Top 10 Favorite Female Characters

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Posted by Strider92

Aphrodite IX!!!!!!!!!!! Nice list *insert joke about Emma Frost here*

Posted by Pyrogram

Now this is a list and a half.

Aphrodite ftw though.

Posted by cameron83

Nice list

Posted by Wolverine08

Sweet list! Lots of hot babes here!

Posted by Deranged Midget

HAH! Emma Frost... Felicia should be on the top of that list ;)

Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

HAH! Emma Frost... Felicia should be on the top of that list ;)

I concur brother.

Posted by BlackArmor

Good list

Posted by Edamame

I love all of these characters. I don't know much about Miss Fury, though.

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Ehhhhhhh. Emma will always be the best, not into some of these at all though :P

Posted by God_Spawn

@mercy_: I know you like Emma, Psylocke, Miss Fury, and X-23. That should be good enough for you!

@edamame: Her Dynamite ongoing is like 6 issues in. I definitely recommend it.

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Posted by ragdollpurps

Oh good, you swapped out Domino for Laura, I was about to say that Neena was my least favorite on the list. Thumbs up for having Miss Fury on here.

Posted by God_Spawn

@ragdollpurps: I was just playing UMvC3 and I used X-23, and it just kind of hit me like why the hell didn't I put her on this? She's freaking awesome.

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Posted by ragdollpurps

@god_spawn: She's beastly in it, I use her a lot for her speed. Also, you're kinda getting me interested in Aphrodite IX. I've been gobbling up non-big two titles lately, they seem to be the only things able to hold my interest nowadays.

Posted by God_Spawn

@ragdollpurps: Same. She is a monster up close and if you combo her right most people can't register what is going on lol. She's just ridiculously fast and her being a low character helps a lot. And I would definitely recommend Aphrodite IX. The story has been fantastic so far, and Sejic is easily my favorite artist right now. Every panel is just gorgeous.

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great list man, excellent choices, also good to know knew characters such as Miss Fury, she looks like a real badass! Any reading sugestions?

Posted by God_Spawn

@higorm: I'm a huge advocate for her new series. It is a pretty solid story, and it kind of keeps you on your toes. The artwork is really good to. It's only 6 issues in so it's not too late to catch up.

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Posted by RustyRoy

Awesome list.

Posted by TheAcidSkull

x-23 is here.

therefor you get my vote.

Posted by GhostRavage

No Wonder Woman? Well, something refreshing for once :)

Totally agree with Emma as well.

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Agree with most of the list although would've added Ms Marvel and Wonder Woman in place of Miss Fury and Aphrodite IX. Great list though :)

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Mystique would be my number one. Lol