What Marvel TV Show Would you Like to See?

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We recently reported that Jeph Loeb has been appointed to "Executive Vice President, Head of Television, a newly created division of Marvel Entertainment." He'll be in charge of animated and live-action television shows. Over the past few years, we've seen a lot of cartoons come out based on the Marvel universe, and most of them were pretty good, but for some reason, they were all canceled. (And some in limbo? Wolverine and the X-Men? Please bring it back!) We haven't seen a decent Marvel show, animated or live-action run for that long. 
Now, with Jeph Loeb in charge, a man who knows his way around Marvel comics, their characters, and television, we can expect television shows hopefully not just based on the X-Men and Spider-Man because for the past decade, it's been reboot after reboot. There's a lot more to the Marvel Universe than mutants and super-powered photographers, and Jeph Loeb is a guy who understand that. He also understands how to make something entertaining whether you agree with what he does or not. 
== TEASER == 
But what can we expect to see? My vote goes for a re-imagining of a character that's gotten the shaft when it comes to television (and movies... ah-hem): Daredevil. One of Marvel's oldest, and most under-rated heroes, Daredevil has never truly had his own television show. Sure, he's appeared on the 90s Amazing Spider-Man cartoon on Fox, and he was in a couple episodes of the live action Incredible Hulk television show, but that's about it. This is a character who would have a great television show, even if it didn't take place in the 616 Marvel Universe.

DareDevil: Hunter

Years after Matt Murdock, married Karen Page, started a family, and quit masquerading as DareDevil, Murdock is visited by members of the Fisk family looking for information on their father Wilson Fisk, who went into witness protection after testifying against his own son. To protect his arch-rival's life, Murdock denies them the information. He is tortured and beaten, but says nothing. The Fisk gang threatens the life of his family and Murdock caves giving them the information they need and in return, the Fisk gang kills his wife and son, and leave Murdock bloodied and defeated. Murdock has nothing left in his life, and yet he decides to go on a crusade to hunt down the Fisk gang and also save Wilson's life, the one person left that truly knows him. Matt Murdock is dead, but DareDevil is reborn as a hunter.
The show would be dark, gritty, with early noir elements. It would be mildly comparable to a more violent version of Batman: The Animated Series. This could work as both an animated series and a live-action television show.
What about you guys? Throw together a example of a new Marvel based television show. Something YOU would like to see on the air! 
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Maybe some of the Cosmic Characters like the Guardians of the Galaxy
"I am Groot"

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Something where wolverine can actually use his claws and bleed.

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Aw, come one guys, you're supposed to write up a synopsis for your show idea.

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I would love to see spider-girl because she is not a known character and she can become known and she can become a great disney XD cartoon 

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@G-Man said:

" Aw, come one guys, you're supposed to write up a synopsis for your show idea. "

Lol... it's because they didn't read all of it!
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The Eternals would be interesting or maybe the Inhumans or Namor: Kings of Atlantis

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 My suggestions:
(live action)
Black Widow -- Alias-style secret agent, maybe even cold war era
She Hulk -- worked for her cousin, and they're certainly wasting her in the comics now
Runaways -- seems like a very accessible ensemble show
Cloak and Dagger -- easy to do, similar veing as runways (kids living on the street)
Psylocke and Captain Britain (as teens in britain; 90210 meets smallville)
Fantastic Four
Ms. Marvel

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Replace the Alias reboot with something like Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD, or Sharon Carter, or someone...
It would basically work on a 24/Alias type formula, starting like Smallville with a "freak of the week" formula, and slowly builds up to a bigger arc involving HYDRA, or AIM. Heroes can easily make guest spots, and easter eggs can be thrown in everywhere. I'd watch it.

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A live action, X-Factor show would be awesome!  

Make me this happen Jeph Loeb!!! :D
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I like the Heroes for Hire idea. Stuff that's grounded a little woudl work well.

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@inferiorego said:
" @G-Man said:

" Aw, come one guys, you're supposed to write up a synopsis for your show idea. "

Lol... it's because they didn't read all of it! "
And we're not that creative :(
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I was just thinking about this around 2am last night when an episode of X-MEN: EVOLUTION came on DisneyXD. They need to make a whole new X-Men show and stick to that. Animated of course. And the leading team to be... Wait for it... Wait for it.. You're gonna love this... THE ORIGINAL FIVE. Yes. Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Beast, and Angel. Have it span out the X-Men stories chronologically. I'm tired of Wolverine always the leader or something. Cyclops is the true leader and it should show. I'm also tired of the cartoons that show almost all the team members the same age. X-MEN: EVOLUTION pretty much sucked because Storm and Wolverine were the adults while Cyclops and Jean Grey were teens. The episode I saw as the one with Beast and he looked even older than Storm. Too many times has the X-Men cartoons mixed everything up. And since the movies are mixed up too, it's only right that they should make a brand new cartoon to do it the right way.

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Moon Knight? I think that would be pretty cool, with a mixture of his origin and the 2008 series by Charlie Hudson
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I say bring back Wolverine and The x-men..

#17 Posted by cattlebattle (14173 posts) - - Show Bio

Young Avengers animated 
Definently a more mature themed, well animated X-Men toon, We deserve it after all this time. 
a Moon Knight or Daredevil TV show would be great
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#19 Posted by Thunderscream (1933 posts) - - Show Bio
@xsikal: A Captain Britain and Psylocke throwback series would be so cool, following Alan Moore's run on the book with Jim Jaspers, the Warpies and the Fury, with Merlyn and Roma and Otherworld....I would love it, maybe animated by the same folks that did Aeon Flux. 
either that or Excalibur :)
#20 Posted by darkking (201 posts) - - Show Bio

#21 Posted by darkking (201 posts) - - Show Bio

doctor strange
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Less Spider-Man would be good. A team series would be a safe bet. I also would like Wolverine and X-men back on the screen as it had the best Emma Frost interpretation on screen.

#23 Posted by squiresmadnessmachine (318 posts) - - Show Bio

i need a live action punisher show 
each episode could be an hour long and every episode he takes care of one mob or mob boss  
and throw in some villians here and there make it really gritty like the punisher warzone movie was and i think you would have a sucessful show 
other then that i gotta go with silver surfer exploring the galaxies and shredding up space each episode could be unique and different but you could still throw thanos galactus drax quasar nova and whoever else you want it has potential to be great and the possibilities are endless
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I dont know if you can put these gus all in 1 series as guest stars or something but
a demon-hunting show like Supernatural would be cool
cartoon/something live-action and dealing with the
D. Hellstrom, Satana, 
the sorcerer supremes 

  •   M
monsters Werewolf by Night,
demon hunters
Ghost Rider, maybe Morbius,  
  • Elsa Bloodstone and N'Kantu would be a cool episode
The Nightstalkers
Blade, Frank Drake, Hannibal King
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@G-Man:@G-Man said:
" Aw, come one guys, you're supposed to write up a synopsis for your show idea. "
Why do you think i added in the "I am Groot"? That was all that was necessary. I suppose i could have added that there is also a raccoon that carries around his own 50 caliber machine gun but i thought the Groot Quote would have you sold! Come on, he is Groot you know. *nudge* *nudge* GROOT! I mean how can you say no?
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I like the idea of Daredevil live show.  He's usually either fighting gangster or ninja so how expensive could  it really get.   
the other show I would LOVE to see would be the Inhumans.  It doesn't have to be hugely action based who since it's about a civilzation.  You could do so much with this show, and truely have an assortment of crazy characters.  I could see the Sci-Fi geeks loving it.

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I'm probably going to be chewed out for this, but I would love to see an original-story TV series based on the interactions of Venom and Carnage.   (Note this won't really be 'canon' to the original stories)
The serial killer Cletus Kasady is finally caught and convicted after a slip up of one of his victims escaping before he can finish her off. The reporter Eddie Brock makes several attempts at interviewing Kasady, but his constant obsession and failure getting the interviews add to the list of reasons of being fired. Unemployed and furious, Brock storms out of his house to air out in the bars before stumbling into a park. While doing his venting walk, he comes across a strange black oily substance on the ground, seemingly calling to him. Through persuasion of being able to make all of his worries disappear and through his drunkenness Brock easily submitted. With his new found symbiote he breaks into the prison in which Kasady is being held, and inadvertently releases him through his rage. 
The symbiote Venom uses Broke to track down Kasady, knowing that he is the host of his longtime nemesis, Carnage. Through a very dark bloody series of cat and mouse chases  the characters have interactions, with both of the symbiotes controlling their hosts with only minimal memories of events, leading to two dual-lives, both sets fated to be drawn to kill the other, with no remorse for bystander casualties. 
So there it is, just something I threw together, not really polished at all, but still would love to see something like that :)

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i had an idea once for an animated show geared towards adults for hbo or showtime which revolved around a group of guys working for news channel dedicated soley to superhuman activity. the main character of the show is a kree expatriot (a blue one) who works as a camera man who works with a feild reporter and his producer who basically report from the scene of super human battles, but thats not the main focus of the show, itd be a comedy the super hero news part is just their day job.

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I'd love to see a 3rd season of spectacular spider-man =(

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it would be like, Fringe meets CSI meets Smallville.


#31 Posted by darkcloakx (788 posts) - - Show Bio

cloak & dagger  live action or animated  
toxin or hybrid series  
dark avengers animated  
heroes for hire  live action or animated 
silver sufer 
red hulk animated series  
blue marvel 
blade animated dark seriers like spawn   

#32 Posted by greenenvy (637 posts) - - Show Bio

SHE HULK or even live action maybe. 

#33 Posted by Arkham Lunatic (116 posts) - - Show Bio
@Benzo said:
"A live action, X-Factor show would be awesome!  

Make me this happen Jeph Loeb!!! :D

It'd be nice if Marvel would make their animated shows look that good. 
I want to see a X-Factor animated and live action series. 
A Ms. Marvel live action series would be good too, but only if the actress is really hot and has big boobs.
#34 Posted by sifsclub (464 posts) - - Show Bio

I love The Runaways

#35 Posted by brendon277 (517 posts) - - Show Bio

You know they really should bring back Wolverine And The X-Men that was the best show in marvel comics animated series next to Fantastic Four worlds greatest heroes for me and they go and cancel it!!??!! WTF!!! But they should have every character have their chance to appear not star but at least appear in a show

#36 Posted by InnerVenom123 (29814 posts) - - Show Bio

Moon Knight (Base it off of the 2006 relaunch)
Make "Ultimate Spider-man" continue from where "The Spectacular Spider-man" left off
Bring back Wolverine And The X-men

#37 Posted by BaronVonDredd (307 posts) - - Show Bio

S.H.I.E.L.D. / Nick Fury
Marvel Knights
Black Widow
X-Men (original team)

#38 Posted by Bearded Justice (788 posts) - - Show Bio

how bout that Moon Knight show that was announced back in.... 2006 i think
Moon Knight beats up on evil dudes 
nuff said 
ok ok but heres what i would do: 
Marc Spector is a merc with Frenchie and Bushman.  Following the original MK series, he dies and is brought back to life.  Marc returns to New York City, with Frenchie, and fights villians like Jack Russel, Bushman, Taskmaster, etc.  Maybe the Punisher shows up now and then.  Oh and did I mention that Marc has his powers?  Well, he does, so now he can fight bigger and badder baddies.  Maybe half way through the show, he loses his powers and we follow the 06 to current series.   
ha and make it for HBO so we can have crazy violence and swearing and all that man crap
#39 Posted by CaptainCockblock (3835 posts) - - Show Bio

Moon Knight FTW!

#40 Posted by Mr. Kamikaze (637 posts) - - Show Bio

I was actually thinking about this like a month ago and thought one of my favorite titles, X-Factor, would make a cool live action TV series. The characters are great and it isn't your typical heroics. 

#41 Posted by D34dM4n (90 posts) - - Show Bio

a deadpool sitcom

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Here are three show ideas Inferiorego:
1. Captain America: World at War  (Live Action)
I'd like to see a Band of Brothers/Pacific style TV series on Captain America during WWII. It wouldn't just focus on just Cap though. Sure you'd see Cap grow into the man we know, but it would also look at Cap through the eyes of other soldiers, civilians, the Axis Powers, the Jews saved from near death, Black soldiers, etc. Characters could include some Howling Commandos, Gail Richards, War Photographer Bucky Barnes, "Lucky Jim" Howlett, Howard Stark, and Magnus Eisenhardt. No Invaders though. Cap should be the only known hero.
2. Gambit: Den of Thieves (Live Action)
Think Smallville. Pick-pocket Remy LaBeau is adopted into the Thieves Guild , a great family entrenched in a seedy Cajun underworld. He falls for the daughter of a Rival Guild Belladonna. Action and drama ensue.
The cast could include Gambit's stern but charming father Jean-Luc LaBeau, the Mysterious Nathaniel Essex, a runaway going by the name of Anna, Gambit's best friend and rival 
Etienne Marceaux, the beautiful but dangerous Belladonna of the Assassin's Guild, and her brother Julien. There could also be numerous Marvel guest stars who pass through New Orleans before the formation of the x-men, like Ororo Munroe a pick-pocket, Blade a Vampire Hunter, Logan, Mortimer Toynbee, Kurt Wagner, Raven Darkholme, Dr. Strange, Lorna Dane,  St. John Allerdyce, etc.
The series would end with Gambit getting an invitation to join the X-Men from Cyclops and Professor X.

3. Heroes for Hire  (Japanese Animation) (Possibly Adult Swim)
Think Samurai Champloo mixed with Cowboy Beebop and the Boondocks. 1/2 humor, 1/2 action. Follow cool guys Luke Cage and Danny Rand on their quest to be brand-name heroes by taking down New York City's Underworld Empire. The show should be urban and cool with great fight scenes and underground Hip Hop tracks. Could possibly have a 1970s Blaxpoitation feel. Cast members include Luke Cage, Danny Rand, Misty Knight, Collen Wing, Shang Chi, the Kingpin, Jessica Jones, and J. Jonah Jameson. Guest stars could include Spider-man, Wolverine, Moon Knight, the Sons of the Tiger, Cloak and Dagger, Daredevil, and Elektra.

#43 Posted by csimon (2207 posts) - - Show Bio

DareDevil would be cool  
X-Men not so much  they are to loved and they. You know they would take to many libertys with  it point in fact X-men 1st class movie  
Punisher on like HBO, ShowTime Or Cinemax   
Bucky (Winter Soldier) Would be cool
Black Widow 
Lucke Cage With or wiht out Iron Fist  
Black Panther ????? Maybe 
Maybe Gambit? 
Nick Fury And the Howling Commandos the story of how he become the head of Shield
Psylocke cold work 
#44 Posted by rlmay3 (273 posts) - - Show Bio
@theMockingNoob said:
" Heroes for Hire with Danny Rand and Luke Cage.  "

This is potentially an A-Team revival with a comic book twist, haha. I like it.
#45 Posted by sora_thekey (8637 posts) - - Show Bio

I want to see them on the TV screen! 

Also maybe an animated version of these guys:
#46 Posted by ComicCrazy (1640 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm not sure exactly but as long as they do bring out some really great animated stuff I'll be happy.
#47 Posted by Dark Cell (454 posts) - - Show Bio

MoonKnight Would be AWESOME 
Deadpool would be even more AWESOME 
Black Cat would be kinda cool 
and I would LOVE to see the Wolverine and the X-men series have a second season...if they ever figure out their financial issues for the project 
DareDevil might be kinda cool also   

#48 Posted by Fresh0133 (534 posts) - - Show Bio
@Benzo said:
" A live action, X-Factor show would be awesome!  

Make me this happen Jeph Loeb!!! :D
What this guy said, X-Factor Investigations, just use Peter David's scripts as the scripts and this show would be just plain awesome!
#49 Posted by LT1085 (3677 posts) - - Show Bio
#50 Posted by KNIGHT SAVIOR (1104 posts) - - Show Bio

Moon Knight

if they do it right it would a great show to watch

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