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I least its not Scott to fuel the Wolverine haters but this is still random as all hell and poor, hack writing at its finest.

Thank god Black Canary and Wonder Woman aren't owned by Marvel. They'd be passed around in pointless random relationships with no respect as well.

Imagine what Marvel would write with them? Carnary and Batman hooking up just because. Wondy leaves Supes and Immediately starts banging Hawkman or some shit.

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@dodirty: I didn't mention Banner because I thhink he might actually be decent, obviouslly as a Hulk fan I have alot of respect for what Bruce Banner is capable of and think he's underrated in terms of intelligence, creativity and will power.

  • Spidey would still be a weak Lantern for the reason I mentioned above, easily the worst of the choices here. Love him but Parker would be crap.
  • Cap would be strong because of will but has like no creativity and would likely not survive the underhanded situations he'd be put in and die.
  • Tony is like the opposite not strong willed but creative as hell, he'd do well until he ran into the more powerful Lanterns where his arrogance would get him killed. He probably wouldn't even bring his suits if he got real powers, seems like a Stark thing to do to say "well I don't need this anymore".
  • I've never been impressed with T'challa's showings of will so I think he'd be second worst Lantern here. He can also be hit or miss on creativity, you have all that vibratnium and you choose DAGGERS as your primary weapon?
  • Punisher could be good because of his will but as others have said he'd fit in better with the Red Lanterns and would likely be kicked out the Green Lantern core quickly for his brutality anyway.

Honorable mentions who would be great: Nightcrawler, She Hulk, Captain Marvel (Ms.Marvel), Nico (Runaways), etc.

I could likely think of more but this should do it for now.

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Peter Parker would be the WEAKEST Green Lantern. His constructs would be by far the weakest and easily broken.

Spiderman CONSTANTLY second guesses himself and often times gets scared in the middle of fights. This is a guy who got talked into thinking for even a second that a villain in his body that he stole was better for the world than him.

I'd say likely Cap but his constructs woud have no creativity. Or Tony but his will isn't that great and his arrogance would get him killed quickly against people like Sinestro. Tony would be like a worse John Stewart, awesome constructs but none of that tough Marine mentally.

Honestly all of the ones you chose would be worse Green Lanterns than the DC ones who are actually good.

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@shadowx: No trans men and women are different from born males and females. Most straight people identify their being straight by being attracted to naturally born males and females.

To try to pass a transgender person male or female as the exact same romantic interest as a naturally born male or female is insulting to many straight people because that's not how they identify and you need to understand that. You also should learn to respect it because it is their choice.

By hiding this information you are directly insulting their sexual identity as a straight person and in fact deceiving them. To not accept that a great deal of very nice people identify this way and further more not respect it and think they should change to your view is being intolerant.

The only one confused here is you.

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@raiiyn Is the the most close minded and intolerant person in this thread. I can't believe some of what that person typed and just....hard to describe without insulting them.

Also for any transgenders you should know that getting into a relationship with a straight person without first telling them (especially a sexual one) is completely disrespectful of their sexuality as a straight person and makes you and your crusade hypocritical.

It's not okay to do that. It's never okay. Fear of violence is no excuse for being a terrible person.

I like transgender people honestly, they're normally pretty chill but this idea that someone has an obligation to be fine with you showing no respect or care for their sexuality is absurd and childish.

If you want others to respect your sexuality you must show equal respect to theirs. Lying and guilt tripping is pathetic and should be beneath you. Be better than that.

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Hulk stomps. He also smashes.

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Aquaman fans are becoming the new Storm fans.

That said bloodlust gives JL the win here.

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Men get the short end of the marragie stick. Anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong.

Buy this is the wrong forum for this and most here are too young.

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Batman looks way cooler than all hus villians for sure.

Only one that comes close is Bane but even then the Batsuit is one of thegreatest outfits designs ever made.

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Sentry is an awful character and should stay dead. Who keep reviving him? Why?

Also Barry Allen, Wally is more popular, more loved, more interesting, and more Iconic.

When people talk the things they love about the Flash they usually describe Wally's trait more so than Barry's.

Those are big annoying one.