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Kabala, wife of a king of Tanzania received the invitation to participate in the wedding of general Ramses and queen Ostraca. It was an honor to take part in that event; she accepted the invitation and went with her husband, Kush. Kabala and her husband were shamed at their home, as they could not conceive a child. With the teachings of herbal remedies by queen Ostraca they finally succeeded. Before the queen and general got to wed, Purgatori attacked the celebrations. Kabala as all the quests were attacked by the crimson demon; but when Purgatori noticed her lover the queen, she went after her leaving other as they were. Kabala and Kush used the chance and hurried back to the ship, but her escape was for nothing, she was infected with vampire's bite, now she too graved for blood. Still loving her husband, she let him live, and they returned to home. Years later she finally bore a child that she was carrying when she was turned. The child was a monster, twisted by Purgatori's bite, she named her Gorge. Soon Kush was discovered to feed Kabala calves blood to sustain her, he was stoned death for it, and Kabala was cast out into the jungle. When she couldn't contain her blood lust anymore, she returned and killed everyone. Her clan haunted Kabala for years; unable to take it anymore, she wished to avenge her clan by killing Purgatori.

The End

4000 years later Purgatori returned to Egypt. Kabala sensed her presence and contacted Jade, who also was turned that fateful day. They both went there to learn what grand plan Purgatori had when they were turned, and to get revenge for the lives lost. Jade linked with Purgatori's mind and watched her relive her start as a vampire. Kabala and Jade only learned that they were turned by fleeting moment of passion, nothing more. Kabala still wanted to kill Purgatori, and was about to do just that when Rath arrived and saved Purgatori. He fed her his blood; now again powerful, Purgatori attacked Kabala to brink of death, but then spared her. Kabala begged for death, as she had nothing to live for anymore. And death game for Kabala, as the sunrise was only moments away.

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