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Looking forward to Suicide Squad,Tieri has always been good with villains.

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@lvenger said:

It would be a real blow to the Bat spit lovers of that Superman fight if the events of Endgame were just a Scarecrow induced hallucination. But Joker being the devil and having a healing factor and knowing who Batman is seems too ridiculous to believe if I'm honest.

I dont think so,the Bat spit only became a meme because Superman fans were complaining about the fight day in and day out and making Batman hate threads. No one really believes Superman can be beaten by K-nite gum.

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@entropy_aegis: eh like i said in the animated series joker was a 4 episode per season villain who always get beat, even penguin too,they will have more enmity with the bat because he is the main guy for street heroes in d.c, almost or all d,c street villain will encounter him, and he will have more villains to his name, about superman fans complaining joker finding out his identity we all know that joker is an intelligent psychopath, him finding out his identity would not bother, and MAY not bother most fans though it may cause a ruckus, but joker is not someone who uses secret identity of a hero or cares about it so there should be no annoyance IMO.

Batman was b!tching darkseid is the brave and the bold animated series, he even b!tched kanjaro and lex luthor, and even many other big villains, in the animated series(btbatb).

The similarities you say is there is gonna be there due to the rep batman have, clark faced lex multiple times in smallville when lex turned bad and people enjoyed it.

Though am waiting for the real count vertigo to show.

Cartoons dont follow the structure of actual shows, the comparison is moot. Joker doesn't use the ID of Batman(which is about to change),he'll have no problem whatsoever with using it against Superman.

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Silent Bomber trying to downplay Nolan as usual,the dead dialect thing was an excuse to cover the creators mistake,you cant just use a real language to get your point across and then claim to making up your fictional dialect when it turns out a mistake was made. It's Raas folks,unless you think he's the feather of the demon.

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@gizmorino said:

@saren: anytime batman never do a thing or doesn't solve a problem.

Like about 3 threads popped out when luthor found his identity, and there are others, whenever he is idle threads pop out that the writier is b!tching him, when he does things or like the most active leaguer.

Lol at superman fans and wondie fans creating threads about batman b!tching them, it's almost like a normal thing for him to be doing, their complain is not even up to the batman fans complain when he is idle in the league, or another character stands up to him, when cyborg stood up to him the time the watch tower destroyed the fans were like he will end cyborg, they were like so cyborg is now that popular or badass to stand up to batman.

Batman fans have every right to complain about a Superman villain discovering his identity,maybe Lex should figure out the secret id of his own arch nemesis first. How do you think Superman fans would feel if Joker discovered Clark's double life and started making him look like a fool? they were pissed off at Endgame as it is and that was just one issue.

@gizmorino said:

@entropy_aegis: People continue creaming bathood, green bats for a reason that is not worth it, like many other characters don't have similarities to him.

The show using characters from batman is just....... The characters exist in the same universe, deathstroke is a teen titans villain, deadshot is a suicide squad member.

Amazo appeared in a batman animated movie, lex is talked about, and again which d.c villain is not associated with batman or superman? Deathstroke appeared in smallville, deadshot appeared in smallville.

Am not denying it has similarities, but it is not similar to the extent of calling it a batman show

This show took 3 characters who were the best GA villains and exceptionally badass in their own right only to turn them in to fodder villain of the week. I am ofcourse talking about Constantine Drakon,Simon Lacroix and Count Vertigo. Imagine there was a Batman show out there which turned Bane,Joker,Two-Face etc in to villains of the week but used Darkseid,Vandal Savage and Lex Luthor as the primary antagonists. I would love to hear what these Arrow apologists would say to that,see I can dig up comics where Batman faced all these men,heck Batman's rivalry/animosity with every single one of them is much more fleshed out than Oliver's enmity with Ra's(non existent) and Deathstroke( has as much depth as a cardboard). So I guess from now on we can consider Darkseid,Lex and Vandal Batman villains.

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Bat-God is just a satire of any form of fanatical support on the internet to a person, group, object, fictional character, or ideology. When I throw around the word "Bat-God" I don’t really think he can beat Living Tribunal or Galactus, just that one way another the thread's topic will incite a heated discussion.

TLDR - it's rustle mah jimmies with utility belt.

Not any more though not really,Batgod does not necessarily imply Batman beating Godlike characters,it's just a new twist and new perspective of looking at Batman and his relationship with the Joker. Similarly The Return of Bruce Wayne also made him a God,rather literally,again no planet busting or JLA ass kicking.

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@entropy_aegis: These characters are cool but they are not popular. Ask any person on the street and the only one that might get recognised is Hex because of the movie but it's not like he can be used in Arrow. Cheshire is related to Batman, so is Scandal because you would have to explain who her father is for the character to even work.

@tdk_1997 said:

The show is literally supposed to be a Batman TV show but somehow it got the name 'Arrow', which is very strange. Every single thing is pointing out and shouting "Batman!!!" but it is supposed to be around Green Arrow and his mythos. Seems really strange.

Have you ever read Green Arrow: Year One or Longbow Hunters?

How is Cheshire related to Batman? or even Scandal for that matter.

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@dan12456 said:
@entropy_aegis said:

You do realize Merlyn was actually introduced to assassinate Batman right? half of his appearances have been in Batman books,yes he's a GA villain but the LOA roots all go and tie back to Batman,every single time he shows up with the League he's in a Batman book.

Why would GA fans complain? they realize this show's success has a lot to do with it's Batmanization. Fans get the chance to see their favourite DC characters,they have no incentive to complain.

Who cares that Merlyn's initial connection to the LOA came from Batman, doesn't change the fact that he is now (and has been for a long time) a Green Arrow villain who has these connections. Just because Merlyn's entire character hasn't been defined in Green Arrow comics doesn't mean the show should ignore the parts that weren't defined in GA.

Also if the show wasn't true to GA, his fans would have the most reason to complain, as it wouldn't be the character they love on tv anymore. Look at all the major movie flops, Green Lantern, Daredevil, Catwoman. The people complaining about those movies were fans of those characters who were angry because the movies butchered the character they liked. No one cared that technically their character was in the spotlight because in reality it wasn't their character anymore. But (for the most part) that hasn't happened with Arrow because GA fans are happy with the portrayal.

Also people need to stop acting like Nolan reinvented the wheel. The tone of the Batman movies is a tone which has existed as long as movies and comics have existed...

Merlyn has showed up in as many Batman books as he has GA,strange for a GA villain dont you think?

You're comparing a TV show with movies,you have also incorrectly implied that serious fans have any significant impact on the success of a product,if that were true the first Batman movie would have been butchered at the box office.

Nolan DID reinvent the wheel,that's not me saying it,it's just what all respected directors and actors think.

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@entropy_aegis: What characters would that be?

Seriously you dont think DC has street level characters who have nothing to do with Batman? Jonah Hex, Unknown Soldier, Scandal Savage, Richard Dragon, Cheshire, do I need go on?