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@entropy_aegis: thanks for an unnesscary tag

from what i've seen, you are nothing short of an ass, don't ever tag again unless it's for something not related to person thoughts/feelings.

You don't seem like a guy who values others opinions.

Your opinion was irrelevant, if your predicament is as dire as claim then stop coming here and do something about it,or shut up.

@entropy_aegis: What has america done to help kids? They wasted 1000s of dollars on a kid to make him happy while the same could be achieved by giving him an ice-cream.(They also killed 1000s of innocent children in Afghanistan but I do not want a discussion on that) Our countries aren't as developed and rich as yours so we can not do much regarding starving kids. And we mostly donate to legitimate charities which don't make "corrupt rulers fat" or fund"terrorist organisations" And, I donate from the kindness of my heart and Zakat is must, but the money I donate throughout the year is voluntary. PS, your leaders are also corrupt but you just don't know it yet as your media supports them they are after our leaders and Nation as a whole. I already said that I will not post after this so no need to reply, the thing is that every argument I am in turns into an argument about religion and all. So once again...Good day sir

I'm not American,nor do I support America, and how many Afghans do Afghans kill,butcher,maim? what Americans decide to do with their money is their business, America sure as hell is a better place than any Muslim country on Earth.

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kinda weird, i see people die in my neighborood by bullet wounds, with their mothers weeping uncontrollably over the dead body to no avail.. yet to society that is a "win." One less mexican scum on this planet, infesting america whilst stealing all the jobs. Same fate awaits me, even if I do make it top college, and no one will care


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@theblackhood: Turning a city into gotham for 1 kid or helping 50 kids like him, which do you think is better? They both cot the same. DO you think all those people that came from all over the world to witness this came for the boy? I am a Muslim and every goodmuslim donates 2.5% of their money each year to various charities so yeah, I think I'm doing something. The money I donate goes to more than 1 kid who had a disease but was still able to afford food, to real people who need help.If someone donated money for his operation or medicine or something then that is okay but donating money to make him think he is batman? that is just a waste!

Out of religious obligation not charity to save themselves from hell fire,and this act of kindness normally ends up fattening the corrupt rulers of Muslim countries or fund terrorist organizations,besides Zakat can only be given to Muslims exclusively so you're hardly one to talk.

Kid got his wish,that's a good thing,you can nitpick over could've,should've etc all day long.

@theblackhood: so...making kids last day memorable is more important than saving a kid who is living his last day due to starvation? Some things need to be done for the greater good which you do not get. How about we end this here, as neither of us will change our opinions. Good day, sir!

What exactly have Muslims done to help starving kids?most of them live in Muslim countries,and its going to get worse in the coming decades.

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Kurt Busiek already made Batman a cosmic entity back in Trinity.

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Bad writing,lazy writing, pandering to shippers, ripping off Batman etc .

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@jayc1324 said:

Why are people acting surprised that Hollywood is making a movie to make money? That's kind of their entire thing. Making a movie to document this amazing event isn't wrong in any way, and isn't milking.

That's pretty much what I was thinking,I guess all documentaries,biopics, films based on real life events should be banned from now on.

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I have yet to hear anyone say AoU was a masterpiece, the highest praise I've heard is that it was okay. I found it amusing but I wouldn't call it great or even all that good. If you want to talk about fans giving excuses for bad movies go listen to the Nolan fans pretend The Dark Knight Rises wasn't a huge let down that didn't make any goddamned sense.

A billion dollar blockbuster movie with very high reviews across the board was a let down compared to? it's predecessor which was another blockbuster billion dollar movie with even higher reviews and is considered the greatest CBM of all time... Yeah Nolan fans totally shouldn't call out TDKR haters who like to pretend as if TDKR was on the same level as Batman & Robin or Green Lantern.

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Ive noticed a lot of people who are wholly ignorant on comics spouting nonesense.

For the movies, there is the whole fan base who are "fans" and accept every mcu movie with praise. The most notable instance of these fans vouching for mcu movies as if they were masterpieces is Age Of Ultron.

They say, "well, ultron is bsed on tony's brain, so he is supposed to be funny her dur"

Yeah thats what kiled ultron. They also say that ultron had an awesome evil plan, and worst of all, that he can one shot mos superman.... These "fans" will allow disney to continue to make lackluster villains.. At this rate, Thanos will make yo momma jokes, have a fodder army, and will be one shotted by Hulk. Despite this inevitable future for Thanos, he will still be protected by the fake fans as " the greatest villain ever"

this is without mentioning the idiots who actually think batman beat the whole justice league..

Death battle: spidey vs bats

and people throwing death threats that batman took down the whole justice league... and thats why he can win against spider-man on a 1 on 1

wow these fake fans are annoying asf

Ironic,you sound like one those ignorant idiots seeing as Batman HAS taken down the JL,and I like how you cant go one thread without crying about Spider-Man being better than Batman,take a chill pill or a break from these forums,come back when you realize they are only fictional character.

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RIP,No Mans Land,maybe a loose version of Zero Year, no to Court or Under the Hood,we've already seen them animated(adaptations were superior to the source material),no need to repeat them