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@huize: "Cyborg where he belongs."

Let me guess. New 52 hater? He's a member of the Justice League now. Get over it.

Or maybe he likes Cyborg and is a huge Titan fan,you know it was the Titans that made Cyborg relevant. Cyborg in JL is fail of epic proportions,Johns doesn't know how the JL works period, Cyborg will always be associated with the Titans and that's not a bad thing.

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Harley,hate them both.

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COO 6/10

DOTF 4/10

ZY 7/10.

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This would struggle to get 3/5 from me,apparently it's become fashionable to have Bane job to the Batfamily women to show off their badassery. Moving past that I couldn't connect with Barbara on any level,why does she want to be Bane? why did she choose HIM of all people? and reading Bane call Babs daughter made me cringe,the twist in the end was completely stupid. I loved the Bane/Scandal relationship but Simone really has become a one trick pony. Azz did the same thing 100 times better in Wonder Woman #0. Some fan service cameos aren't gonna elevate this comic in my eyes.

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No,no and NO. It's only been a year and 7 months,keep him away for atleast 3 more years,story wise he's only been gone for one long arc and another short one,the former took place in the past. He's coming back isn't he G-Man? did Snyder share something ? the timing is hardly coincidental.

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Conroy is overrated, giving Batman 2 distinct voices was his greatest contribution and both of them were admittedly great but he stopped after the Adventures of Batman and Robin, since then he's been using the same bland,monotonic voice.

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Azrael is not a to 7-8 tonner,he's not stronger than bane and he's a 2-3 tonner.plus slade is enchanced human he's just a little above batman.The team dies,spiderman beat wolverine how many times now in comics about 4-5 times now.Ctfu haters who don't know nothing about spiderman,the team alone will have great difficulty against the sinister six, they're are not taking down web head, spidy's at his best fighting multiple opponents.

Yes he is,and so is current Bane.

@serrure said:

@bat_girl_cc: Spider Man is a 25 tonner, who is 3x faster than Slade on a bad day. he does one shot, thanks for clarifying. lol

yeah Deathstroke is 100% totally faster than him and he has a pre cog sense that alerts him to danger. OH! if only spider man had that and not deathstroke. oh wait


this thread was locked because Spider Man would stomp Slade 10/10 on a regular basis w/ a cold and one arm tied behind his back.

so plz do some research before you make comments like this.

Prove he's 3x faster than pre-52 Slade.

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Catwoman cant even hold up as a comic book and it already failed as a movie. There is no redemption.

Catwoman's first ongoing lasted 90 issues,the second one lasted 80+ and was relaunched only months after the first,it also won awards. Her current solo has been consistently crap since it's inception and has still managed to last 33 issues for now,and should make it to 40. She was also part of last years JLA which sold well but Johns lost interest.

I'm not even counting Gotham City Sirens,you're wrong on her being unable to hold a comic. Batman Returns and The Dark Knight Rises would also disagree with you on the movie front.

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No,there are many reasons but I dont want another Catwoman for a while,lets give other characters a chance.

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I'm pretty sure that picture is volthoom (first power ring slinger)

@lvenger said:

I don't know, I thought the child was Superwoman and Alexander Luthor's offspring, not Darkseid's missing daughter.

I'm talking about the long haired,red eyed,grey skinned individual.