My Top 10 DC Villains

This list is subjective to various incarnations of the villains, not just New 52 versions.

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Posted by Bronze_Surfer

You said Zoom is at 9 and Shiva 8 but they are reversed

Posted by Pokergeist

I know all those villains but Lady Shiva. Whether in debates, comic articles, or media I never really seen much of her.

Posted by God_Spawn

@bronze_surfer: I originally had her at 8 but flipped it last minute. Thanks for pointing that out.

Posted by laflux

*Sees Number one choice*

*Looks at Pic above*

*Sees your AV*


Posted by Wolverine08

Nice list. Bane and Zoom are my favorites out of the people here.

Edited by God_Spawn

@laflux: Wait until the Marvel villain list I make comes out. There's a special little tidbit just for you in there.

Edited by tomlikesfries

Cool list. I'm surprised to see that Nobody made his way into your top 10. Born to Kill was such an amazing arc. The New 52 has a lot of quality content overlooked by a lot of people.

Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

Zoom is my number 1 here. Sweet list GS!

Edited by beatboks1

God spawn I'm dissapointed. A top 10 DC villai list with not one top JSA villain on it (and no i don't cunt BA as a TOP JSA villain).

Clearly I need to educate you

Edited by ZeroPlus

You don't like Lex Luthor ? And i think Bane is very underrated, all those muscles for just 2 ton ?!

Posted by RustyRoy

Awesome list, good to see Nobody in the Top 5.

Posted by BigCimmerian

It's cool you added Nobody on the list, his fight with Batman is one of my favorites of all time.

Edited by Edamame

Bane and Joker are awesome.

Posted by JSH92

Bane's my favorite comic book villain

Posted by God_Spawn

@riosishere: It's a list of my top 10 favorite DC villains. I put Joker at 10 because I like those characters more.

Posted by Riosishere

@god_spawn: I know I was just kidding :)

It is a great list!

Posted by God_Spawn