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"I know what Superman is going through. He doesn't deserve that. Superboy didn't deserve thatr. What do YOU deserve?" - Batman to Alex Luthor in Infinite Crisis 7 when he took Deathstroke's pistol and was going to shoot him before Wonder Woman called him down.

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"I feel like I live in a world made out of cardboard. Always taking constant care not to break something, to break someone... never allowing myself a single moment to lose control, or someone could die. But you can take it, can't ya, big man? What we have here is a RARE opportunity for me to cut loose, to show you just how powerful I really am." - Superman to Darkseid in "Destroyer!", the final episode of Justice League Unlimited.

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Here's a good one from Firestorm prior to the New 52; "Right. Enough whining. Not enough winning."

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@baberaham_lincoln: I think Nick Spencer'll pull double duty on Avengers AND Avengers World. :) He's worked with Mr. Hickman, so I imagine he'll carry on his whole "Bigger" approach to the Avengers.

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And we know the Justice League is gonna be getting Jessica Cruz's Power Ring into the mix, but they need a little more girl power outside of having had Diana, Emily, and Rhonda (even if Rhonda was just helping the Crime Syndicate). Makes me wish Zatanna woulda been part of the main Justice League after Trinity War instead of going back to Justice League Dark. X_X

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Got this as an idea for a group I got going on Deviant Art to keep parts of the old DC Universe alive and kicking in the fandom besides those postings of pics and such. Like with Jonathan Hickman's run on Avengers, the idea of it follows a simple fact; the JLA have to get bigger.

• Superman - Clark Kent - team leader, coordinator of the new roster
• Batman - Bruce Wayne
• Wonder Woman - Diana Prince
• Aquaman - Arthur Curry
• The Flash - Wally West
• Green Lantern - John Stewart
• Martian Manhunter - J'onn J'onzz - coordinator of the new roster
• Zatanna - Zatanna Zatara
• Green Arrow - Connor Hawke
• Cyborg - Victor Stone
• Vixen - Mari McCabe
• Gypsy - Cindy Reynolds
• Dr. Light - Kimiyo Hoshi
• Plastic Man - Patrick "Eel" O'Brian
• Firestorm - Ronnie Raymond/Jason Rusch
• Faith - Faith Alvarez
• The Atom - Ryan Choi
• Captain Marvel - Freddy Freeman
• Mera - Mera Curry
• Owlwoman - Wenona Littlebird
• Hotspot - Isaiah Crockett
• Argent - Toni Monetti
• Damage - Grant Emerson
• Void - Nikola Hanssen

The roster itself has a couple of dead heroes, but the lead-in to this would explain a lot as would the first arc itself that explains how some of them are alive or have powers again.

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I'm not sure about Talia... to be honest, she doesn't DESERVE redemption for what she let happen to Damian and this war she's begun against Bruce. She's possibly worse as her father... but there was once good in her due to her disapproval of her father's actions... but now? Hard to say...

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@RedheadedAtrocitus: You may have a good point. Of course, I kinda wish all the various Justice Leagues in the New 52 actually had some sense of synergy and could make one BIG bad team later on... =/

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I think out of everyone there, Only J'onn, Ollie, Carter, and Courtney (along with Selina) are really well known... XD

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To be honest, as it is, I dunno how I feel regarding Clark and Diana together. It worries me because as it is now, Diana could unintentionally influence Clark to act above humanity yet we've seen how Clark is trying to get Diana to try to be more human rather than being a goddess... and it also seems forced. With Kingdom Come, they had time to build up their relationship rather than being forced into it, and given how it seemed like Clark was trying to NOT love again after losing Lois.

Sure, Clark and Diana may be the power couple so to speak, but their being together as young and inexperienced (compared to their original DCU selves) heroes; it could lead to trouble. BIG trouble. Hence why I am worried about it. Sure, they seem sweet together, but I worry mostly about the reprecussions to how Diana comes off detached to humanity at times right now in the DCnU