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Soule teased Cyclops will play a part in Uncanny Inhumans and Lemire recently mentioned that Scott is missing, along with a bunch of other X-Men, and that a point in the story of Extraordinary X-Men will be finding them. Plus, he's wielding the entity that represents rebirth. I highly doubt this is his end, especially with how little he's been used and the build up Hickman has put into him.

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I find the lack of Cyclops and Emma....creating a void in me.

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"I just wanna make you laugh. I just wanna see that smile. Babe we're only here oh for a little while. I just wanna hold you til we fall asleep. I want love. I want us. I want you. I want me. I want peace."

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@dccomicsrule2011: Agreed. Flair really wrestled his heart out in that match, and such good story telling from both.

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"I'm sorry. I love you."

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I agree that there may have been a bit of suprise involved, but it was still a blitz, which is extremely impressive, considering Raiden is hugely hypersonic. And the way I worded it kind of misrepresented what I meant to say. I was just saying that Armstrong's movement speed in combination with his combat speed was able to blitz Raiden. I'm fully aware Raiden and Armstrong were trading blows rather evenly.

It was a surprise blitz, though. Despite this, Raiden seemed to be the quicker opponent in CQC when it came to dodging his hits on a more consistent basis. Regardless, I don't feel this one feat really seals Namor's fate as far as speed goes.

Yeah, Namor has some good feats to his name, but Raiden (and Jetstream Sam) is just on another plane of speed compared to Namor, and Armstrong was able to easily keep up and even best Raiden in speed.

And I disagree here. As I said above, Armstrong was capable of blitzing momentarily, but once Raiden got his stuff together he didn't seem faster at all. He proved he can hit Raiden, but Raiden also proved he can consistently dodge a barrage of blows before being hit. I didn't see anything that proves Armstrong is Raiden's superior in speed or that his speed will be a definitive factor in beating Namor.

Admittedly, Armstrong did get a bit cocky and let Raiden hit him after he realized Raiden really couldn't hurt him. He was originally dodging in the beginning, but eventually just stopped. Armstrong is cocky, yes, but he isn't stupid; once (and if) he gets hit by Namor, he won't just be standing there and tanking attacks.

I never said he would be stand there and just tank his attacks, but he is cocky and tanking is more in his nature due to his durability. He can dodge Namor, but consistently IMO is another story due to Namor's strength. I don't see Armstrong shrugging off Namor's blows either. They will take effect.

That's true, but flight can only take him so far in this fight. Armstrong also has advantages like a monstrous healing factor, which was confirmed to be much, much better than Vamp's.

Flight is a huge advantage here. This environment is massively open and traversable. While Armstrong has some leaping ability, Namor's agility in flight and the fact that there is water readily available here gives the environmental edge to Namor if things start to get shaky for him. I think it is capable of balancing out the healing factor advantage.

I'm aware of just about all the other feats, but I'm not too sure on these two. Not to mention Namor has been getting a bad show recently (he's jobbering more than usual).

His more recent feats are just more inconsistent again, not all bad though. He killed Leviathan a few years ago. He managed to take Hercules underwater. While crazy and dehydrated, he was capable of knocking Blastaar around while simultaneously having taken a no visor blast from Cyclops. He goes from being able to fight supposedly evenly with a Marvel version of Martian Manhunter to being hurt by Black Panther to getting stabbed in the heart with a knife, screamed in the face by Black Bolt, plummeting hundreds of feet from the sky and only being briefly knocked out, to making Thanos bleed and not being immediately knocked out by the extremely powerful foe's hits (while I don't agree with it). Take some of these for what you will, but Namor seems to be either written as a powerhouse or a jobber. And while he does have his fair share of jobber feats, he has his share of powerhouse feats thrown in there too that just often get overlooked too many times.

I don't think he could completely overpower Armstrong, considering Armstrong easily overpowered Raiden with 1 arm (Raiden temporarily stopped an absolutely massive warship in a weakened, inferior body, easily flung a 500+ ton metal gear, and threw Excelsus, which massively dwarfed any other metal gear). I just can't see Armstrong outright getting overpowered. And yes, Namor can tank hits, but Armstrong can do the same and he has the capacity to hurt Namor.

I think he can. While I give Armstrong his due, Namor just has better striking feats and has taken on stronger opponents. I don't think anything Raiden has done, Namor hasn't matched or exceeded.

This is where we're going to have to disagree. Armstrong kept up with and fought with 2 guys who were hugely hypersonic. Namor on the occasion has issues and gets hit by much, much slower characters. Once Armstrong figures out that Namor packs a punch, he'll be able to do circles around him, while constantly beating on him.

And I have to disagree too. I don't think Armstrong necessarily kept up with anyone. It wasn't like he was running with them or throwing blows fast enough to match them. He was dodging a few, missing a few, or tanking blows. He isn't Quicksilver in his abilities and is going to run circles around Namor, and he isn't strong enough to completely pummel Namor while Namor is perfectly capable of fending him off, knocking him away, or using his flight to gain space. And like I said, there is water readily available in an environment like this if things to do get hairy.

I don't think this is an easy battle by any means, but I think Namor can win this.

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@beaconofstrength:I think Armstrong did blitz Raiden, but I think it more surprised Raiden than anything. Raiden showed more than enough speed to dodge plenty of Armstrong's blows during the fight. And while you can argue Namor is slower, he does have some decent speed to his name (he has dodged hypersonic attacks before) and it's more in Armstrong's nature to tank the blows rather than dodge and Namor is physically powerful. On top of that, he does have flight and in a city setting, there is water readily available such as fire hydrants, hoses, water mains under the city and so on to keep himself fresh. He is strong enough to battle the likes of Thor, Hulk, Hercules, embarrass Ares, one shot Pineapple amped Thing, liquefy Wolverine's internal organs, shake islands with his punches, catch and overpower Kang the Conqueror's ship in mid-flight, throw tanks fast and accurately enough to catch up to airplanes and destroy their wings while he is on the ground, and kill Leviathan (Marrina), who I believe at point was able to tank hits from Quasar and Thor respectively (question me on that one, it's been awhile). I think Namor is capable of overpowering Armstrong and durable enough to tank his hits. And he does have usable things here in the environment. Armstrong COULD be a bit faster, but I don't think his speed is enough to compensate here as he isn't blitzing Namor left and right.

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@champion99: I did read the narration and do. Hulk has also been dodged around by the likes of Spider-Man, Daredevil, Captain America, Wolverine before managing to connect and was being depicted as slower than the Thing and having trouble hitting classic Colossus which is what I based my line of thinking on at the time. The 2 feats you mentioned wouldn't have changed my mind at the time.