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Jason took down Kyle Rayner. He can obviously stomp this inferior GL.

Stewart> Rayner in h2h.

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Wait till end of September.

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Really? NO ONE?

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So I have been trying to gauge the power level of the Lanterns,including the special abilities of the various colors that are specific to their corps,I would like feats,not whole pages of scans just 2 or so feats of these characters at their most powerful, so here we go:

How powerful is Alan Scott without tapping in to the full power of the Star Heart? and how powerful is he when he IS using its power?

What are the power levels of the Guardians?

What is Volthoom(as in what's his source of power?) and his power levels?

Same goes for the White Lantern,additionally how is it(current Kyle) different from Volthoom?

What are the levels of the "entities" ? we know the original Parallax and Ion were mighty cosmic forces,the retconned ones not so much,but could they replicate the same feats if allowed full access to their emotion and prevent others from tapping in to it?

If yes then why hasn't Larfleeze shown to be a universe buster?

Finally what is the reservoir inside the Source wall?

God these retcons and re-retcons are hurting my brain.

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@comicdude360 said:

@guanofriend: doctor doom is far from untouchable and Thanos is extremely powerful so yeah. Just cause he's powerful doesn't mean he's overrated.

How many f*cking times on Comicvine are people going to pretend like there's some sort of Dr Doom bias,and usually it comes from people that swear that Batman is such an underrated,underrepresented victim of misrepresentation or something.

What does Batman have to do with anything? no one's mentioned Batman and Doom is overrated period far more than Batman. It's not even a contest,people here think Doom can beat God and get away with it, if Batman beats Punisher,Moon Knight or Shredder there are threads dedicated to Batwankery as a fallout.

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@heraldofganthet said:


Do average mother boxes differ in power? not talking about special variants just normal ones

No. Like any cosmic or mystical artifact, the users skill level will induce certain results with said artifact. Mother Boxes are no different. That said, if Mother has a close affiliation with/affinity for Her user, she can act independently (read: benevolently) on their behalf unless forbidden to do so by the user.

Special Boxes are another matter altogether.

Yeah, the Mother Boxes of New Genesis are connected to the source to some degree, and it will not allow a user to use it if it does not "like" it's said user. There aren't special mother boxes. Just Mother Boxes that have experienced enough to modify themselves after some time. I.E. Orion's Mother Box also makes use of Astro Force.

Which is another subject I am wondering about, @killemall, Does Ultron's power output equal that of a Universe busting attack? Orion has feats akin to containing Universe-Busting Explosions and keeping Orion completely safe in a space/time distortion.

Another thing to note, and a reason Mother Box can't simply be taken over via technopathy, is Mother Boxes have, when not just going completely inert or self-obliterating in the past, also completely disintegrated some users (Nameless Parademons who tried using the Mother Box of the Forever People). Because of that, Most of Apokolips' inhabitants make use of "Father Boxes".

Exactly,that's what's been bothering me,Geoff Johns needs to actually read a NG story.

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Yeah I was aware thanks for clarifying,the recent NGs stories made me a bit doubtful on their ability,there were hordes of these artifacts in the first JL arc,Batman found 2 of them one he installed in Brother Eye and the other he kept for himself even though in previous continuity he couldn't even get one despite desiring them. It seemed weird for these to be so common,Ugh Geoff Johns.

Yeah. But he has his moments. I LOVED his JSA stuff!!! If you haven't already, pick up as much of that run in TPB as you can carry!

I've read some of it,was good but I'm in an anti-Johns mood for months.