Angelus and Willow. Run, run, run!

// Warning, this will include very graphic stuff. Only since it is Angelus LOL. //

Chapter One:

Willow woke up, yawning and stretching her arms. Her eyes were red and puffy, indicating that she had been crying the night before. Oz had left yet again. Her heart felt like it was gonna burst into a billion tiny pieces. How could he keep on leaving her like that? Knowing that she hurt EVERY single time he left. "Love is complicated, Will." She remembered when Buffy said that to her. Remembered when they were sitting on her friend's bed, talking about boy gossip, and how cute Xander was when he.. Oh God... XANDER. He still had a crush on her. Great.... this was gonna make things even more complicated. Sighing, she placed on her pink fuzzy jacket and slipped on her matching slippers. She would tell Xander later, as well as Buffy. She walked over to the window and opened it. She smiled as soon as the fresh, cold, night air entered the room. But that wasnt the only thing that entered...


Angelus entered the room, his black boots making a distinct 'clunk' while doing so. He had been stalking the redhead for weeks upon weeks, studying her and learning her habits. He intended to make the Slayer pay for what she did... and that meant making the ones that she loved suffer. "You know... someone should close that window." He grinned, walking closer to her. Once he was near her, he pushed her up against the wall and pinned her there. "The things that enter could be dangerous."


As soon as Angelus entered the room, Willow felt her heart racing in her chest, threatening to burst at any given moment. She groaned, being pushed and pinned to the wall. With fearful eyes and a stutter, she spoke up. "W-Well it d-depends on the t-things that enter..." She whimpered. "W-Why are you here?"


Chuckling, Angelus brushed red hair from Willow's face, his brown eyes never once leaving hers. "Maybe I just wanted to see you." He taunted, grabbing her shirt and removing it. He vamped out, and sniffed the air. God, she smelled amazing. Like strawberries and vanilla. It was mouthwatering just to be this close to her.


What a lie. Rolling her eyes, Willow glared at him. She was scared yes, but that sure as hell did not mean she was helpless. "Now see, I know that is a lie. You want to hurt Buffy. Well, I am NOT letting you hurt her!" With what strength she had, she gave him a rough push. "Get out!" Wait... window was open. No need for invite. Crap...

Even if she did know Magicks, there was no way she would be able to take on Angelus herself. He was much too strong. She would have to obey his wishes... no matter WHAT they were.


//Still working on this. >.<

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