Diana and Buffy. A cross over. Part 1

(So sorry I have not posted in a while, been busy and on top of that had writer's block.)

Two female figures could be seen running across the grassy ground, footprints appearing as they ran. They both stopped, one of them panting while the other does not. "Hahah.... Nice try. You still lose, Buff."

The blonde female rolls her eyes, folding her arms over her chest. Obviously not happy that she had lost to the race. "Well you weren't out all night staking baddies. So hush up Diana...."

The female now identified as Diana chuckles and smirks, swift-fully pulling out a black and long dagger, leaping over her friend Buffy and plunging it into the vampire's neck. Dust soon covered the ground as she killed the creature. "I just saved your ass, you better take that back."

Buffy grins and pulls out her own weapon, a stake and whips her body around to dust the vampire. "And I just saved yours. So we're even." Diana mutters and places her dagger back in it's holster. "Yeah yeah.... Whatever."

A sound of bushes rustling alerted the two girls, both of them balling their fists and ready to strike. Oz and Angel leap out, Angel flashing his fangs at Diana while Oz holds a axe, growling. "... You didn't tell them about me... did you?"

"Uh.... no." Buffy laughs nervously and then unballs her fists. "I kinda left that part out, ya know about being.. a hybrid and my friend." Retracting his fangs, Angel looked at Oz then at Buffy and Diana. Oz just shrugged. "What is going on here Buffy? Who is she? And why does she stink of wet dog?" Diana growled, oh how she hated those dog references and remarks. A familiar voice would call out, soon running up and kicking Diana in the face.

"Spike! What the hell is your problem!" The enraged Slayer yelled and punched him in the face.

"uhm ow! I was just protecting you! And..." Spike looks at Angel, narrowing his eyes. "What is he doing here... I thought we staked all of those insane vampires a while ago."

Diana rolls her eyes, lightly rubbing her chin. "It's cool, Buff. Pipsqueak here barely hurt me and alright obviously we got off on the wrong foot here... Literally." She glanced at Spike. "So let me introduce myself. My name is Diana Lake, a 67 million year old hybrid and I look good for my age." She grinned.

Buffy rolled her eyes as well. "Are you guys done eye fucking each other?" She referred to Angel and Spike, who groan and look away, muttering to themselves. After a few seconds the three men shake Diana's hand, smiling. "Name is Angel... Blondie bear here is Spike and the werewolf is Oz." "Oy! That was a while ago! When Harmony and I were dating!" "Yeah okay Blondie bear." Buffy said, giggling. Spike sighed in defeat. "Stupid Harmony...."

The group walked to Buffy's house and took a seat in the living room. Willow, Anya, Andrew, Tara (Yes. I am totally having her alive in this. :c), Giles, Xander and the wanna-be slayers appeared, sitting down. Giles looked at Diana, studying her carefully, while Andrew blushed and cleared his throat, walking up to her and shaking her hand. "H-H-H-Hi my name is Andrew and my brother was Tucker, but I kinda killed him. It's a long story." Diana chuckled, shaking his hand, she was beginning to like this gang and their nervousness. Yet, she still had her guard up in case one of them tried with her. She sniffed the air, catching the scent of another Slayer. Faith walked down the stairs, raising a brow as she spots Diana. "Buffy you do realize there is a prostitute in the house right?" "Joy, smart ass comments. Oh how I love that leather outfit you have on, Faith. What are you trying to be? A dominatrix?" Faith looked shock that this strange woman knew her name and rolled her eyes. "Go back to the streets where you belong, blondie." Diana stood up, dusting her dress off and approached the girl, grabbing her by the throat and lifting her up off the ground. "Im really not in the mood for your.....Pissy mood swings. Really, Im not. Parents been fighting again, Lanoian Angels have been killed and well a lot of other shit. So here's the deal: You shut up for five seconds or more and here me out, so I can explain to all of you where I am from and how I came to be, and all of that good stuff. Because, I could kill you in many ways, 500 to be exact. Most of them pressure points. So stop being a emotional train wreck and just have sex already. I have and I feel great. Really, sex does you wonders. So we good faithie?" She released her hold on the girl. Faith coughs violently, holding her throat and glaring at Diana. "Yeah... we good." Spike grins, enjoying that this stranger just told Faith off. "That was bloody awesome." Diana chuckled, walking over to the wooden chair and sitting back down. Giles glared at Spike and looked at Diana. "Yes, do explain on how you just held a Slayer by the neck like it was nothing." Diana twiddled with her thumbs. "I am a hybrid of Witch, Angel, Werewolf and Vampire. I was born part Angel and Vampire. However, my father Gabriel did not like that his daughter was not like him. So one day he decided to take a chance and turn her. The really messed up thing is.. it could have killed me. Since a werewolf bite is deadly to a vampire. Yet, I survived and changed. My strength was increased ten fold and my sense of smell was incredible." She sniffed the air once again, looking in Willow's and Tara's direction. "For instance, you two had sex 5 times this week... All in the kitchen." Willow and Tara blinked rapidly, placing their eyes on the ground, the rest of the group coughs loudly. Xander spoke up. "Oh crap..." Diana grinned. "I can also read minds." Xander gulps. "Dont think about sex... Dont think about sex. 5x5 is 25, Naked Diana, naked Diana." Diana continued to grin and placed her leg over the other. "I just heard you." He looks at her and then looks around the room. "Actually.... BYE!" He runs out of the room, leaving Diana to laugh loudly. "Ahh man. This is gonna be a long week."

-The End. (Hope you guys liked it!)

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