oh and one more thing... Next time I see you, I will kill you, Without mercy." Lilin then disappeared into the dead of night.

The end.~


Lilin: A dangerous woman to cross

{Rating: PG13-R}

The female's lips curved into a small but wicked smirk as she looks at the golden-haired boy. His emerald eyes seemed to dance along with the sun's rays, However he seemed to pay no attention to her. The female leaned down to prick his vein at his neck only enough to cause a drop of blood. She quickly licked this drop free and then inserted a small needle, causing the boy's body to writhe and convulse. She enjoyed the torturing of people. Harboring no emotions, save an unearthly lust. The fog that resided around them finally started to disappear, allowing the female's frame and features to be seen. Dishwater blonde hair that stopped ever so neatly at her shoulders, the sun glistened against it. Her frame was a ghostly white and slightly muscular. When she stood tall, Her height was towering over the boy's knocked out body. She seemed to be around 7'1. She spoke up, Her tone vicious and cold. "You males are all the same.... worthless and WEAK." She glanced at her wrist watch. '4:56 Pm.' "Time to leave." She disappeared into the dead of night.

2 hours later:

The female sat on a wooden chair, the smell that filled the building was musky, The windows were closed off, allowing no sunlight to enter the room. Some people mistake her to be a Vampire because she does not like the light. As she sat down she closed her eyes and soon memories flooded her mind.

FLASHBACK: A girl by the age of 10 sits in a corner of her blood red covered room, Her baby blue eyes seemed to almost capture the innocence... Or the false innocence. She pushed back her dark brown hair and stood up with wobbly knees walking towards her door. She then stopped and peered out of it. She caught sight of her father. A man who appeared to be around the age of 40 stood tall talking to several men. She could over hear them, She finally read out what they had said. 'Hurt her? What do you mean by that? 'I mean make sure she has trouble walking...' 'But she already has trouble walking... Listen we hurt her enough. Lets just leave her alone for now.' The man hissed and wrapped his red demonic tail around the other's throat, squeezing him of his oxygen. 'Abbaddon! Wait! Stop!' 'She is my daughter... I do with her what I want... Do not ever defend her again. In order for her to be strong... She must be broken.' BANG! The doors flew open to see a enraged little girl, Her blue eyes slowly turning into a emerald green. "You will not hurt me anymore!" Her father removed his tail from around the other's throat, Clapping as he walks towards her. 'So proud of you, Daughter. You have come so far.' Before she could even BLINK, He was on top of her, Stabbing her several times in the gut with a knife. All she could do is cry in pain, However... Something clicked, Like some sort of switch, It was turned on. With a feral growl she placed her small hands around his throat, Squeezing and squeezing until.... He collapsed on her. She figured he was dead but it was never that easy. She grunted as she pushed him off of her. The other men look at her in fear, They soon run off. The only place she could feel some sort of safety was with her mother, Aina. She ran as fast and as far as she could until she reached a small cottage, She then pushed the door open and sighed in relief as she saw her. "Mommy! You're here!" 'Darling! Oh of course im here... Im always here.' Aina embraced her in a hug, stroking her soft hair in a way to comfort her. She spoke in a soft voice, Almost... Angelic. "He attacked me and stabbed me in the gut." She saw her mother's blue eyes widen, Utter fear was now written across her face. "Mommy?" 'Lilin... You have to get as far away as you can, You have to promise me... to NEVER look back. I will always love you, And love is what defeats most evil in the world. Always love, No matter if it is your enemy. I will always be with you my dear, Lilin." Before she could say anything else, A fog appeared around her mother, Soon she was gone.

END OF FLASHBACK: The woman known as Lilin snapped her eyes open, wiping the tears from her cheeks. "Love.... Such a thing does not exist.." Lilin growled lowly as she clenched her fists. "Not in my world anyway."

The end. (Hope you guys liked it.)