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@god_spawn: I'd disagree since Deadpool has better healing and no adamantium but has been aced by Hulk and other high powered characters. Hell he's been splattered by cars. He's just able to pull himself back together.

But Deadpool also has his fair share of tanking powerhouse showings like tanking hits from Colossus, She-Hulk, Hercules, Moonstone, etc. Daken has tanked blasts from Cyclops and Thor, hits from an enraged Thing and Skaar. He has been within buildings exploding with little to no effect. Laura has been in the heart of explosions that took out large buildings only to come out incredibly burnt but conscious. Even Logan without his adamantium was tanking hits from Mr. Hyde and the Hulk. If it were just the adamantium then his kids shouldn't have inherited his damage soak. I know it doesn't really make sense when it's just super fast healing and the adamantium is a more legitimate option, but it isn't always the case in the comics. It's consistent enough and spread throughout quite a few characters.

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The reality is neither have the tools to keep up with powerhouses. The only reason Logan doesn't get splattered against Hulk isn't his healing it's his adamantium.

I actually think it is the other way around. The healing factor provides most of the damage soak ability. The adamantium is just icing on the cake.

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@laflux: I know, right?

Now we are essentially like this.

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Weighed in at 222 yesterday. Still reaching for 230.

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Fixed. We still need to swole your role :P.

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1. Scott. Scott has the edge in physicals and raw skill. I think Joker can hang here with his speed, unpredictability, and pain tolerance (which all have surprised Batman on a few occasions(, but it's ultimately Scott's fight to lose.

2. Wolverine. If Bane is off venom, I think Logan has the superior edge in virtually all stats. Given venom or some of Bane's incredible strength feats, he can match or exceed Wolverine in strength. I do think Logan has better striking feats however, and Logan is packing superior speed and skill with a ridiculous pain tolerance of his own. He should beat Bane.

3. Catwoman. I think Selina has better consistent agility feats and has better showings against more skilled fighters than Storm (defeating Wildcat anyone)?. I think she just has better speed feats (without the use of powers), tagging Zeiss, Captain Cold mentioning her speed, and I think she even tagged Captain Boomerang at one point. Storm isn't bad and has a few decent skill feats, like her fight with Callisto, held her own with the Dora Milaje, surprising Wolverine in a training session. While Storm surprised said skilled fighters (like Logan who is above Grant), it isn't in the same realm as actually beating him. I might be missing some, but I can't remember any that put her above Selina. In straight up h2h, Selina just has consistently better physical speed and agility feats and the skill edge against caliber opponents to take a comfortable lead.

4. Gambit. He's just a better fighter and has his speed and agility that dwarfs Dent. He should win every time.

5. Ra's. Kitty's best h2h feats were under her possession and training by Ogun, but I believe she lost those. She still has a good degree of training, but Ra's at points has beaten Batman, stalemated Batman, and or given him good fights upon losing. Kitty doesn't stack up.

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Deranged Midget: Unchained!!

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@jashro44: Laflux put in the OP that this is Parker pre-Spider-Island and explicitly said he doesn't get his WoS here.