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This page is for the 8th Manhunter, Katherine 'Kate' Spencer.


Kate Spencer's father was a villain and her grandparents turned out to be the original Phantom Lady and Iron Munroe, though Al Pratt was listed as the father on her birth certificate. Kate became a lawyer and bore a son, Ramsey, before she and her husband were divorced.

Kate became district attorney of Gotham City, but when the villain Copperhead escaped, Kate stole equipment from the evidence locker and becomes the hero known as the Manhunter. Kate would eventually quit her job and work for Mr. Bones, defending such criminals as Dr. Psycho.

Major Story Arcs

The Trial of Doctor Psycho

After his latest failure in the Metropolis invasion, Edgar Cizko ends up getting arrested and Director Bones assigns Kate Spencer as Cizko's defense attorney. During the proceedings, Cizko slowly began to manipulate Spencer as well as lurk inside her mind to discover hidden secrets like her secret identity. Before the trial’s verdict could be heard, Cizko used his telepathy to hold the people in the courtroom hostage. This act caused Spencer to regain consciousness and allowed her to become Manhunter once again. It was difficult for Spencer to overcome Cizko but she managed to drop his guard by kissing him then stabbing him in the stomach and in his head. Manhunter’s quick thinking caused Cizko to lose his powers as well as forget Kate's alter-ego.

House of Hush: Manhunter vs Two-Face

Kate Spencer visits Dylan Battles, a former thug turned Manhunter's weapons designer, at the Gotham Hospital for information. Kate learns that Dylan has been workng for Two-Face for quite some time. Kate leaves Dylan's room disappointed while Two-Face makes his entrance from the shadows. As Two-Face begins to smack Dylan around, Kate hears the thrashing coming from Dylan's room. She quickly changes in to her Manhunter suit and confronts Two-Face. The battle between Manhunter and Two-Face causes them both to fall out of a hospital window. Fortunately, the Dynamic Duo swoop in to rescue them both from their deadly fall.

Batman and Robin prevent Kate from killing Two-Face but she pushes Harvey off a ledge in order to distract the Dynamic Duo from her escape. Harvey is later made to stand trial at the Gotham courthouse. Harvey informs the court that he intends to represent himself. Kate tries to dispute Harvey's plea to defend himself to the court but Dr. Jeremiah Arkham speaks on Harvey's behalf. Dr. Arkham states that Harvey's actual personality is in control while the Two-Face personality is no longer dominant. Kate decides to talk to some of the Arkham inmates that Two-Face was intimate with. She chooses to have a sit down with Jane Doe. Kate offers Jane the chance for life imprisonment instead of facing the death penalty if she testifies against Harvey's sanity. Jane tells Kate that she’ll have to think about it seeing as how Two-Face has made Jane a counter offer.

Dent asks the court for a bench trial due to his facial scarring. The judge agrees to Harvey's request and Kate angrily asks the judge to recuse himself from the trial. This of course, upsets the judge and he adjourns the court until the next Thursday. In Los Angeles, Kate’s son, Ramsey, has decided to head to Gotham in order to help his mother. Ramsey tells Kate that he is riding in the boxcar of a train heading toward Gotham. Later that night, Manhunter is seen beating up a thug for information regarding Two-Face until she is met by Huntress. Huntress offers Manhunter her help in finding evidence that will bring down Two-Face. Thursday comes to pass and both parties meet up at the courthouse. In the courtroom, Kate calls in Commissioner Gordon to the witness stand and when Dent takes his turn to conduct his examination, he asks Gordon why the commissioner would have kept Dent alive if Gordon knew Dent had killed district attorney Janice Porter. This line of questioning upsets Gordon, and Kate knows she is in over her head.

Kate Spencer has joined up with the JSA and other established heroes in Monument Point to battle Doctor Chaos and Scythe. She has not formerly become a member.


  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Black


Other media

Kate Spencer in Arrow

Kate Spencer appeared in the tv series Arrow in the episode Damaged. She was portrayed by Chelah Horsdal. In the show, she is the lawyer prosecutor of Oliver Queen, who's been arrested by Quentin Lance with the charge of being the masked, murderer vigilante who's attacking the wealthy people of Starling City. The case never goes to trial. That is the only appearance of her character in the show so far.

In season 2 Spencer promotes Laurel to ADA after the former ADA was kidnapped. She makes another appearance in episode 17 when Laurel blackmails her into rehiring her, and in episode 19 when Laurel threatens to sue her if her father isn't released from prison.

Kate Spencer's final appearance was in the episode "Streets of Fire", when she is murdered by one of Slade's soldiers.

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