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@boynerdgeek: I'm not a fan of a dark Fantastic Four but I'm a fan of this series. Robinson is not being doing this for shock value and he is not doing what writers like Remender does by viciously attacking and tearing down the hero of the book. There is a plan in action and like Robinson has said since the first issue its the fall of marvels first family for them to come together and rise like a phenonix from the ashes stronger then ever.

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@baddog1994: Many do not find him more relatable, Having a grown man that acts like a teenager and always falls back to square one gets boring after 7 years of the say rinse and repeat cycle. JMS run is not perfect and neither is Slotts, but I find JMS stories had more depth and character development when Slotts is always about setting up the next big storyline.

Slott is more of the popcorn action type of writer when JMS was a character driven writer. I think at the end of the day Amazing needs a new writer because at this point in time it looks like Slott has overstayed his welcome on the book.

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I see DC seems to think the only way to get people to read this title is with "shock value". I think everyone knows this title is not destined to be a long running series, So when sales dip the Main Man Lobo will take over the lead.

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@cap10nate: I agree with everything you said. When Robinson first took this book over and it was to be the fall of the Fantastic Four, I was so worried that he would do it like Remender. Break heroes down to nothing in a way you dread reading the next issue or worse do what Slott does saying a character can never be happy because that is part of the them.

So far what this book has shown us is a family can be taken through hell, but they will keep fighting to stay together.

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I feel they are telling people about act two because the announcement of this event was met with little hype so they have to drum up more sales. Just because this is Remender this will either take place in a different dimension or he will screw up all the characters he can but then quickly revert them to their old status quo when finished. At this point and time it looks like it will be the latter.

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People seem to forget that close to 42 percent of Bushs presidency, he was on vacation.

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Gotta give it a chance people, Hard to come to the conclusion the story or the art will not be good as the previous team when all we have been given is a three page preview with no context.

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I really liked it, not a perfect movie, but a good one that I had a blast watching. I disagree with people when they say Ronan was bland I thought he was a pretty good villain, who seemed to be an actual threat and since he is driven by religious extremism his backstory did not need to be extremely detailed.

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I'm kind of confused. Once again I try a Remender book and once again its nothing special why the hell is he so highly regarded?

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We all know he is coming back, DC has banked too much off of Damian with the animated movie and stuff like that. He will return, but I think he will grow out of being Robin and transition into being something new. A cool idea would be bringing him back to lead the Teen Titans or like someone else already said to have him on a new Young Justice team.