Blood Sucker!!!

Im a big Vampire fan, well...nowadays who isn't? Joss whedon got me hooked on Buffy and sure I'm more than a little annoyed with Rob Pat but I still love me some vampires. So.......this list is dedicated to the fanged know those who suffer from the dreaded need for BLOOD!!!

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Lilith caused a whole world of hurt for the X-Men. Granted, she only wanted to find the Montesi Formula to murder her father, but possessing Kitty Pryde, and endangering Ororo is unacceptable. And lets not even mention what happened to poor Rachel Van Helsing. 

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Sweet list, x0
love all buffyverse vamps and glad we both ant stand the shiny ones from twilight!!!!

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Good stuff!
How about the ladies from Elaine Lee`s `Vamp` series?

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Posted by Strafe Prower
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Nice List! 
How about some WildStorm Vamps? 
Taboo (armor/symbiot made from dna of ancient Vampire Calobis) 
Blood Queen 
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@crowncoke: added, thanks
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Let me introduce to you Mirza the Vampire Woman (Mirza a Mulher Vampiro) from Brazil.

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@Domfernandus said:

Let me introduce to you Mirza the Vampire Woman (Mirza a Mulher Vampiro) from Brazil.

Where's this from?

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@Zeroclops: Forgiveness but I do not understand your question. Don't you know where is Brazil? Is that it?

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What is this list based on? Seems like just an unorganized pile