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@laflux: I was going to come in and say Lil' B, but you took that chance from me!!

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@eisenfauste: When Thor threw Mjolnir through him? He was dying but Franklin Richards saved him.

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Thing was already taking blows from Colossus with the Juggernaut amp. I fail to see how Colossus one shots him when he's never showed the strength to do it to someone of Thing's durability.

With that said, he stops at 10. He's pretty much tanked everything on the list up until 10. Thor already blew a hole in his chest when he was amped as Angrir. Thor should be capable of doing it again under his normal form.

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Blade. but I think Wesker should get in some solid licks.

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It's not a reboot and wait and see.

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@jashro44 said:

@pooty: Yea thats what I was saying. All though if the vibranium suit doesn't protect black panther and gambit does successfully charge T'challa than I doubt T'challa will tank it since Gambit is morals off. I believe gambit got a upgrade in his latest solo. Not sure if he's done anything but I remember @god_spawn telling me about it.

All though either way I think black panther can win. I think depending on how his suit protects him determines how many times out of 10 he would win.

He did get an upgrade but throughout the entire All New X-Factor it was never mentioned or shown, so I say it was largely ignored. And charging the suit is a tricky subject. I had a theory that if Gambit were to charge Cap's shield or adamantium, and this was all before AvX had him charge Cap's suit, but the molecules of adamantium and the vibranium special properties are so tightly packed together that it would explode but have no internal ramifications as the molecules would have no room to move. Given T'Challa's suit being made of vibranium, I don't necessarily believe the internal part of the suit would suffer much damage even if there is an outward explosion. It's just my theory, though.

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I've been big on Tristin Mays lately, and she's only about a year older than I am.

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@goatzilla: Take a few days off. You've been warned about the insults before.

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@namor_curry: I have, but you are missing the point. The only reason he got the one up was because Tony wasn't prepared. He did try to defend himself but not the degree he could have and has done to Namor, which again, he has consistently been able to fight him in weaker armors. An old model even speed blitzed Namor once. And the fight didn't end with Namor choking him. It ended with Namor and managing to get him in the water and the very next panel had Namor swoop him and clock both of them. It didn't show any advantage Namor had and it gave no time. Herc has managed to be able to fight him when the environment favors Namor and yet Namor still hasn't beaten him.

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@namor_curry: He cheap shotted an unsuspecting Iron man. And that still doesn't discount Tony in classic armors having a few fights with Namor and even beating him at times. Even Wolverine in an Iron man armor stunned him underwater with a punch IIRC. And you proved my point with Hercules. The first scan doesn't prove anything other than Namor's arrogance. The 2nd scan with Namor and Herc had Namor using environmental factors to keep it even in that fight. The last set of scans showed nowhere Namor had an advantage as Namora came in and broke up the fight. However, Namor got in a cheap shot on the first attack and punch which didn't even knock Herc back and just pissed him off. One punch from him sent Namor flying into the ocean. He comes back up with scrap, buries Herc comes out and blasts him in return. If anything, I say Herc looked better in that fight. I'm not suggesting Iron Man or Herc walk all over Namor, but to say they can't beat him is far fetched given their track records.