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@feelgood said:

Wonder Woman's rogues never get treated properly. Same thing with Superman, besides Lex and Zod.

The fact that they're just tossing these villains randomly into a Batman story, and introducing them to many people as much weaker than they really are or should be is a pure disgrace and shame.

And it's Batman's fault? take a good look at Flash's Rogues gallery,maybe WWs rogues dont get treated properly cause they suck.

Jason Todd should replace Bruce as Batman.

Todd should replace himself in his coffin.

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@justthatkid said:

Personally didn't like how Batman was so stunned seeing horrific stuff he's Batman Id assume he's seen such stuff. His physicals seemed so weak for a vampire as well.

I agree with you completely.

Not only is he suppose to be like batman but he is a vampire. Seeing dead bodys cut up like that shouldnt have even made him blink. Yes his strength was low aswell for a vampire lie you said. He hit harley multiple times and she wasnt ko'd or seriously injured at all. Although he sent her flying across a room she still seemed able to recover easily despite her being a human. his suit is kinda ugly too but i like the twist at the end.

It's Langstorm,Man-Bat has never been special imo.

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@agent41 said:

@entropy_aegis: Although this is not my cup of tea i don't know why you would bother to talk about it. Like if you would ever say anything good about something related to WW.

It's partially WW related,it's New Gods related and Bruce Timm related as well and I'm a fan of both,think before you post. I didn't call it bad or anything,you WW fans need to chill out and stop being so insecure.

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The Superman short was amazing,Batman was decent,this was just passable.

the REAL Cobra would've made a giant robot SNAKE!

...still, loved it

Kobra was created before Cobra (by Kirby as well),they are as real as you can get.

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@kramotz said:

@entropy_aegis: Yes, it was.

By the way, I made this thread as a query to see who was prepared to see Batman lose in BvS. I'm not trying to reassure myself or anyone else because I already can see the outcome of this movie clearly.

Good for you,I'd love to have those fortune telling powers.

@dbvse7 said:

@entropy_aegis: @theocitylegend:

To Legend: The problem with everything you just said.. this is a different universe that Snyder is making. He wants realism in this Frank Miller remake.. so a being like Superman would logically win in this situation.

To Aegis: If you know what Supermans weakness is, and you have resources to get what you need to not die.. then yes it's pretty easy. I don't want Batman to win in a remake that's made to be more realistic because it makes more sense for him not to win.

So on one hand you acknowledge it's pretty reasonable and logical for him to win but on the other hand you dont want him to win,it's pretty clear where you are coming from. You think Batman can win but you dont want him to win.

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@kramotz said:

@entropy_aegis: You know what's played out, boring, illogical and not even remotely realistic? Batman w/ a toy suit and some Kryptonite defeating a man who can casually fly around the world at super speed, has super strength, and can bull rush and defeat Kryptonians. But I guess Batman fanboys don't mind uninspired movies as long as their BatGod is the victor, one way or another. :/

Yeah because MOS was such an inspired movie...

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@username12345: Yeah,they're trying to reassure themselves more than us,if Superman winning is so logical and factual then why even bother making this thread?

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@kramotz said:

@entropy_aegis: Are you dense? Like, really? How many times are you going to take things out of context in a day? It doesn't help your argument or at all give it any form of validity. You're just hurting yourself, kid.

@username12345: Ah, throwing out low-level insults now, eh? It would be dishonorable because, in a realistic world, Batman wouldn't just die fighting Superman. He would get curbstomp into Earth's core; dishonored.

And no, I'm not a Batman hater. As I said earlier, Batman is one of my favorite comic book characters. You Batman man-children are the only ones getting defensive and riled up at the prospect of your BatGod losing to Superman for a change.

Batman has lost to Superman more than Superman has lost to Batman,it's the Superman fanbase that cries all the time,they think Batman even touching Supes is some sort of sacrilege. I can think of 6 encounters where Batman lost outright,only 2 in which he won,and 2 in which he put up a fight but lost anyway. Check the stats kiddo.

This Superman has not faced Luthor,or anyone wearing power suits with weapons that are powered by his weaknesses,you can come back when he does.

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@theocitylegend: Blah blah blah, none of that matters, now does it? Because Synder's going for a realistic and logical movie, not a comic book.

I just love how logical and realistic,2 words that Superman's fan base considers poison have suddenly come to the rescue. You know what's logical? Superman losing to K-nite,Batman with K-nite>Superman.