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@wyldsong: @erik: Erik, Wyldsong is a user I respect quite a bit. I can see where you think he is flame baiting, but he doesn't have a blemish on his record on CV, so I just see it as maybe a little more of a raising in hostility, but not actively trying to troll you. So I'm just going to say in general to both of you, just let this little squabble die. It's not worth it.

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@lensnart: There are 7 issues coming out of Wolverine's death called Logan's Legacy. They deal with close or important figures in Logan's life, whether good or bad, and their reactions. So far they have issues lined up involving characters such Sabretooth, Daken, X-23, Lady Deathstrike, and Mystique. I don't know of one involving Cyclops. I wouldn't be surprised if they do a tie in somewhere.

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Mismatch. Juggernaut slaughters them.

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And this is a mismatch. A bad one.

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Cyclops right now has still shown he respects Wolverine and is willing to save him when he's in trouble. Wolverine on the other hand spouts he hates him, but he's still willing to have a drink and talk with Scott, so I'd say their is still a level of friendship there. I'd imagine Scott will handle it like most other deaths, shed a tear or two, bottle it up, and worry about it later and maybe talk about how despite he has differing opinions, he respects Logan and they lost a great warrior and X-man.

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@mortal: Warning for making a banned thread.

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more recent than your classic and outdated references... are Namor one shotting She-Hulk (using Luke Cage) and then going toe to toe with Thing who was on the losing end and is hugely underestimated on this site

Namor one shotted She-Hulk with a cheap shot from behind. She's beaten him twice IIRC when she was just class 75. And actually post the rest of the fight. After Namor spears him, the Apex comes out and asks them when they are going to copulate, thus ending the fight when Magik comes to get Namor. Thing got in more on panel hits after the initial clash. How you draw Thing is on the losing end I have no clue. Namor also cheap shotted Cage that stunned him and allowed him to throw Luke in the water, and Namor didn't even one shot Luke in the water.

Namor has gone toe to toe with Hercules someone who is stronger and more durable than Wonder Woman

Hercules has beaten Namor. And in the fight you posted, his two first cheap shots barely even budged Hercules, save for give him a small mark under his eye and a bloody lip. Herc's blows sent Namor flying, and when Namor buried him, Hercules got back up and then mentioned he wouldn't turn down a fight. His "best attack" there was taking Herc under water and then it was broken up by Namora. It doesn't exactly help your case.

Namor goes toe to toe with Thor... someone who is stronger and more durable than Wonder Woman

Namor's been one shotted in the pouring rain by Thor's fist. Thor has also beaten him in water by blinding him, trapping him in his cape and throwing him away. Namor has also admitted he is no match for Thor while on land. So that doesn't exactly help his case of "going toe to toe" with Thor when he doesn't even beat him under water.

Namor beats the Hulk underwater, someone who is stronger and more durable than Wonder Woman

Namor beat Hulk only a couple of times way back in the day and has not since. He's done more lackluster against the Hulk than vise versa. Diana could beat Hulk back then too.

Just so you know out of water Namor has also Stalemated Hulk, someone who is stronger and more durable than Wonder Woman

I also have no idea how you draw a stalemate from this either. Hulk appears to be brainwashed to some degree, Namor apparently saves him, Hulk attacks him, Namor punches him once, Hulk starts blabbing again, no more shown punches thrown.

Here is the thing, you have all these scans, some out of context and inconclusive, but your argument is :

Namor goes toe to toe with such. Therefore because they are stronger and more durable than Wonder Woman, in your opinion, that Namor beats Giganta easily. That itself doesn't really make sense. Namor doesn't beat Hercules. Namor doesn't beat Hulk anymore. Namor doesn't beat Thor. So that in itself doesn't mean anything when Wonder Woman on the other hand can beat those people. She has the strength and durability feats and the martial prowess to do that, not just the speed.

Since you want to do ABC logic where Namor doesn't exactly win, Wonder Woman has hurt beings like Superman, Power Girl, and Captain Marvel with her strikes, and vice versa they hurt her. Giganta tanks hits from Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle, and you say she doesn't have the speed, but has been stated to have super speed. She does tag Wonder Woman. She physically hurts Wonder Woman with her attacks. She is more than capable of dealing with Namor.

So let's not pretend this is an easy win, if he wins at all, for one when Namor's been cold cocked Black Bolt and sent through a dam wall. He's been stunned underwater by Wolverine in Iron Man armor punching him in the face. He's lost to Iron Man and has struggled to beat even his old armors in a physical fight on more than one occasion. The Thing and him have had multiple encounters of varying degrees for decades, their latest being a stalemate ending in an inconclusive fight, nowhere did it imply the Thing was on the losing end.