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Jade & Chastity

She was bitten by the vampire Sakkara, simply in a moment of passion. The reason she even at this massacre was that she and her father were in Egypt as ambassadors at Queen Ostraca and General Ramses' wedding. Many centuries later she and the Kabala tracked down Purgatori to learn why this had been done to them and they became enraged to learn it was a mistake.

Major Story Arcs

Chastity: Rocked

Jade tried to make a play for power on American soil, by killing one of the Yakuza leaders there and putting his son in his position, who then would serve her. Her plans were revealed and thwarted by Chastity, who was hired to protect the leader. Later Jade tried to kill Chastity in revenge, but dropped her plans when, Chastity showed honor and nobility.


True Leader

So she led the Shanghai crime family she had inherited for millenia, other crime families believing that Jade was simply a title to the woman controlling the family every generation. But by the twentieth century she believed that China no longer had its former honor and dignity and so she tries to restore this by using her supernatural powers, to unite the Triad families underneath her, taking control of China itself. She also tried to form an alliance with Dracula, but the plan was averted by Purgatori.

But Jade began dreaming of the world thousands of years ago, the time of her true love, Shiro, who loved her despite the fact that she was a vampire. Shiro met his untimely demise at the hands of the dragon/human sorcerer Pai Lung, otherwise known as The White Dragon. Pai Lung did this seeking stores of an occult of ancient days, knowledge of this that was passed down to Jade by her father. Jade then proceeded to kill the White Dragon and using the volumes of knowledge provided by the occult she became a master of sorcery.

Thanks to these dreams, she longed for Shiro again and felt her loss of humanity. Yet she still had small comfort in the form of her beautiful, mute assassin, Silence. The dreams were monitored by the Kuei, an agency that seeks to destroy the Triads and she has become their main target.

Mr. Ko, the leader of the Kuei, is obsessed with bringing her demise and not only has he sent his agents to destroy her, they have also used her dreams to create a cybernetic version of The White Dragon, her enemy of old. But the old sorcerer had preserved his essence through magic and it seemed her had resided in Jade's mind for millenia lurking in wait for a time to get his revenge. And so it was that when an agent of the Kuei, Dreamer delved into Jade's mind and touched the dragon, Pai Lung learned of the cybernetic dragon and left Jade's mind using Dreamer's to get into the cybernetic version of himself. So now this cybernetic dragon has become the mighty sorcerer of ancient times, returning to destroy Jade.

Jade met her new lover in the form of Chiang (a man who shared the appearance of Shiro), and though Silence was suspicious the two fell in love. He eventually was revealed to be a Kuei agent whose face had been reconstructed to resemble Shiro's but his love for Jade surpassed his allegiance to the Kuei and he told her their secrets, vowing to stay true to her. Jade then takes the fight to the Pai Lung, while Chiang steals a virus to trap the dragons essence in its cybernetic form. While trapped, Pai Lung is destroyed by technology and sorcery. Jade turns Mr. Ko into a vampire who now is eager to follow her lead, and thus Kuei joins Jade's ranks.

Jade's Redemption

Now that the dragon problem has been resolved, Jade again starts on her goal to unite all China. She attacks few remaining free families who are trying to grow in power by allying themselves with American Triads. She learns the name of the Triad family there and takes a trip to America. She attacks some of the lower men of American Triads to ease her search for Johnny Hsia, the leader of the family. When Jade attack the Hsia's mansion she is surprised by a warrior called Iron Racer. When the fight isn't going like they planned, Jade retreats to prepare herself to face the armored warrior. Going through Triad's men, Jade learns that a croup named Progeny is responsible for the Iron Racer's creation and it is designed to kill vampires. Silence infiltrates the Progeny headquarters and leads the Iron Racer to Jade. Iron Racer attacks Jade with full force, but it is Silence who takes the stake to save Jade. Jade stops fighting and tends to Silence, that made Iron Racer rethink her stand on vampires. Jade promises to get the girls trapped inside the Iron Racer free. Their bonding is however cut short by other Iron Racers. Having defeated the forces sent to destroy them, Jade attacks Progeny's HQ in full force. Coincidentally Johnny Hsia has taken over the organization. Jade uses the opportunity to rid herself of the headache Hsia caused. As Jade saved the father of the girl trapped in the Iron Racer armor, and he took over the Progeny, Jade is removed from the list of dangerous vampires. While Jade is in United States, a member of Triad complains of a demon attack. This brings her into conflict with Lady Death, but soon they realize that they are not enemies and destroy the demon together. After that Jade returns to China to finish her task of uniting it.

Jade once again returned to America when a drug Xorcist turned up on her territory. She sought information in the nightclub where Oblivia worked. When all the drug users turned to werewolves, Jade joined forces with Oblivia, and few other arrivals: Lady Death, Bad Kitty, Chastity and Morgan Gallows among them. In the fight Silence is abducted, and Jade agrees to join an Alliance formed to defeat Lucifer. At Lady Death's sanctum, Jade is reunited with Purgatori, but they agree to set aside their rivalries in the name of common goal.

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