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@redwingx: The rest of the DCU can hardly clean up their own problems, they don't have time for Gotham's criminals. And people like Spectre can kill Luthor too but I don't see you making a thread about that.

It is said that Gotham is the worst city. You would think that the rest of the world would do something. The Justice League is formed to fix problems that the hero can't do alone and a corrupted city is a big deal.

Also are you really comparing Luther to Joker? Joker is downright evil and Luthor is currently a member of the JLA.

You can easily make Joker a member of JLA too,it's up to the writer.

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Damian still,Tim has been obsolete for 10 years,Jason Todd is still struggling to find his place and failing.


Yeah Todd is a space cowboy with magic powers these days,the few good things he does have are pilfered from Dick.

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I hate all of them except for Jason Todd. Todd has a fantastic backstory, a unique fighting style, FANTASTIC story-lines, and some great development. Red Hood and the Outlaws is proving that Jason truly is one of the best characters in DC Comics (My 2nd favorite behind Poison Ivy) @daredevil21134 THANK YOU for introducing him to me! ;)

Count Down to Final Crisis is a fantastic story now? ok lol.

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You attack me personally for my reading comprehension and then claim that it was I who brought up Lobdell...yup brilliant reading skills mate,did you get a trophy for them? I'd love to know cause the irony is killing me.

It's clear that you have no idea what you are talking about,you didn't respond to my post in any meaningful manner,you dont know anything about Simonson,you disregarded the context behind the Ares/Izaya fight,yet you insist on provocation which only made you look stupid. All you are doing is putting your fingers in to your ears and claiming "NUH UH MY GUYS ARE BETTER THAN YOUR GUYS"

First of all: You engaged me. So you can keep that prize and choke on it.

If you use your Godly reading skills then you'll find that there is a reply and quote feature on this forum,in other words I can choose to reply to you any time I want,that's NOT a crime. Ofcourse if you cant handle it you can always feel free to leave anytime you want.

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Not really a fan of Daily Planet getting all the attention.

You don't like Lois, you don't like the planet, you don't like some of his powers, you have misunderstood what he stands for,you don't like half of his titles, H'EL you don't even like his hairstyle!

Exactly why do you read Superman in the first place? :P

He's not the only one,I've met considerable Superman "fans" who seem to find more things to hate about the character than love.

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We'll see,they're gonna square off in Godhead.

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The Terminus story was very bad and so was the Zombie arc that preceded DOTF. The 5 stages of grief arc was poor too for the most part but the rest has been good.

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@mastermercenary: I like your idea.

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I thought that it was confirmed Thomas Jr. (from Prime Earth,) died in the hospital not long after birth? That the one that was using that name was only doing so because The Court made him believe that was his name/birthright?i

It was revealed in the back ups that Thomas Jr. didn't die IIRC.

Actually the back ups categorically proved that Lincoln/Thomas jr whatever was NOT Bruce's brother. To tell you the truth I think Snyder panicked,COO was a lousy story without any real substance,Snyder shoehorned this character and then got cold feet at the last moment.

It's a mess right now,especially with the other Earth-3 Owlman on the loose.

I don't remember much about the back ups, the only thing I remember is that the real Thomas Wayne Jr. survived the crash.

He died and a tree was planted on the spot where he was buried or something like that,this was Alfred's side of the story,and he's a much more reliable narrator than crazy Lincoln

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Damian still,Tim has been obsolete for 10 years,Jason Todd is still struggling to find his place and failing.

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@entropy_aegis: I'm going to not go deep into this to avoid my temper being riled, besides the fact that Orion just told that woman--who is neither his friend, girlfriend or someone who is having a joking moment with--that he would tongue her down if she tried to stop him, I think Orion just proved he doesn't respect her much

He also slapped Diana's butt when they have no romantic or friendly sexual thing going where he is allowed to touch her like that.

If you haven't been picking up on Orion's sexism, you're either too dense or willfully blind. Everyone else noticed it...

Nothing else to say to You.

You're applying modern day man made concepts of morality and ethics(which aren't even constant and dont apply to considerable portions of the planet) on a group of space aliens,for all we know the women of New Genesis are no different from Orion who himself has always been at loggerheads with other heroes for a majority of his existence.