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@entropy_aegis: We wouldn't bitch if the Batdeciples didn't keep bringing it up and preaching it like the bible as the end all be all to any debate. Kind of like that troll chu guy.

@erik said:

I don't know how many readers will pick this up since ^^this^^ is what happened to the majority of Bat-fans last time

Same thing happened when they read Kevin Smith's Batbook.

So you admit Superman fans dont like TDKR simply due to that one fight scene?

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@entropy_aegis: Lex's intellect = Superman's strength. The stronger the Superman, the smarter the Lex. And Superman is pretty damn strong.

Also, beings like Brainiac often refer to him as the smartest mind on the planet. Superman often calls him the smartest man on the planet and wishes he could use his intellect to do good instead of evil--he's never told Batman that and Superman is often used to prop up Batman--and, like Michael's self proclamation, Lex often calls himself the smartest man alive.

Batman isn't top 3, I though Oracle was smarter than him? How would that work if Luthor is number 1, and Michael is number 3? And Michael is number 3, DC had a chance to retcon him classifying himself as the number 3 with the N52, but he kept it .

Brilliant,I guess that means JLA villains like Ivo and Morrow make Luthor look like a school boy,cause stronger the JLA the smarter they become. Regardless,I dont dispute Luthor's ability but DC has never outright ranked him,vague statements or hyberbole do not constitute actual ranking . Oracle doesn't exist anymore and even when she did she wasn't smarter,not even close. Terrific will always be number 3,he could do things that far surpass even Luthor,or fall even below guys like Bizarro the number 3 moniker will never leave him cause it's just a gimmick.

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@outside_85: Top 3? When did DC give Batman the number 2 spot? I know Lex is one and Mr. Terrific is 3, but never knew Batman got number 2.

Hal's still mad at Batman for the ring steal. Plus, Hal is a douche. We all know that.

You're in the minority for Tomasi, I've heard Batman fanboys say he should write JL.

When did DC give Luthor the number 1 spot? if we're going by feats then Terrific would struggle to make it to the top 10.

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@muyjingo said:

Absolutely not. I'd bet my small fortune on it.

I elaborated on this more in another post, but there is nothing in Zero Year that defines the evolution of Bruce into Batman. The Zero Year stores could simple be some early adventures in LofDK. There is nothing particularly memorable about it.

For me, Year One has the moments of Bruce being inspired (which ZY tried to update and failed), confronting Falcone, showing the city from the perspective of Gordon, Batman escaping the SWAT...a bunch of amazing moments. Really, what comes to mind when you think of Zero Year, now that it's over?

What moments truly make you go wow, and that you are going to be remembering a decade from now? I can't think of a single one. That, to me, is why it won't be a classic. It's simply not that good.


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Riddler is another reason for me to not care for this book,I've already had my fix in Zero Year.

Why the f**k does it matter if he's not an expert. It's a non-canon story.

When has that stopped Superman fans from bitching about TDKR?

@frozen said:

Johns will never pass a chance to make Batman laughably pathetic.


Notice how all those who dislike Batman or are indifferent are out in full force in support,and they wonder why Batman fans hate it.

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Wasn't a fan of either...I'd actually put them both at bottom of the DC animated movie list

This and I'd add SOB to it as well.

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@hollow_point said:

@superguy1591: I cant help but agree with you. Batfans dont like johns version of batman because he isnt anything like his silver age counterpart like earlier in the n52

Nice deduction Sherlock,mind telling us how you arrived at it.