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@i_like_swords: I tend to base my likes on characters for their characterization and depth more than I do cosmetic traits, so I focus more on non-cosmetic traits. For example, I'm a big fan of the Thing and Colossus respectively. I like Ben more despite looking like a giant cheetoh on steroids because I find his personality and charisma as a character better than Colossus who is like a 6'6, 250 metal man of perfection. I like Captain America and Superman over Batman despite Batman having a better design than both because I like their their character types over Batman.

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If this was 4kids, would the downfall be cavities and diabetes from all those suckers?

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Do you read comics?

I eat them and fuse their essence with mine to gain knowledge.

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@laflux said:

@god_spawn: I think its because we are used to seeing him alot heavier cause he had to bulk for WWE. He says he hasn't felt better in years, so I guess its horses for courses.

That's what I figured. But hey, if he's feeling better and is happier, I'm not one to say he can't do it.

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@veitha said:

@hopesummersforthefuture said:

@veitha: how did u like the recent uncanny x-men???

I liked it. It was sad, very very sad, but I liked it, I love the issues with Emma crying lol. I almost hate Scott for blaming Emma for everything, and I'm pissed off for the revolution. But now I want to see what Scott, Emma and Illyana will do

Tbh, I think that was Scott just trying to push her away. Remember, he wants to do what he is going to do alone, and Emma said he was conflicted about them. And when Havok was celebrating him being single, Scott did tell him to just stop. I also agree with wanting to see what they will do. I somehow think they will all come back together by the end.

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How do you think the new DBZ rule has been going so far?

I haven't been on enough to get into a huge depth with it, but from what I have seen so far it seems to be going well.

What do you think of UHAA Nation?

Haven't watched too much of him to say.

Do you agree that the ending to RAW sucked?

You mean the tug-o-war between Reigns and Lesnar like they were 5 years old? Yes. It was terrible.

Did you see Punk's new official UFC pictures :p ?

I did. And tbh, I thought he kind of looked sickly.

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@eisenfauste: Sorry for being so late on this, I barely check this thread.

WWH story arc, or AvX story arc. Which one do you prefer over the other?

WWH. While I think there were some plotholes to get Hulk more over in the story, AvX was a pile of sh*t and I generally enjoy Pak's Hulk.

Workout question, sorry feel like you get these a lot :P, I'm 6'1 and 150 Ibs what is a decent deadlift max to work up to?

I stand by a principle that to be considered "strong" in the weight room in terms of the big lifts like bench, you need to do a certain multiples of your body's weight. When it comes to deadlifting, I think one should be able to at least deadlift about 1.5-2x their body weight, mainly the 2x one. So if you're 150, shoot for 300.

What was one of your favorite vacations and where did you go?

I went up to an uncle's cabin in Wisconsin with some of my friends. The idea was to have bonfires, music, archery, go karting, play pool, video games, fish, and get wasted for an entire weekend, but there was about 2-3 feet of snow on the ground. Still, we got wasted and did play pool and video games for days. It was fun to be off the grid for awhile. The only one that tops that was a Disney cruise years ago from Florida to Nassau. It was 3 days on the ocean and was fantastic.

I found out I just missed comic con in indy :/, have you gone to one or several yet?

I've never gone to one.

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Honestly it depends on the character.