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It's not the haters fault, it's the wankers.

What wankers are you talking about? pretty sure it was a good chunk of the Batman fanbase himself that didn't want him to even hurt Darkseid, and like any other character his fans WILL USE FEATS when he gets them on the battle board,it's the haters who keep dismissing everything as PIS/WIS which leads to flame wars. For example Batman kicking Superman=PIS,Batman beating Superman with a power armor that has anti Superman weapons is not PIS no matter how much Superman fans want to believe.

@scouterv said:

Batman's not underrated. He's just usually pitted against people that he can't beat, because he does it in the comics, and when you apply logic to it, Batman can't pull it off the wins unless he's given some sort of boost, like one of his Armors.

That and most people just love to post "Speed Blitz," and be done with things.

Now, put Batman against someone in his weight class like Bronze Tiger, Green Arrow, Richard Dragon, Moon Knight, Nightwing, Red Hood, Black Bat, Girder, most of The Rogues, Katana, etc. Then you have plenty of room for debate on both sides, that Batman would probably win for a fair amount of these.

Don't put him up against Hawkman, Aquaman, Entrigan, Drax, or anyone like that in a random encounter with no prep time and argue he'll win. That is how you start flame wars.

Batman would wipe the floor with Hawkman,even Aquaman is easy pickings with some prep.

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So on hand we have people saying Batman and giving reasons,on the other we have people saying not Batman and giving reasons(some of which are outright dumb and reek of bias but whatever),Spider-Man lies forgotten,the answer is rather obvious I think.

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My answer remains the same,but Batman with prep has a higher success ratio than Iron Man with prep,tbh Tony kinda sucks at the prep department for someone that smart.

Ofcourse Batman haters will make dumb excuses like PIS,mary sue,plot bla,bla.

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This is a question better reserved for Superman fans,most of them I'm sure think DS and Superman are equals. Atleast Batman didn't deflect the OE with a rock.

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@scouterv said:

@entropy_aegis: You can't compare Batman fighting Darkseid to Superman fighting Darkseid.

Yes, Batman is a genius at everything he does and knows every martial art on the planet.

That's cool, but it doesn't compare to strength, speed, and versatility that Superman bring to the table.

Superman vs. Darkseid is a fight that could easily go either way, because Superman is a being that can conceivably hold his own against Darkseid. Batman shouldn't be in that weight class.

But he's the man at DC. It's his 75th, he makes the money, he survives 9/10 when every other hero falls. It's expected. I'm just saying, Superman vs. Darkseid can't be compared to Darkseid vs. Batman.

Yeah thanks for proving my point. Darkseid vs Superman is absolutely as much a mismatch as Batman vs Superman. When you're operating on Darkseid's level then to you Batman is a mosquito and Superman is a Scorpion,you can squish both in an instant. The Batman vs DS fight could have had more naunce and depth to it but as a Darkseid fan it left me much more satisfied than his encounters with Superman.

DS can and should easily crush Superman,if Superman can handle DS then so can Lex,Toyman etc and by extension so can Batman. Simply put both fights are mismatches,Darkseid should be a cosmic powerhouse,not Superman's punching bag.

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@jack_donaghy: The real cause of resentment is Batman doing it ALONE, if Superman was there kicking the crap out of DS then I guarantee you the reactions would have been different. Having read every encounter DS has had with Superman,I can safely say this was far more respectful than the treatment he is meted out with by Supes writers.

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I feel ACs plot is massively overrated,I also feel Rocksteady dosn't really get Batman's side characters and villains beyond the surface,still overall as games they're perfectly rated and deserve the praise they get.

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The Blast that knocked away Darkseid wasn´t powered by the Chaos Shard.

He directed the energy of the shard in to his chest port.

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At this point I'm convinced that people just see/read what they want, looking at some of the posts you'd think Batman slapped around DS in his standard gear. The fight wasn't perfect,but it was by far more respectful to Darkseid than any Superman related encounter.

Batman uber armor that was created by the JL was effortlessly trashed by Darkseid,Batman's punches had ZERO effect, the only attack that did do some damage( and by damage I mean make DS lose his balance,cause he was fine with in the very next page) was the chaos shard charged OE. A weapon that belonged to DS himself,capable of busting planets and further charged by Darkseid's own signature power and he virtually shrugged it off.

Power wise this was in line with what has been established in Worlds End and the Darkseid villains month issue,personality wise I thought even better,leagues ahead of the crap Johns gave us.

As a Darkseid fan I'm satisfied,most of the complaining seems to be from the JL characters fans who wanted their own fav character to get a piece of the pie.