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The Batman v Superman TDKR fight is well thought out IMO and putting aside the fact that both Bats and Supes are "used" in the story by outside elements, key parts of Superman's character do shine through.

e.g, even mid fight, Clark cries "Bruce your heart".....proving that even in the middle of battle he never loses his concern for others.

I also love the bit at Bruce's funeral where Clark hears a heart-beat and winks to Robin...that's also in character.

They dont want to be convinced.

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How the fight should go down basically. Especially considering the current rumor is that Lex is manipulating Batman.

Yeah a fight that had no rhyme or reason,no lead up,no point,no resolution(for the 2 characters involved) is considered good in the minds of Superman fans,if this exact fight had the opposite outcome it would have been vilified worse than TDKR.

You can have it though,infact they can have 2 fights,first one goes like this,the other plays out like TDKR seems reasonable to me.

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I can understand the complaints, its not like Ra's Al Ghul runs an international evil organization that has been a huge problem for the entire Justice League or anything. And God knows all the DC heroes are totally exclusive in the villains they chase down. Not like you'd ever see Batman going up against Lex Luthor.

(If you don't know this is sarcasm you are not a true comic fan.)

A lot of people are using the vast,global organization argument but fact of the matter is that Ra's has almost exclusively interacted with Batman and Batfamily over the years,even Tower of Babel was a Batman centric story in which Ra's didn't share even have a single line of dialogue with another JL member. The Birds of Prey too is a Batman family book.

As for Batman and Lex,it's not a question of stealing the villain as it is of stealing the conflict,Batman and Lex will never have the same dynamic or conflict as Superman and Lex. Arrow has exclusively built up their titular character as a Batman wannabe,this is wannabe Batman vs Ra's.

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@shawnbaby: If by surveillance you mean reading newspapers and watching T.V,they both met each other the first night Bane stalked him and knew full well later on that Bane was gunning for him,he was simply too preoccupied with other things.

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Wow just wow,the CV battle forums just hit a new level of low,this is sad between this and the Punisher threads people REALLY want Batman to lose.

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@jayc1324 said:

@young_murloc: batman = GA?? What?m

Depends on the starting distance, if its far enough away I see GA cappin his a$$.

I can say the same for Hawkeye cappin Cap's ass.

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Wait we're using animated or comic versions? if it's animated my point still stands,if comic yeah I'll agree with the others.

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Batman wins yes.

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So much truth

I think the difference is that Batman's deck generally gets stack when he has to fight people outside of his random encounter tier. Not against people like Punisher or Deathstroke, but people like Spiderman or Superman. And when it is stacked against people like Punisher or Deathstroke a lot of people do lose their minds. In fact pretty much every Batman thread I have seen where Bats has prep people lose their minds at one point or another pulling out shit like "OMFG BATWANK" or "HERE WE GO AGAIN WITH THE BATGOD". The only thing worse than a person wanking something is a person getting butt hurt cause some people on the internet overestimate or overplay a fictional character, thus giving the butthurt individual the need and right to hate on that character and his fans blindly regardless of the situation.

Not saying that that is what you are doing, just commenting in general.

No one goes "OMFG Batwank" when Batman gets prep against someone like Spider-Man. You only get that kind of reaction when they put him up against someone like Galactus.

Look at this thread for example...even when it's pretty clear to any reasonable person that Batman is going to lose pretty badly here...there are still people trying to make the case that he wins. That it's impossible that Frank would be able to observe Batman for that long without Batman noticing. Problem with that being is that there are examples of Batman being studied without his knowledge. Bruce had basically no clue who Bane was until he showed up in his house and broke his back. Frank isn't going anywhere near that deep with his surveillance here. All he's doing is getting a basic idea of how Batman operates and laying low. He's not trying to figure out who Batman really is, where he lives, or anything like that.

Except he knew exactly who Bane was and what he was doing.

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Have people lost their minds? that sonic gun and tazer would flatten the first 5 characters in the gauntlet,it was also capable of withstanding blows from Superman,a weaker Superman yes but far stronger than Wolverine and Spider-Man could ever hope to be. People really need to cool down with the TDKR hate.