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@galacticfork: Very true still not happy about the dollar price jump but if Marvel has there way all comics will be 6 bucks soon enough.

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@feartheliving: The issue with Spencer's Ant-man is that it has thrown away everything Scott grew from, What made him such a special character swept away to be a lovable loser who is now essentially Boomerang in many ways. Part of me feels that Spencer is just writing more Foes instead of Scott Lang.

My issues stem from all the character development that was lost in favor for something that has very little depth. Cassie seems deaged and if she has never done anything but be a high school girl. Also it was a weird way to start the book with it's best story it could of tell ( Cassie coming back) already being told in one issue that was horribly lazy.

The point I'm trying to make is Howard is a great book that does not need these crossovers of other books. His book is zany enough with some fun moments and the occasional heartfelt one, but now Marvel seems to want to launch flavor of the months in it or sweep it into crossovers with other books simply because they are the comedy titles.

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@feartheliving: I was talking about Howard when I said zany it has a good balance of humor and story and I do not want it to be forced to be the zany book with flavor of the months like Gwen Pool hijacking it.

As for Spencer's Ant-Man that book is very tedious in how it treated readers as idiots with the fact there was no canon that was put into that book. Cassie, has never made reference to being a young avenger, Darla is missing on to show up as an EX in the new relaunch. There is no show or tell things just happen and we are supposed to be fine not seeing them.

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@feartheliving: Please no, Spencer's nothing came before I started writing the series Ant-Man book is really tedious.

I hope Marvel leaves this book alone and does not force it to be the ultra zany gimmick book like its becoming with the nonsense that is Gwenpool

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@lordryus: Agreed, I feel out of the three titles Silk is the strongest but gets no press when the weakest in both storytelling and art ( Spider-Gwen) gets variant months and as much press as humanly possible about it. All Gwen has going for her is a nice costume design that is it.

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It's funny how Marvel has been swinging all the female characters to have "practical" costumes and Misty's old one would of fit into that mold perfectly, So instead they change it to actually undress her.

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@dondave said:
@never_again said:

Dex-Starr Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Don't Worry.

when did Atrocitus even return? I have been waiting for him ever since that abysmal Red Lanterns arc where he became a Pope...

I think the writer was listening to Ghost when Atrocitus became a pope.

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That TMNT issue was amazing, The show down between Splinter and Shredder blew my mind.

Side Note did Lobo really kill Daxstaar? Not like that is going to win over any more fans who hate this new interpretation.

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Sound decent, To bad I hate Spider-Gwen with a passion and nothing Jason said her made me want to try that trainwreck again.

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This guy just can't miss. I mean has Vaughn ever written anything mediocre?