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@entropy_aegis: It still doesn't make sense why a guy who can fight Superman has problems with the Joker. It's CIS and insulting to the reader. Batman at this point should be DC's Iron Man.

Also the point I am making for Bruce being human is many give him extra credit for "just being human." But he may as well not be. As you say he is an archetype and transcends flesh and blood. Maybe that's why I prefer Green Arrow to him.

Personally, I'll take the Batman from the Court of Owls or the Arkham game series over Iron-Bat.

How is it insulting when Joker himself has shown on numerous occasions that he is capable of hanging with more powerful characters? he's beaten Deathstroke(the comic was written by Deathstroke's own creator) and created a nuke,I think it's time people stop underestimating the clown.

He is still just human by comic standards.

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@entropy_aegis: no Harley has metahuman stats and has fought Cassandra Cain Nightwkng and Tim Drake at one time IIRC. Damian stands no chance

She doesn't have any meta human powers in the New-52, she was upgraded by Ivy for a brief period in the pre-52 continuity,her powers were never anything special either. I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and believe you dont remember the encounter or were never aware of the context behind it,the word "fought" is ambiguous. Batman has "fought" Superman,Captain America has "fought" Hulk. Did Harley win that fight? were they operating at full physical and mental capacity? did she have some form of external help? can she do it more than once? NOPE.

Damian destroys her.

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If Tosami wrote it he'd have Damian solo Slade and Harley at the same time

First of all this wont be written by Tomasi,the OP made an error,secondly current Damian is Superman lite so ofcourse he'd whip them both blindfolded,finally he can whip Harley any time even without powers.

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Are still using that weird definition where if you think a character might actually lose a fight now and then, that it means you "hate" the character?

What if he doesn't lose a fight,what if the others insist he lose a fight for no reason other than to lose.

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Hope Batman whips his ass,it's been long due,this isn't the early 90's any more. Batman is much more skilled and is more versatile. If his recent performances against Bane and Ra's are taken in to account he should win this comfortably. Ofcourse since it's a Deathstroke book Slade is unlikely to lose.

Deathstroke better school batman like usual.

Batman has schooled Wislon as well.

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@logy5000 said:

@entropy_aegis: I don't hate Batman. I never have hated Batman. The fans that actually read his comics and are knowledgeable on his movies don't overpraise him. It's the people that have never read or seen anything related to comics, yet rant and rave about him that makes it annoying.

Ok fair enough.

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@goonage said:

@entropy_aegis said:

@blackwind said:

Why should there be? Batman gets more than his share and because of it, its taken this long to see other characters in action.

He gets less actually,how many movies has Batman been in the last decade when compared to Wolverine or Iron Man again?

Assuming we are talking only about solo movies (No X-men or Avengers), Batman had 3, which is equal to Iron Man's 3 and one movie more than Wolverine's 2. If you stretch it further than a decade, there are also the Tim Burton movies, not to mention the loads of cartoons (The Batman, Batman Beyond, Beware the Batman) and Gotham (The one Batman related show that isn't about Batman, but he still gets shoved into) if we're talking about mainstream entertainment. If anything, he's had way more exposure than anybody.

And if we factor in the team movies as well,then Logan has X-3,and DOTF,Tony has Avengers and will star again in AOU,by the time BvS comes out there will another X-Men movie and Civil War. Batman has more staying power over the other 2,that's why he doesn't need team flicks but both Wolverine and Iron Man are the biggest things about their team movies. Stretching it more than a decade makes Wolverine and Iron Man even MORE exposed. So Batman has 7 movies in 25 years,Wolverine has 6 in 14,Iron Man has 4(5 really,AOU is close) in 7. Batman then averages a movie every 3.5 or so years while the others get one after every 1.5 years.

Cartoons do not reach wide amount of people that movies do,but there has been a fair few animations starring both characters.

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@nervmeister said:

It's "Batgod" who people have a problem with. Not a properly written Batman.

There's nothing wrong with BatGod either,all major DC characters are Gods. Superman doesn't have to bench a planet or fire lasers out of his eyes to be "super",he can easily be 10 tonner with Wolverine level senses and Spider-Man level speed and still be Superman. Batman is as much a God as Superman,WW,Hal Jordan and Barry Allen. They're all Gods of the DC super hero pantheon.

Yet everybody wants to give Bruce all the acclaim for being a human. The issue is people want it both ways. And to some the issue is why Batman can effortlessly take on Kryptonians, aliens and gods yet have trouble with clowns, drug abusers and burn victims.

And? God does not imply omnipotence even in the comics,is Loki anywhere near as powerful as Odin? Batman is an archtype,people worship him,he is more than flesh and blood,that's has nothing to do with beating Superman level characters either,it's something that's been acknowledged in regular Batman stories.

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@logy5000 said:

@entropy_aegis: A hipster is somebody who always follows the latest trends and hates everything that is mainstream. I don't actually dislike Batman, I dislike that's he's so overpraised.

The recent trend on CV has been to hate Batman precisely because others like him,and how is he overpraised?

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@logy5000 said:

@entropy_aegis: High praise can lead to something being overrated if it doesn't deserve the praise. And the bottom line is, this entire thread is a battle of opinions.

Not liking Batman as much as everybody else doesn't make me a hipster, it makes me someone who doesn't like Batman as much.

Because others like him,so a hipster.