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WW fans just made another record in trolling.

Oh please, don't even try to compare WW's fans bad stuff to Batman's bad stuff. There are so many irrational Batman fanboys that it isn't even possible to count. There are people who legitimately thinks that Batman can beat Wonder Woman with his bare physical shape and equipment, and don't even get me started on Batman fanboys believing that Batman can take out Superman.

If you honestly think that Wonder Woman fans are comparable to Batman fans when it comes to complaining, whining, being fanboys and trolls, then you're out in the wild.


Batman also has more fans and popularity that's also a fact.

I just saw one of your posts, and you're a perfect example of how some Batfans can't take others' opinions. Batman got more fans and he's more popular, I won't argue with that, but Batman also got some of the most retarded fanboys ever. Like, DBZ level of fanboys.

Yeah I will compare,you know why? because WW fanbase actually kicked Greg Rucka and Gail Simone out of the WW forums on CBR,that's makes them way worse than any fanbase. Either way I'm not pretending that Batman's fanbase comprises of saints, but his fans being the way they are is expected,what exactly makes WW so special that her fans run around with a sense of entitlement? she's a token character,the ultimate token character and that's what her fans need to accept fast,if she was Wonder Man then she would have been another C-list member of the JSA instead of being a member of the Trinity. You WW fans complain and cry about every thing, from creators,to other characters popularity,to their having tv shows,games,to them winning fights, every other thread on this forum is negative,this whole forum is a cesspool of negativity.

Every fanbase has some of the most retarded people ever,the one who's more popular is bound to have more, and how about you argue about the content at hand instead of attacking me personally, and direct me towards this post.

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I prefer a young Spidey and Batman has always had been in his late 30s/early 40s in my head canon,these ages suit both characters well though I guess it might get tedious after a while.

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WW fans should stop worrying about Batman and start worrying about Deathstroke kicking her ass to the curb in the next few months.

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Batman fans attack Wonder Woman = acceptable and entertaining

Wonder Woman fans counterattack = bitter and can't be taken serious

Not even colse. If you haven't noticed on comic vine Batman or his fans (that people group in with all the trolls) doesn't get away with darn near anything, let alone trolling Wonder Woman or her fans. Which Batman fans don't really do, unless they have something against WW.

And there is a difference between a fan and a troll.

Batman fans know better than to go on the battles forum and try that crap. Are you blind? There have has been users here trolling her for the past month.

You're right but what percentage of Batman's fanbase are actual fans and not biased stans?

Well the battle forum stuff is a different story (but this isn't about a battle forum).

Yes I have seen the "Batfans" go into Wondy's thread and troll, but like I said in my previous post Batman fans don't do that unless they got something against her, which by the looks on comic vine isn't many. Its the same old "Battrolls" trolling WW.

There are tons of Batman fans on comic vine and other places. It is just the Trolls stand out the most and then people start grouping them in with the fans of Batman.

Because they are scared of Spiderman fans (who can give them a run for their money when it comes to trolling).

Funny because it seems like a new troll pops up every blue moon which is starting to become a pattern.

Hints why many fanbases don't respect Batman.

Yeah because the WW fanbase is more respected,please. Batman fans are disliked because they believe he can beat anyone with prep,WW are disliked because there's nothing to like about them,this character's fanbase has no redeeming quality,always crying,always whining,always complaining,always trying to pull other characters and even creators down.

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Batman fans attack Wonder Woman = acceptable and entertaining

Wonder Woman fans counterattack = bitter and can't be taken serious

Hahaha well, I kinda agree with this. :p

I dont see a WW related thread on the Batman forums,In fact in more than 5 years since I've been here I've never seen anyone create a thread just to encourage people to troll another characters fans, WW fans just made another record in trolling.

Batman's highest selling movie got outsold by Avengers. Maybe DC should reconsider investing more in to Wonder Woman after that backfire.

TDK adjusted for inflation>TA,TDKR adjusted for 3-D is damn close to the TA,and TDKR had many factors going against it(Aurora shooting, side by side release with TASM in China etc),if it weren't for those even TDKR> TA. But lets assume what you said is true,so what? WW wont even make a 10th of what Avengers made.

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COIE AM was amped,plz people dont pretend as if those were his normal powerful levels,this AM is also somewhat above his normal self as he has absorbed atleast 1 universe.

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Bane,please dont sully a wonderful villain by comparing him with loltron.

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Uh it's edited by the same guy who edits Grayson,and it even says "spinning out of Grayson", as far as Grayson is concerned Midnighter should be thankful.

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Even the infidel Johns has become a true believer... I hope,cant wait to see this Batman display time travel and omniscience. But seriously, I dont see what the big issue is? most likely he'll have all knowledge in the universe for a brief period. Morrison did this already in Return of Bruce Wayne,Batman is still Batman today despite that and knowing Johns he'll use this opportunity to knock Batman down a peg.

I also dont recall anyone complaining when Doom and Thanos find magical hearts and gloves that allow them to enslave the universe,how exactly is this any different?

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Darkseid was depoweredin the new 52 Darkseid because he is just a fragment of the real Darkseid (Final Crisis)... I think that goes the same with the AntiMonitor.

I doubt any darksied can even hold a candle with the COIE Anti Monitor, Anti Monitor was basically after Lucifer and Michael after taking down spectre

Darksied isnt even close to the spectre no matter how much amp he gets

COIE AM was amped,those were not his normal power levels,and besides it was still Darkseid who destroyed him in that story,not to mention FC Darkseid>COIE AM.

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Batman is not a coward for not killing. He doesn't kill because it would lower him to their level. He would be considered a criminal for one swift action. However Jason did point out he doesn't do much quite a few times. Batman: Under The Red Hood is a good example of this. Here Batman explains why he doesn't kill.

here are two links to watch it for free:



He is already considered a criminal and crazy. He is already at their level by some.

Batman doesn't have to do anything,he doesn't work for the public nor has he been sanctioned by the state, it's HIS crusade so he'll follow HIS rules and perimeters, Gotham should be thanful for anything he does.