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Not sure about Zero Year but IMO Court of Owls will be a classic. I honestly enjoyed reading it more than Hush.

Hush isn't a classic.

It is,I think it's rather mediocre but you cant deny it's popularity. Snyder's work is no different in my eyes.

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Black Panther is a lot easier said than done.

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Missed opportunity DC -_-

Um no,unless you want AMAZO to be a boat,they made the right call.

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Hellbat here we come.

Great issue.

Gleason is such a great visual storyteller.

And am I the only one who wants to see these guys tackle the main Justice League book after Johns?

Yeah I hope they replace Johns ASAP.

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I don't think any of it will be on the level of Killing Joke, Year One, The Dark Knight Returns or Morrisons run but I do think it'll be remembered with the same level of fondness as Knightfall. It's been good and not great IMO.

Nah,Knightfall's impact in post crisis DCU was rivaled if not exceeded only by Batman R.I.P. I expect Snyder's work to be remembered the same way as Hush.

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THIS LOOKS AWESOME. Unlike the Superman Earth Ones, Batmans was actually very enjoyable.

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Yes, I been waiting for this for soooooooooooo long. The first volume was incredible.


Yup. I hate how people hate this Batman just because he isn't BatGOD.

No,we hate it cause it sucks.

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Now on to the biggest,most epic,muscular Batman story ever told...LAWLZ

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By reading Batman and Robin # 33 and laughing at Batman backhanding Captain Cold.

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issue 33 was great.

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Tomasi is writing a comic book the way it should be written. With action, wow, and plot that keeps us engaged and buying. There is a reason that this is still going strong with two(three) weekly titles running, and Multiversity by Grant Morrison around the corner, while Justice League needs to put a gun to the head of a beloved character and indicate a willingness to pull the trigger. Johns needed the high staff of DC to imply that Grayson was going to die for his big Forever Evil arc to sell. Now, he has to humiliate Batman for another year and wonder why he is in second place? If Tomasi plays the next six months right, then his title could be in a better position than Justice League. JLU could overtake JL main if it gets some press love as well.

Agreed if Tomasi plays his cards correctly this Robin Rises arc could well be considered a classic Batman tale and with Damian's potential return it's stock is gonna increase considerably as well,it's head and shoulders above Johns mediocre JL that's for sure.

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@redwingx: The rest of the DCU can hardly clean up their own problems, they don't have time for Gotham's criminals. And people like Spectre can kill Luthor too but I don't see you making a thread about that.

It is said that Gotham is the worst city. You would think that the rest of the world would do something. The Justice League is formed to fix problems that the hero can't do alone and a corrupted city is a big deal.

Also are you really comparing Luther to Joker? Joker is downright evil and Luthor is currently a member of the JLA.

You can easily make Joker a member of JLA too,it's up to the writer.