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Silence is mute, which can be only of advantage to an assassin and a bodyguard. Silence is a close friend to the vampire Jade, and she dislikes that a man has moved himself close to Jade with lies.  
When Jade went to America to destroy a family that was aiding last remaining free families in China; Silence went with her. After meeting Iron Racer for the first time, Jade returned to the complex the Iron Racer was in and he purposely let her follow her. When they reached the complex, Iron Racer was captured, she managed to free herself and shot a silver stake at Jade. Silence took the silver stake by jumping in front of Jade. When Jade stopped fighting and tended to injured Silence, Iron Racer realized that all vampires are not killers and apologized. After Silence had recovered, Jade promised to free Iron Racer from her armor, and helped to free her father. Having also taken care of the Triad family leader, Jade and Silence returned to china. They returned to America once more to stop the drug lord Xorcist from invading Jade's territory. They were surprise attacked by a group of drug takers who turned werewolves. Silence was overpowered and kidnapped. It is unknown what fate waited for Silence after that.

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