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Cool concept, cool coloring pallet kind of reminds me of the 80's but I disagree with this review the story tries so hard to be cool and hip that it's kind of annoying. As for the story I felt it was okay, it gives you a little bit to look forward to but nothing that grabs the reader and holds them tightly.

This book is very much like the Sex Pistols it's style over substance.

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Can't wait to see Khal Drogo of the sea. I understand they based this off the 90's books because late 80's early 90's seems to be the only stuff Snyder ever read but sorry Momoa you can't act and have played the same character in ever performance and this looks no different.

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Does anyone actually think the premise of this show sounds good? Forget the cast for a second, it seems like this is the worst of Supergirl's 90's stories brought to life on TV. I will be surprised if this show is not a mid season filler show that gets 8 episodes giving that its on a major networks not the CW.

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It really depends. the market could become over saturated with comic book shows bursting the bubble. Or to tap into the comic book market they will take properties and change everything about them to appeal to a different demographic yet still get the buzz of a comic book program. Similar towhat Izombie and the upcoming Supergirl look to have done.

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Just roll my eyes and say yep, looks like Snyder was watching horror movies again.

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Pretty much what was to be expected when the director was announced. I'm not really a fan of this cast can we just say now this is a bad SNL skit they are making into a film?

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So its a dark edgy reboot of a comic franchise. Funny how Vaughn spoke out against dark superhero movies saying people are tired of them. Yet here fox is making one that Vaughn supports.

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This is a way to do a lot of house cleaning of story lines that hinder characters can be wiped clean. Popular characters from other universes that have been in limbo can be brought into a singular universe. Pretty much what Crisis did in the 80's.

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The average is about 850 to 1000 dollars a script.

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To all the people arguing over what was the worst event this year from the big two publishers. How about we all agree that they where all terrible. Original Sin was bad, So was Forever Evil and Axis has proven to be nothing but a waste of time.

I think we can all agree comic companies need to stop mortgaging years worth of books in the fall out of events lack luster event, that in the past have not only burnt out fans but the industry.