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Hulk stomps. He also smashes.

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Aquaman fans are becoming the new Storm fans.

That said bloodlust gives JL the win here.

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Men get the short end of the marragie stick. Anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong.

Buy this is the wrong forum for this and most here are too young.

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Batman looks way cooler than all hus villians for sure.

Only one that comes close is Bane but even then the Batsuit is one of thegreatest outfits designs ever made.

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Sentry is an awful character and should stay dead. Who keep reviving him? Why?

Also Barry Allen, Wally is more popular, more loved, more interesting, and more Iconic.

When people talk the things they love about the Flash they usually describe Wally's trait more so than Barry's.

Those are big annoying one.

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I love both of these characters but Hulk has been on some all time amazing runs and has his own verse of awesome spinoff characters that I also love like She-Hulk and Skarr and the Warbound etc,etc.

So Hulk by a comfortable margin. Hulk is a top 10 great comic character imo, this isn't really a fair comparison.

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What are you talking about? All I see are Aquaman fanboys nowadays.

They're annoying as hell. Mainly because they are insecure and overly defensive.

All I see are themcalling people ignorant and taking shots at Superman or Batman.

Protip: insulting other heroes to build up your fav will only make more people hate them.

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This is some of the worst denial I've seen since Pea 55

Kahn opens a portal behind Predator, reaches through it and pulls out his spine before he can run and hine.

BTW kahn's longivity is due to the insane amount of number of souls he's stolen. He has the experience of millions of fighters. Kahn is the one who taught the soulddrain to Shang Tsung I believe so to say otherwise is clear desparation.

Kahn wins 10/10. This is the longest stomp thread I can ever recall.

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Jean Grey school would be fine if the X-men are united. Cyclops having his own rebel team then some of the most legendary X-men like Rogue being avengers lessens what the JGS and the concept of Wolverine being headmaster could have been.

Wolvie being headmaster should have been this awesome status Quo change that breathe fresh life into such a well known and already explored character in Wolverine and the X-men franchise it self. Instead it's a confusing frustating mess most of the time.

Wolverine, Rouge, Iceman, Beast etc has been losing fans thanks to all the terrible writing he's gotten the last....jesus 4-5 years. Marvel just doesn't seem to give a shit about their Mutant icons. At all.

Remember when Beast and Wolverine were beloved and respected characters? Yeah Marvel shat all over that.

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Mileena is half Tarkatan which mean she has higher strength and Speed than normal humans by a wide margin. She also has the benefit of Tarkatan instincts which could aid her in avoiding attacks out of her view. Mileena may not be all straight in the head but she no idiot and is very skilled in H2H almost as good as Kitana but with higher stats. Mileena on top of all that can also teleport at will giving her yet another huge edge over DC's gals.

Kitana: has over 1000 years of training so she's not getting outclassed by anyone here in H2H imo. She also has the ability to teleport and is a master of using it in conjunction with her fans for brutal attacks that kill.

Jade has the ability to go intangible, so she should stomp anyone she matches up with really. Jade is also capable of reflecting attacks back at her aggressors with a magical field around her body that makes object bounce off even uf they be magical.

Jade might not be has purely skilled as Kitana or have the physical edges Mileena brings but her powerset is pretty amazing.

Scarlett is the biggest variable here as sheis the newest character here but potentially makes this battle a stomp in MK's favor.. What we do know about her is her stregth, speed, and agility are all increased by a huge margin the more blood that is on her body. When she is completely covered in blood she is supposedly strong enough to kill high lvl beings like Shao Khan.

Shao Kahn himself had her chained up and was saving her as a panic button iencase his reign was seriously threaten by an unknown power. Her H2H skills are debatable since she's so new she has no feats really but if this fight gets bloody she


Sheeva has a huge strength advantage over everyone here and comes from a warrior culture. Her H2H skills are very impressive as she was handpicked to protect Kitana from harm over many other powerful warrior Kahn could have chosen.

Not only does she have extra arms to attack and defend at the same time she uses a style unique to her race that highlights their body type.

I respect the comic gals but without their powers they get stomped in both rounds. Even with them it's debatable.