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Oh, and Deadpool would make an okay movie. I think that Cable would make a better one though.

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Good point. What if they did one based on X-Men #200-The Trial of Magneto! A great court movie, with X-Men guest, flashbacks, and, in the end, when Magneto controls the jury's mind to escape, a "He will keep trying and never learning, he's going to need more than one lesson and get more than one lesson." ending! And yes, Catwoman and Elektra sucked. Elektra was almost as bad as Daredevil. Sorry, I couldn't think of any other villian movies.....

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Did the JSA lose because they're a bunch of nerds?

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Spider-Man 3! It's gonna rock. Nicolas Cage ruined Ghost Rider. I'm going to give Fantastic Four:Rise of the Silver Surfer a shot, even though the first one sucked.

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I'm proud of my JSA article. I added little bios of each JSA character. I also wrote a kickbutt Civil War but it got rejected:(

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Mine would have to be Daredevil. HA! Yeah, right.....The only one worse than that was when George Clooney had nipples on his batsuit. No seriously, I liked Batman Begins, Spider-Man 2, Superman, Superman II, and Superman Returns(It's funny, because I like Batman way than Superman. Oh well). Hulk wasn't all that bad. Punisher was horrible. Spawn was horrible. Never seen Unbreakable or Sin City. The X-Men movies were good too. My favorite was X3: The Last Stand. By the way, does anyone think there should be a Magneto movie? I mean, Magneto would make a great movie. Catwoman and Elektra proved that a villian can have their own movie.

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I liked it a lot. If handled right, Green Arrow can be so cool. My only problem was that Superman didn't join with the Justice League. I loved Aquaman's fish joke line. You're right, I wish they had Martian Manhunter on there. You know the only problem with that show? If a young Batman, about 17, was put in the same position, he could do it so much easier. In the JLA one, Superman breaks in, is rescued, helps Flash/Impulse, sets off a bomb, whatever. Bruce Wayne at that age could do all that so much easier and he wouldn't have needed everyone else to help him. It was a good decision to put Cyborg on the show, too-I wouldn't have thought it would fit.

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Makes sense. But imagine the possibilities! Thor could return, the real one, during the fight! And Vision, Cap, Thor, could stand together as the Avengers members on the wrong side(Hank Pym, etc.) would join. "Avengers together, Tony. Will you join us?" Iron Man is driven insane, and he shoots a repulsor ray at Cap, but Cap reflects it and it kills him. And maybe later it was an evil clone of Iron Man, or something. BTW, am I the only one that wishes someone would kill Spider-Woman?

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Rouge's annoying! I like Nightcrawler and Wolverine.

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My guess for the end of Civil War is that Iron Man is killed(and resurrected, of course). Thoughts?