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@ghostravage: Not that he has shown so far since his abilities were altered.

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@ghostravage: His powers were re-worked future Hope and Blaquesmith to make him see a few seconds into the future a couple issues after that. That's what the whole deal of his visions were from. And in the first few issues of All New X-Force, he reaffirms his old powers are gone and have been replaced with this new precognition ability.

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@jacthripper: OP says current versions. Last I checked in all new x- force, cable doesn't have his telepathy. His power was altered to see a few seconds into the future. Unless that has changed in the last couple of issues.

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@jashro44: It's in Shaw's powerset to absorb kinetic energy. Gambit's the generator, and he was essentially the battery.

And the most durable person Gambit charged, at least off the top of my head, was Rockslide.

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@serrure said:

@lukehero: I still like Gambit for a good Anti-Brick

ahh Psylocke is one also even if she doesn't TP her opponents she can use Illusions, her Psy Knife (which has pierced Adamantium), and her other constructs which is supposed to cut through all matter

Psyblade is metaphysical. It phases through anything that isn't psion shielded.

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Like I said in a previous thread, most bricks aren't the most technical of fighters. It's very rare they bust out showings that the street leveler martial artists would use, but that doesn't make them terrible fighters by brick standards. The Thing has always generally been considered an underdog over the years, but he has his military background, collegiate wrestling career, and spent hours upon hours of training in boxing, and has learned Judo. Ben generally gets by because of his willpower, grits, and his ability to fight. As Jashro mentioned he was outclassed by Sasquatch and used his skill there. Ben's been in dozens of fights with the likes of the Hulk and Namor over the years despite both being stronger, and the Thing I believe has beaten them once or twice in the past. The Champion mopped the floor with Ben due to a huge stat edge in a boxing match, but the Champion praised Ben's determination and ability to fight in a strictly boxing style format. This was also all after the Champion beat Sasquatch, Colossus, and Wonder Man all in a row.

And Ben has shown Shulkie some of his boxing and wrestling techniques, as well.

But, it isn't always stated that Ben is using his technique, but do we have to? Even in recent times, he managed to fight evenly with a freshly hydrated Namor that just decimated Luke Cage and one shot She-Hulk from behind with Luke Cage as a bat. And Ben held his own against Colossus as the Juggernaut before getting dragged out of the blue area and beaten on while being suffocated from the lack of oxygen.

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@lukehero: 95% of Marvel's bricks are brawlers as is. Very rarely do any of their heavy hitters display impressive skill feats, and in comparison to the actual skilled fighters like Cap, T'Challa, Iron Fist etc, they look poor. So I'm not surprised that someone like Shatterstar, who is an accomplished fighter and is significantly faster and more agile, was able to dodge around the Thing for awhile. The Thing has his military training, was a collegiate wrestler, is an exceptional boxer, which helps his brawling style, and is self taught in Judo as well IIRC. He even taught She-Hulk how to box, and Jen is one of the few bricks that displays a consistent level of h2h training. And it doesn't help Ben's case when he is generally treated as an underdog brick with an unstoppable will. So usually being outstatted, he compensates with his skill. His skill displays aren't exactly blatant like the kung-fu types, but go through some of his fights over the years and see how he fights. At times it is pretty obvious he can be seen incorporating his boxing quite a bit, but for specific issues, I'll have to get back to you on that.

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@lukehero: The Thing is one of the more skilled fighters in Marvel's brick categories. Missing and getting hit from a significantly faster opponent, and a solid fighter in one like Shatterstar, doesn't denounce that, and in comparison to how Thing has been portrayed over the last couple of years, it is arguably a low showing. He hit Thing out a window and he came back up yelling at them, and IIRC was then manhandling most of X-Factor when he did anyway. As far as Logan dealing with him, that is the only part of your post that would be correct.

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There would be a world shortage of funions, cheetos, and little Debbie snack cakes.

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