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The younger kid who's been Robin for 5 years should move on but the older kid who was Robin for 20 years should return? I dont get this logic,besides what claim does Tim hold over the likes of Dick and Jason? more importantly if Tim is going to get by using a generic role where he is likely to be confused as Dick then it doesn't speak highly of him as a character. After all most people recognize Dick as the Robin,others just benefit from the ignorance.

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@aahz: Grayson is back to where it was,SOB has been hurt the most by the 2 months of filler issues and there are more to come,DC needs to get their act together. R/A has actually benefited from RW,WAR...WOW,someone should show this to Scot Snyder and tell him to stop pushing his pets down everyones' throats. Catwoman and Beyond went as expected.

You didn't post the numbers of some of the other books but Batman came dangerously close to slipping below 100000,it's on borderline,Poison Ivy looks like a failure to me. I know minis dont sell much but Ivy might end up in the same boat as Bat Mite around #6 which wouldn't be a problem normally but I got the impression that DC was testing the waters with Ivy for an ongoing series or something else. Harley Quinn hype is almost over now,the last issue slipped below 50000 copies.

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@notaidiotidoit said:

@goldking: I thought Current darksied fought the anti monitor who absorbs universes.

New 52 AM doesn't absorb universes, he doesn't even absorb planets, what he absorbs is life-force of people he killed. New-52 AM so far is the weakest one.

On-topic: Pre-Crisis DS.

Based on what? you just made this up.This version is the same as the original version,the DS War prologue made it clear,so yes he can absorb universes. Whether he's done it or not in Darkseid War is a different question entirely.

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There aint no big 2 anymore and Star Wars is a reality,cant just separate it from Marvel.

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I hope and pray it will blow my mind but I have this feeling that BvS will be underwhelming on every single front.

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@theamazingspidey: Are these U.S based critics? if so this is good news for Deadpool. Not a fan of Wade but good for him and his fans.

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Want a pat in the back Zack?

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Returns is the only logical choice.

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After Morrison's B&R, New 52 Nightwing and Grayson.

The only thing I learned is that Nightwing as a title is outdated. So I hope they at least put a twist on it.

The people who want Nightwing back just want to read about a more likeable and inferior Batman who doesn't have the BatGod and Joker baggage to deal with it. They're just substituting their desire for different type of Batman stories with Nightwing. Every single issue of Nightwing was either a tie inn to some Snyder story or a second rate Batman story.

Grayson is the best thing to happen to that character.

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@entropy_aegis: So I watched Bad Blood, and while I thought it was the best of the three, still found it to be quite irksome.

1. All villains died.

2. Heretic served little purpose.

3. Plot seemed like that were trying to throw as many things in it as possible; so I guess messy.

4. Characters, both villains and heroes, seem kinda under developed.

Just some problems I had from it. What do you think?

I had the exact same problems. It all boils down to how much you think they improved/entertained compared to the previous two films so it's only a matter of magnitude and severity of the problems from one's perspective.

I think they did Dick and Kate justice,delivered unexpected twists,toned down the violence and utilized villains that are unlikely to pop up again and did them good.

I do hope that Talia survived,her death was the most open ended. We can discuss this further in the Batman forums,there's a Bad Blood thread there.