It's summer! I'm free! YESSS! Three months of bliss! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!

Um...whee? it, I'm going to go play Guitar Hero. Sweet summer....


Appeciate The Little Guys

I realized that there are a lot of really cool people on the Vine that no one notices. I'll give an example. Everyone has heard of Fesak-he's the number one submitter! But until ZeroEdge came and Prurience Man went nuts, Shatterstar was number two in submitting. Since Shatterstar doesn't post too often and doesn't write 1000 point articles, nobody had heard of him. He was the number two submitter.

There's a load of people like that. Satyrquaze wrote a 950 point article on Quasar. NiteFly, Asxz, Jagwaar, JB3R, MShades, and Coldblood-6 all are like that, too. If you don't post a lot, no one's ever heard of you. Ever clicked on Coldblood-6? He wrote a 2500 point page on Hank Pym. In the days of 6000 pointers on Drizz't Dourden and 3000 on Venom, which is a normal thing, 2500 isn't amazing. Two months ago (back in my day) that was the biggest submission on the Vine. It's even worse for people like Asxz, who don't make friends, submit high numbers articles, or post.

So I'm appreciating the guys no one's heard of today. Check these guys and their pages out! (Or I'll eat your soul).


Top Ten Yeah!

I'm very proud of myself, folks. I'm #8 as in submitting-i'm on the Top Ten list! Now, there are seven people on Comic Vine who are higher submitters then me-Ms. Invisible, G-Man, Prurience Man, Buckshot, Fesak, ZeroEdge, and Shatterstar. But...none of them are under 13! I set the age record for getting on the Top Ten list at only 12 years, 1 month.

Any kids wanna beat that, good luck. More submitting is to come. I haven't even started yet.


It's my birthday!

Yay! I finally turned 12! I'm very proud-one more year to insanity!

I'd like to thank the Vine for helping pass the time to twelve. Also, I sacrificed roughly 80% of my social life to be on here as much as I am. That helped me get to this point, too.

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Fourpower, happy birthday to me......



I've decided to start on my autobiography. It's called

"Why Everyone Except Me Can Go To Hell: The Max V. Story".

There's a chapter on Comic Vine. Anyone want to be in it?



I think I'm starting to become obsssessed with this site. I feel weird every minute I'm not on here. Damn it Cascader and LAMP! If you two are responsible for my imminent mental breakdown I'm gonna be pissed off.



I think it might be useful info that I have a six page report due next week in Social Studies. My topic-history of comic books. Oh yeah.

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