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It's about to finish where I am. It was for sure a great episode, and I'm glad they finally gave Bart his true title.

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It did indeed rock. Now all they need is J'onn to join up.

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Man, I am so far behind in Smallville. I still haven't seen the episode where they first showed Martian Manhunter. I've been too busy working on a certain website. Good thing I have a DVR. Someday I'll catch up.

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I've seen several negative reviews on it, with some fairly unreasonable criticisms (the outfits looked dumb, the JLA isn't "supposed" to be a covert team, it sucked compared to Heroes, blah blah blah).

On the other hand, I loved every minute of it. Heroes has set a new bar, but I think this episode was solid and fun. I don't know what people expect on a TV budget, frankly, but I thought it was an excellent episode. Decent (though simple) plot, Lex being his full-on bad self, good interaction between the heroes, and a satisfying conclusion. Not sure what else you could want.

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i still hate there costumes

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I enjoyed it. I liked the company name and calling the base the watchtower. I do wish ONE of them had a proper mask though. I didn't hate the costumes, I think cyborg's should have been a little more technical looking.

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I liked it a lot. If handled right, Green Arrow can be so cool. My only problem was that Superman didn't join with the Justice League. I loved Aquaman's fish joke line. You're right, I wish they had Martian Manhunter on there. You know the only problem with that show? If a young Batman, about 17, was put in the same position, he could do it so much easier. In the JLA one, Superman breaks in, is rescued, helps Flash/Impulse, sets off a bomb, whatever. Bruce Wayne at that age could do all that so much easier and he wouldn't have needed everyone else to help him. It was a good decision to put Cyborg on the show, too-I wouldn't have thought it would fit.