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@clawfist: The thing is Sabretooth has always been physically better than Wolverine. He's always been faster. He's always been stronger. And during a fight with bone claw Logan, Wolverine also admitted Sabretooth's healing factor. Now while I don't necessarily believe due to Logan's over the top feats of healing when he has the adamantium skeleton to heal from, the statement can be taken with a grain of salt, but Creed heals just as fast IMO. Regardless, the whole Wolverine/Sabretooth rivalry for decades has shown if Wolverine fights like Sabretooth, he will lose. So just a savage, mindless animal, he loses. So if Logan just fights on a reliance on pure stats, he will lose. Wolverine has stated the man can beat Sabretooth whereas the beast fails. So as Logan has gotten better as a fighter over the decades, the gap between how effective Creed is against him has widened tremendously.

So I'm not disagreeing with your statement that Wolverine can't cut Creed to ribbons with a splash of realism. But he's only done it like once, though and that was with the Muramasa blade and they've had so many fights as is. Wolverine has the advantages due to skill and adamantium, but Creed is more than physically superior to Logan. In comparison to Cyber and Omega Red, yeah, he falls flat, but that is mainly due to them having other advantages and stats over Wolverine that Sabretooth doesn't have. And he has a hard time compensating against ie carbonadium tentacles, adamantium skin, poison claws, etc. Creed just comes as he is. Maybe I'm misreading your point, but I disagree with the notion physically Creed isn't superior. It just isn't enough to make him win anymore.

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Gambit is pretty underrated from what i can tell

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Street Sharks because they are jawsome.

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@erik said:


If you are an anthropologist, you will have some papers published that I can look over and evaluate your competency in the field. Normally I don't go after someone's education but you are the one that offered it up, so I might as well verify your claims.

Also, Cyclops fighting for mutants is NOT a declaration of mutant superiority.

What's funny is Cyclops has directly stated he will continue to protect a world that hates and fears them. And he will also fight for the people that believe in him and his cause, not just the mutants. And he's also said he bears no ill will towards the Avengers, F4, or Wolverine's team. So it's not like he is just spitting in their direction at all despite what happened. So I'm not really sure why he is being called into question?

And did he just call you starbuck?

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@the_kidd: Why bump this?


Didn't W08 copy you copying Dondave in this same exact manner involving Midnighter with him calling him Lucas and you correcting him!!?

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@serrure: Again, how did he do better? Because he got a hit on Hulk twice while Banner was simultaneously being attacked Dusk, Mercury, Surge, Hellion, and X-23? As pointed out, Santo was taken out in a page and a half when he had a 1 on 1 encounter. He literally missed the punch, and had his arms ripped off. How did he fair better than any of the new mutants? Surge, Beast, X-23, and Mercury all lasted longer.

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