Top New 52 Series'

This is a list of the series from The New 52 that I like the most. This list used to be in order of average highest rating, though now it will change to what I consider the best at the moment. Also from now on series I've not read in a long time or that are cancelled will be removed.

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Posted by broo1232

Again fantastic list agree with all of this especially Batman Inc being so high. Are you going to put Swamp Thing on here?

Posted by broo1232

Someone persuaded you to buy Swamp Thing who could that be? Hmmmm. (Only joking glad to see it so high up)

Posted by tomlikesfries

Nice list. I agree with most of these. Superman really has been good since Lobdell came in as writer, but I wouldn't say he's been writing one of the greatest Superman stories in years.

Also, you should definitely try the first two volumes of Animal Man (The Hunt and Animal vs. Man). Great stuff.

Posted by Lvenger

Morrison's run lower than Lobdell's run? An injustice to the writer. If it weren't for Morrison, Superman wouldn't be in a good shape at all in the New 52. Lobdell's run has been nothing special whereas Morrison has crafted a unique storyline that is well worth a read. Justice League, Flash, RHATO, Teen Titans and DC have overall been far worse than Action Comics IMO.

Edited by TimeLordScience

I agree with most of your top ten. However you make some questionable choices later on.. no way is Justice League, Teen Titans and Superman better than Animal Man.. but you're entitled to your opinion I suppose.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

@Lvenger: At the start of the series I would agree, but the current storyline hasn't been my cup of tea, and it has really affected my entire opinion of the series. I'm a huge Morrison fan, and have loved most-all of his work, and I've really wanted to like this. If I did the list at the start of his run it would be higher up. The simple matter is that in the last few months I have enjoyed all the comics you've mentioned, but not Action Comics. It's nothing against Morrison as I like him as a writer, but I've been really disappointed. Plus if you notice Batman Inc. which is also written by Morrison is high on the list, and I also rated all of his Happy! issues at 5 stars (look at my Comic Rating lists, the last issue is in this weeks list: I do however understand that you have your opinions it's just a shame that we don't agree on this one point.

P.S. I loved All-Star Superman so it's nothing against him writing Superman.

Added info: since I started rating Action Comics my ratings have been: #12 3.5/5, #0 4/5, #13 5/5, #14 3/5, #15 2.5/5, #16 3.5/5, and #17 4/5, so I've not found it entirely bad. Issues 1-9 would also probably average 4-5 stars.

@TimeLordScience: I've only read one issue of Animal Man so it wouldn't be fair to place it higher, although I'm sure I stated that if I read more it would be higher. I'm going to be getting the trades so if I like them it should move up. Thanks for showing an interest in my list anyway. Is that the only thing you questioned?

Plus also I'm considering getting issue 18 of Animal Man due to it being an aftermath issue (Swamp Thing 17 ended funny) so if that's good I may rate it higher before getting the trades. From what I've read and heard I'd be surprised if I didn't rate it higher after reading more though.

Edited by TimeLordScience

@johnkmccubbin91: I would also say I would rank Batman and Robin higher. And in general moving the titles I don't like down a bit. But like I said it's just my opinion. (:

Animal Man is a pretty sweet book. Lemire is the man. The only thing is the art under Steve Pugh is not as good as it was under Travel Foreman, IMO. I wish Foreman would come back.

Posted by DCWarFan73

What no Phantom Stranger... definitely a good companion to Constantine and JLD

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

@dcwarfan73: I've only read one issue of Phantom Stranger (the Trinity War tie-in) and wasn't that fond of it.