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You know how some people complain that Damian is a Marty-Stu?

If this and Son of Batman were their only exposures to the character, they'd actually have a point.

That being said, I'm getting used to the actor voicing Batman. I actually kind of like his slightly softer intonation.

Although my ideal version is Roger Craig Smith or that guy from Beware The Batman.

Eh Bruce even said Damian was NOT a 10 year old,he just looks like one. SOB Damian was definitely a Marty Stu,this one was nowhere close to being one. If he was then he'd have punked Talon and the Court by himself and told Batman he was jjust messing with him to get inside the Court.

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I finished seeing it at Wondercon just now. I loved it just like I did the first one. It was so awesome. Damian was damn powerful in this movie

Well I hated Son of Batman,JL War and Throne of Atlantis and I was the first to informally review SOB,I think I gave it 3/10. But this movie was so much superior than all 3 put together that it's not even funny.


A badass villain,Talon was awesome,he was a good character, had a good story, he was deadly and all around done exceptionally well. He was the true highlight of this movie,and I actually dont care for any Talon from the comics at all.

Like UTRH this movie actually improved the source material,the idiotic twist with Lincoln was avoided, the motivations of the Court,their actions,back story,inclusion in to Batman's world etc was done far more organically than in the original story line, they meshed Court of Owls incredibly well with Born to Kill and even managed to introduce some of Morrison's beats,it could have been a disaster but they succeeded.

Fantastic fight sequences, the combat was choreographed incredibly well, the fights were believable, pleasing to watch and had you on the edge of your seat.

The story and characterization were pretty good overall. It focused exclusively on Batman and Robin's father/son dynamic,Damian's need for acceptance, his struggle against his own nature etc. In short it did what SOB should've done.

Voice acting was much better,still not quite there yet but seemed organic this time around.


They should've shown Bruce's escape from the Courts clutches.


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@entropy_aegis: so basically she can never lose, cause you don't want her to? Pathetic....

So basically you want her to lose because it makes your boy look good? pathetic... and it wouldn't even be true as lxlgiftedlxl pointed out there's nothing special about beating a character who's been on a losing streak for a while.

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@entropy_aegis: I have read some Shiva stuff too. And she really isn't that God you want her to be. She stalemated Batman in the eightys, and he wasn't even using gear. Big whoop. She's later beaten by Batman decisively, beaten by Cain decisively, and even has a crappy showing versus Huntress. New 52 Shiva doesn't have these lowshowings, so when Jason, who is way better then you like to admit, cause you're a biased hater, beat her, it makes him impressive, not her less.

And you're an ignorant fool, who Shiva has lost to or not is not my concern, my concern is her character and what she represents. You dont know a thing about her character,you saw some scans on these forums. I'll break it down for for you,Shiva and her fighting skills are one and the same,fighting is her CHARACTER,her skills are not merely tools to use when required.

The only ones who can beat are those who are precisely like her, that's where Cassandra Cain comes in,she and Shiva had many fights which went back and forth,Shiva even killed Cass in one of those fights, Cass only won decisively because Shiva kept giving her more and more chances.

She lost to Saar,an immortal martial artists with psionic powers on the same level as Martian Manhunter, Huntress accomplished nothing,she got her ass beat,you'd know if you'd actually read the comic.

She lost to Batman in a Jeph Loeb comic,that alone invalidates everything.

Shiva's sole purpose in life is to FIND someone capable of beating her,only New-52 Nightwing has gotten her right till now. If Jason beats Shiva then Shiva no longer has even reason to exist.

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How come the Justice league managed to send darkseid away and heroes of earth 2 can't do the same and they have Sloan and mr miracle on their side + Darkseid is supposed to be weaker now because the whole reason for the invasion is to feed apokalips.

I just hope someone just kills him off he doesnt even have the power set to pretend to be some universal villain

Darkseid is a team buster and key point,they just sent him back.He's moving on to the universal power level,but he doesn't have to pointlessly blow up a galaxy for no reason. After World End concludes next week we've got Darkseid War. Expect more uberness from DS throughout the year.

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The OP cant even spell Damian's name and has the nerve to call him a mary sue. As usual the term ends up getting misused because character A is better than character B

@entropy_aegis: Rose beat Shiva? Well I guess that makes Jason even better considering he beat Rose.

And idk wtf your talking about, I like Tynions run.

Beating a character who loses to every one makes Jason special now? here's a little fact for you Shiva is supposed to be the best of the best,SHE CANNOT BE BEATEN, her entire purpose as a character goes down the drain the moment someone bests her in a fight. You dont even know a thing about the character,the only thing that concerns you is her rep which you are using to push your boy Todd.

@vitalius said:


Characther that most writer wrote as being too perfect and they can do almost everything with their mean and they often lack some personality.


Mary Sue or Gary Stu (Male Version which is the case of Damien) is poorly developed character, too perfect and lacking in realism to be interesting.

Go read an actual comic with Damian in it.

Batman's perfection stems from his obsession which in turn forces him to ignore his own limitations and that has often led to his downfall. Even the last issue of Batman Eternal made it a point to show this,you dont know what a gary stu is, most people dont. You just saw a character who's really good or wins most fights so you went "mary sue".

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@anjales: @dernman: @entropy_aegis:

Personally, i don't like this idea of Clue Master having all of the work and all of the planning, and Lincoln March just happen to be the guy that gets to try to finish off Batman...that makes both Clue Master and Owlman, look bad, in my opinion.

I have no problem with even Signal man being the villain,what grinds my gears is that many issues of Eternal were worhtless,they could've been spent doing something meaningful but each issue felt like it was aching to get to 50 but couldn't for obvious reasons.

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@entropy_aegis: Yes cause Damian totally has skill feats on the level as one shotting Shiva.......not

Hahahaha,I cant believe you can type that and even think someone will you seriously,I've read every Shiva comic,Jason is an ant compared to the real Shiva,she would wipe the floor with 4 Jason's simultaneously. New-52 Shiva after her Nightwing stint has been getting her ass handed,even Rose Wilson beat her and besides you Jason fans complain about Tynions work all the time,so why is it that you have no problem using those feats?

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Eternal is just non sense at this point.

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@comicstooge: which required prep, surprise attack, Jason being tired, and that Jason holds back.

Not that impressive. Even a still.holding back Jason stomps a pissed off Damian in a fair fight.

Surprise attack is the only part where you're completely true, the prep was insignificant,so was Jason's willingness, and he was as tired as an average superhero after a day's work,that's not an excuse.

Damian beat him fair and square,Jason's only advantage is his size which is due to age, if they were both in the same body Damian would kick him to the curb.

@vitalius said:

He and his father (if he stil is after convegence) are mary sues.

You probably dont even know what a mary sue is.