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Keitaro made a promise to a girl when he was a child - that they would grow up and attend Todai University together. It looks a lot like Naru is that girl - doesn't it? All of a sudden, it looks like it might be Mutsumi, not Naru, that Keitaro made his promise to. What's a poor boy to do? Set up two dates at the same time! Then, just when Keitaro thinks he's in the clear, he decides to take the entrace exams for the third time. Only this time, Mutsumi joins him along with Naru! Can they get in? Find out in this hilarious third collection of Love Hina!

This omnibus edition contains volumes 7, 8, and 9 of Love Hina!

Includes special extras after the story!

Chapter Titles

  • Hinata 52: The Wandering Lamb On A Holy Night!
  • Hinata 53: The Great Plan To Get Rid of Bad Luck!!
  • Hinata 54: A Confession On Ice!!
  • Hinata 55: Keitaro Is Studying Hard!!
  • Hinata 56: Lovey-Dovey Boat ♥
  • Hinata 57: Sweet Sweet Chocolate ♥
  • Hinata 58: A Painful Misunderstanding
  • Hinata 59: Don't Say Those Words
  • Hinata 60: I'm Getting My Happy Ending With You
  • Hinata 61: Run Away To the End of the World
  • Hinata 62: Sakura Saku?
  • Hinata 63: Pursuit To Pararakelse
  • Hinata 64: Paradise On Pararakelse Island
  • Hinata 65: Shinobu Is Go!
  • Hinata 66: Sakura Saku In the Desert
  • Hinata 67: Want To Be Friends
  • Hinata 68: From Pararakelse With Love (Part 1)
  • Hinata 69: From Pararakelse With Love (Part 2)
  • Hinata 70: Off To Todai!
  • Hinata 71: Yes, No, Or...?
  • Hinata 72: Blossoming Sword Part One: Ane-ue Comes To Tokyo!
  • Hinata 73: Blossoming Sword Part Two: What!? "Hold Me"!?
  • Hinata 74: Blossoming Sword Part Three: Showdown - Sister vs Sister!
  • Hinata 75: Shinobu's Beeline For Todai ♥
  • Hinata 76: I Wish I Were Grown-Up!
  • Hinata 77: A Sudden Proposal?
  • Hinata 78: Just Say I Love You

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