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Robert Todd was born with invisible skin, the young mutated child joined Helix, which was a group of other children who, like him, had parents who took part in a science experiment.


Mr. Bones was created by Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas, and Todd McFarlane. Mr. Bones' costume was based on the Golden Age character the Black Terror.

Character Evolution

Modern Age

Mr. Bones (Modern Age)

Although they were meant to be heroes, they were misguided and came into conflict with Infinity Inc several times. As an adult, he found that he had developed an acid - touch and adopted the name Mister Bones, due to the fact that you could only see his skeleton. After that, he reformed and ended up joining Infinity Inc for a short period until he accidently killed Star-Spangled Kid and was forced to hide. Once again he returned, but this time as the director of the DEO, working for Amanda Waller. He then went on to use the name Director Bones.


Mr. Bones (Post-Flashpoint)

He sends Chase to Gotham City in order to capture Batwoman. He encounters Jaime Reyes as The Blue Beetle in his latest endeavor to be a thorn in his side and all heroes.

Powers & Abilities

Mr. Bones possessed invisible skin and organs giving him the terrifying appearance of a skeleton. As well as possessing cyanide sweat which is lethal to humans who touch it. He also possesses some degree of superhuman strength,

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