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@allstarsuperman: We went through all this,I'm sure you notice Jashro posts are near identical to mine,you're blowing Jason's abilities out of proportion.

As for full force of the plot, what would you call Jason's only good showing against Bruce in UTRH? pretty sure Jason had the full force of the plot here as well and still could not win.

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No, Batman has Catwoman as his frenemy, we could also easily have the same relationship with either Ra's or Bane. This relationship only exists so that Johns can humiliate Batman.

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So the Hit-girls neck is superhuman brigade is back

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Great article k4tz.

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@jayc1324 said:

@tenebrous_guile: its not he said she said, its what frank miller said. I'm not gonna go researching the internet to find quotes but TFKSA was entirely a social commentary, satire, a joke. 9/11 had just happened when he was writing it and then in the book and showed how america responds to tragedy and destruction and stuff like that, even in TDKR a lot of it reflects America and how it truly is. If you can't see that then you don't understand frank millers work.

Maybe,but it was still poorly written.

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@benk111 said:

talia is very attractive and has sleep with various characters over the years. however she is also rich and has lots of servants, so do you think she usually picks up some guy herself or have servants have sleep with her?

According to Judd Winick,yeah this is probably what happens.

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@sunman said:

Tomasi is pretty standard fair as Batman goes. Robin Rises was just typical Bat God that you get int eh Bat Books. I thought Tomasi was a lot stronger on Nightwing and his earlier GL stuff (pre-New 52).

Robin Rises was fine but nothing too new for anyone familiar with Batman over the last decade

Ironic for you to use the word BatGod and then claim Batman has to prove he's even in Black Panther's league.

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He writes his characters the way fans want him to write them,most of the time it works. His writing skills though are very average.

He gives most people what they want, and most people don't want things to be overly complex or challenging.

So similar.

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I made the distinction between the Superdooms' quite clear in the OP.

@entropy_aegis: I wont really call him a 'monster of the week' in this new shape, not if DC decides that Doomsday is now going to be a disease that latches onto really powerful characters, where we risk ending up with Doomed-like events every time it shows up. Imagine it latches onto Shazam the next time, then Wonder Woman gets a go and so on.

It's a rather logical step to take with a character like Doomsday thats all about evolution, since it's now copied the most successful one there is, but in the process of logic you sorta take away the initial appeal. It's a bit like how Marvel caught flack for making the Ultimate Ga-Lak-Tus a swarm of robots instead of a giant in purple Kirby Armor.

But that's what I'm saying,Doomsday has no reason to be a Supes foe,he could be fighting any other powerful hero. Superdoom works in the context of Superman stories as Lvenger pointed out.

Neither. Doomsday is a one-trick pony, but Super-Doom is basically Morrison poking fun at 90's grim-dark Superman.

Which was funny for all of thirty seconds when I read the President Superman issue, followed by me repeatedly banging my head on the desk in disbelief that Morrison actually went for such a cheap shot.

I mean seriously, a creature created and shaped by the demands of the consumer turns out to be a hyper-violent anti-hero asshole? And he thinks he's the best, and wants to get rid of all "inferior versions"?

Gee, thanks Morrison, I haven't seen an author be that condescending towards his audience since whatever crap Mark Millar wrote recently.

Parallax,Az-Bat and Cyborg Superman, it's true when you think about it.

@entropy_aegis: uh yeah he is. What is bane know for? For breaking the batman, something he's done decades ago. He hasn't done anything noteworthy to since.

He'll jus recently in one of the forever evil tie-in he got beat by batman in a muscle to muscle fight.

No,just stop please. What exactly have characters like Scarecrow,Two-Face,Riddler etc have done? sorry but you're setting unreasonable conditions. Bane stopped being a villain after the Legacy story,I dont want to get dragged in to this debate,it's not even about Bane. But seeing as I have read every comic with both Bane and Doomsday suffice to say neither character are ANYTHING alike.

He got beat because plot,seriously WTH.