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Rises,the Bane chant kicks the crap out of everything else.

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LOL,have to admit these do sound a lot like fan fiction.

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How's the Freeze boss fight in comparison to the one city?

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Overused and overexposed yes,but I dont see how he's overrated? an example of an overrated villain is Doom.

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Nah it should be who is Superman.

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Does anyone else feel that Deathstroke screams Bane in many ways these days,not just SOB but even Arrow to a large extent channels Nolan's Bane though their Slade,same goes for the description of these new Beware the Batman episodes.

And it doesn't just stop at Slade/Bane,we have Anarky/Joker too,even Magpie/Catwoman.

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Deathstroke is showing up the next few episodes,hmm DC is really pushing the character hard but through Batman it might be a bit counter productive as SOB showed,Deathstroke should not be a Batman villain.

Synopsis for the next few episodes

“#12 Attraction”

After Batman shows her some kindness in prison, Magpie breaks free and captures Katana – burying her alive – in a jealous rage.

“#13 Fall”

With the might of the League of Assassins behind him, Ra’s Al Ghul comes to Gotham and steals the Ion Cortex for his own use. And even Batman is powerless to stop him.

“#14 Darkness”

With Batman a prisoner – and the League of Assassins now in control of Gotham – it’s up to a small band of heroes to save the city.

“#15 Reckoning”

Ra’s unleashes some of Batman’s greatest enemies from Blackgate to keep him occupied, while Ra’s turns his attentions on Katana and Alfred.

“#16. Nexus”

Six months after the attack, Gotham’s new mayor has hired District Attorney Harvey Dent, who hates Batman and wants to bring him to justice.

“#17. Monsters”

There’s a new hero in Old Gotham. Metamorpho’s back and he’s using his powers to protect the citizens of Gotham from high tech criminals.

“#18. Games”

Humpty Dumpty captures Batman, Katana, Gordon, Mayor Grange and Tobias Whale and makes them play his Murder Mystery Game.

“#19. Animal”

In order to track a thief who’s stolen a dangerous piece of code-breaking software, Batman has himself arrested and thrown into Blackgate prison.

“#20. Doppelganger”

Batman and Katana encounter a strange Man Bat creature, who is the experimental result of Pyg and Toad’s animal army of mutated humans.

“#21. Unique”

An old friend of Bruce Wayne’s comes to him for help, when her father has been cloned by a mysterious organization to create an army of super soldier manhunters.

“#22. Hero”

Desperate to rid the city of Batman, Harvey Dent allies with Anarky, who recruits a new hero to take Batman’s place… the hired killer Deathstroke.

“#23. Choices”

When Batman and Katana are ambushed in the Gotham subway by Killer Croc, it’s up to Barbara Gordon to save them. Only one problem: Barbara’s on a date.

“#24. Epitaph”

When Bruce Wayne is “assassinated” by Batman, he lets the world think he’s dead and goes in search of the imposter – the Bad Batman.

“#25. Twist”

Batman continues to work in secret to find answers, while Harvey Dent recovers in Gotham Hospital. Blaming Batman for everything, he enacts martial law in Gotham.

“#26. Alone”

When Alfred is taken hostage by Deathstroke in the Batcave, Batman must face him alone. Harvey Dent reveals his true nature as Two Face.

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@frozen: what do you mean nothing to fight their is always crime what becuase their arnt any psycos running around suddenly means he has no one to fight sorry thats bull their will always be crime or less what was the point in giving Black all his crap and faking his death awnser he was a coward that gave up

Putting the lives of others over his own desires=cowardice? interesting definition you have there.

@bezza said:

..Am I the only one who would have liked another Nolan film? They kind of set it up in TDKR for a new Robin to come along. Either way, I'm ready for another Batman film and I don't include Superman v Batman in that.

...Also, why all the hate for TDKR? I know we all haven't different tastes but I don't see why any Batman fan would think it was awful. I preferred it, personally to the much vaunted Dark Knight...

I don't hate TDKR but I do think that it wasn't all that great. The biggest problems in my eyes were plot inconsistencies, incomprehensible dialogue at times, a lot of characters were just thrown in just for fan service but really weren't needed, it was overly long and the score got really repetitive after awhile. Long story short it was really one of the few Nolan films where I thought Christopher Nolan half-assed the creative process, like his mind was on Interstellar while writing TDKR, it wasn't awful though but it should be no where near the top 50 all-time in IMDB.

Now would I have liked another Nolan film, sure maybe a shorter film, one focused on Bruce Wayne training John Blake (because good lord he needs it) and having it be like a mix between Nightwing and Batman Beyond could have been interesting and different, if Nolan's heart was in it.

Interstellar isn't due for another year,Nolan had sufficient time for it.

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What's the difference, isn't this what they do every month?