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Keitaro has finally accomplished his goal and made it into Todai, and Narusegawa even confessed she likes him…maybe…sort of. So what could go wrong? Having missed a semester with a broken leg, Keitaro now faces having to miss the whole year of school and things with Naru have been really awkward. What can be done to salvage the dream of living happily ever after with Naru at Todai? Keitaro faces a big decision that shakes up all of Hinata’s residents!

Collects Love Hina vol. 10-12.

Chapter Titles

  • Hinata 79: Kiss Kiss Kiss!
  • Hinata 80: Bold Smooch In the Land of Everlasting Summer ♥
  • Hinata 81: A Kiss Between Sea and Sky
  • Hinata 82: Fuzzy Memories!?
  • Hinata 83: For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls
  • Hinata 84: The Season of Maidenly Love
  • Hinata 85:When She Puts On A Suit
  • Hinata 86: One Week Later, I Miss You
  • Hinata 87: Confession Time
  • Hinata 88: Time Given From God
  • Hinata 89: Naru... Or Not!?
  • Hinata 90: The End of Hinata Inn!?
  • Hinata 91: And Then There Were None!?
  • Hinata 82: Deceitful Airmail
  • Hinata 93: The Secret of Her Smile ♥
  • Hinata 94: Lovey-Dovey Simulation
  • Hinata 95: Trouble on the Hinata Front!?
  • Hinata 96: Verily, 'Tis A Raid On Hinata Castle
  • Hinata 97: Please Give Me A Memory!
  • Hinata 98: The Suspicious Blonde!!
  • Hinata 99: Double-Booked Promises!
  • Hinata 100: Sister Syndrome
  • Hinata 101: Teeming With Magic
  • Hinata 102: Heartbreak Crossing
  • Hinata 103: If You Run, The Stalker Will Follow
  • Hinata 104: Never Give Up!
  • Hinata 105: Crazy For You At the Edge of the World

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