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Harley lives? Not our Harley! 17

Villains month is in full swing and for every good issue that comes out there seems to be a handful that just makes no sense and leave the reader poorer. Sad part is Harley Quinn falls under that umbrella.This issue opens with a lost and depressed Harley returning to Gotham City after the Crime Syndicate has "Killed" the Justice League. The first few pages of this issue recap or parody Mad Love showing you Harleen growing up with her crazy family. She is depicted as the Lisa Simpson of the famil...

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Surpised the hell out of me! 0

Honestly when I heard that Brubaker was leaving Captain America I was upset and when I heard about the direction that Remender was taking the character I was worried. After reading this one issue I can safely say I am no longer worried. In this issue we see a few things that shaped Steve Rogers to be the man he is and i found that part of the comic to resonate the most in me.All and all a great start and I hope they can keep it up!...

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