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What aspects has Jason taken from Dick exactly? I'm getting really tired of this bs. Just because Jason is not some crazy lunatic anymore does not make him Dick Grayson.

Name atleast one thing Jason has of his own.

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Once again a simple writers change turns a horrible book into a good one. This just proves that there are no bad characters, only bad writers.

Shes still a terrible character. She has no place in this universe anymore without becoming something else and the new writers have done that.

Then why are you commenting here? and does genuine change + growth make you irrelevant? especially when you're dealing with a character who has been prone to major overhauls after every generation or so.

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I'll never understand the "too sexy" complaints.

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@noj: Meh, agree to disagree. I didn't notice any changes to his character. He had an appearance in RHATO and he was still the same person.

Because RHATO would totally focus on Damian's character...

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And the worst character is back. This kid should never have been cannon. We don't need Batman's genetically perfected son goddamn it.

Why do you care,you hate Batman dont you?

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I don't really see the hype. He's just another "badass" violent character, no substance, no depth. I'd rather see Duke Thomas, I want to see some color in the Bat-family.

Completely wrong,he has far more substance than most other DC characters and he is of Chinese/Arabic descent through his mothers side,there's a lot more to color than just black and white and besides we already have Batwing/Luke. Duke was just a one time,generic character/typical Robin stand in with no stand out features of his own other than his hair style.

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Batman Year One stands heads and shoulders above most other origin stories.

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I get that Frank Miller and TDKR are an influence but this just too much,Miller isn't God,he didn't make Batman,and he's not the supreme authority either.

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@mrnoital said:

@entropy_aegis: I know plenty, but a difference between new and pre-52 is that Bruce is training Damian the whole time

maybe he didn't bring him in, in a previous reality, but it really seems like it now

No,wrong again,read Batman and Robin 0.

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@teerack said:

Batman is as emotionally mature as a 8 year old. If you haven't been able to move on with your life to the point where you're not brooding all the time after losing your parents at a young age like every other adult orphan in the world you should be pitied :)

Except Batman has shown to move on many times,it's the writers that resort to that old story telling crunch cause it's easy,simple and frankly lazy. You think he was moaning about his parents in Knightfall,NML,OMAC project etc? please. Atleast read up on the character before making ignorant statements.

Your fan boy logic of focusing on a few times he's shown to have moved on(which was still in his 30s so not very impressive) ignoring the overwhelming amount of times he has shown to be emotionally stuck is kind of adorable.

I like Batman because I can accept the character for what it is, and not be denial about it.

What the hell are you talking about? are you f*cking stupid? it's a fictional character why the hell are you comparing him with real people moving on,why do we get dozens of WW2 flashbacks in Cap stories? why does every Superman story connect to Krypton one way or the other. Batman took his anger and guilt and decided to do something about it,the killer was never caught and brought to justice,the system failed him and he had resources to take matters in to his own hands there perfectly reasonable,unless you just want him to sit and pretend it never happened. I've already said it before,using his parents deaths is an easy crunch for writers when they start their stories,he's moved plenty of times,it's just the nature of the material.

Understand how story telling works in this medium,before you go posting non sense.

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@mrnoital said:


but you are right about him not dumping his new born son

instead Batman brought him into the field and he ends up dead for it

and he doesn't exactly have a long-time lover

Batman didn't bring Damian in to the field,seriously dude atleast read up on the characters.