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@modernww2fare: I hear that! I always had portrayed Clark like this in my head, that even if he is best known as Superman, he's still Clark, and he needs to be that since even if Krypton made him Superman, he is still human because of what he learned on Earth from being raised by Jonathan and Martha. Really, what Superman is to me is that he is a person who understands a strong sense of right and wrong, but isn't 100% infallible, since he still is human, in spite of what could be said. He knows he has these powers to protect people as well as inspire them because of his selfless acts of heroism, which has inspired a generation of superheroes in the DC Universe, as well as the fact he needs to still have some normalcy where he can just be himself and relax, which is why he is Clark, yet Superman is the mask he wears to help people, even if some people assume it's the other way around, like with Bruce and Batman.

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T___T Poor Donnie... I can tell you, Raph is gonna tear into Bebop and Rocksteady if he finds out they are responsible for Donnie's near-death beating.

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The cloak is an odd touch. Reminds me of Hal being the Spectre, as well as the Hal counterpart in Justice League 3000.

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"The League leads. When there is a Crisis, the other heroes -- and the world -- look to us first to deal with it, to rally others. We set the example" - Martian Manhunter

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@darktimecop: Yeah, I love JLA Year One :D

I also don't see the problems others have with Extreme Justice or the JLA in Detroit honestly. Potential wasted perhaps, but still...

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I like to think that there's been some dissent in it so far, like how Trinity War's opening showed Clark being worried about how Diana kills so willy-nilly and such, as well as other aspects.

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"No! We're going about this all wrong! We have to work as a team!" - Hawkman in "DC Super Friends: The Joker's Playhouse"

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New 52 Justice League before the lead-up to Trinity War, due to the paranoia of allowing anyone in the ranks just because of Bruce's paranoia.

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"I know what Superman is going through. He doesn't deserve that. Superboy didn't deserve thatr. What do YOU deserve?" - Batman to Alex Luthor in Infinite Crisis 7 when he took Deathstroke's pistol and was going to shoot him before Wonder Woman called him down.

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"I feel like I live in a world made out of cardboard. Always taking constant care not to break something, to break someone... never allowing myself a single moment to lose control, or someone could die. But you can take it, can't ya, big man? What we have here is a RARE opportunity for me to cut loose, to show you just how powerful I really am." - Superman to Darkseid in "Destroyer!", the final episode of Justice League Unlimited.