Diana and Buffy. A cross over. Part 3

(This takes place during season 5 of Angel, episode 22.)

It had been several months since Diana had heard from Angel, Buffy or the Scoobie gang. She was confused and... a bit hurt, she felt like she did something wrong. She was reading a chapter in her book when the phone rang. "Hello?" She answered, shutting her book. "Diana! Oh my god its really you!" She chuckled. "Yes, it's really me. What's going on Buff?"

Buffy giggled over the phone, causing Diana's sensitive ears to ring. "Angel wants you to go to Wolfram and Hart! He says he needs help on defeating The Circle of the Black Thorn."

Diana grumbled, really hating that he decided to now just contact her. "I think I've heard of them before, demons and hub-bub. I'll be there soon." She hung up her cell, placing it in her pocket.


Diana finally arrived in Los Angeles, regretting that she took the plane instead of just teleporting. Well, now she was gonna. Teleporting into the building of Wolfram and Hart, Diana glanced around, already feeling all eyes on her. She walked up to the small desk where a blonde woman was busy rambling on about how unappreciated she was. She cleared her throat, looking at the other female. "Diana Lake. I am here to see Angel."

Harmony let out a small squeak as she saw a beautiful woman standing in front of her. "O-Oh hi! Yes, Angel. Hold on oneeee second and i'll get him!" She nodded, walking into Angel's office and telling him about who was here to see him.

Angel was surprised to find out that Diana was here. "That was quick..." He muttered to himself and stood up, walking out of his office and into the hall. [God she is beautiful...] He thought to himself, taking a quick peek at her body before looking away and clearing his throat. It was not long before Wesley, Illyria, Gunn, Lorne and Spike appeared, looking at the new girl in awe. Angel spoke up. "Diana.... It is good to see you." He smiled, approaching and engulfing her in a tight hug.

Diana blinked and smiled brightly, hugging him back and then pulling away. "As to you." She looked at the group, a bit nervous. Gunn was the first to introduce himself to her. "Name's Charlies Gunn, pleasure to meet ya."

(I'll continue the rest tomorrow. :D)

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