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Group Origin and History

Selene on Genosha

Selene's Inner Circle

were chosen specifically for their mutant abilities designed for killing. On behalf of Selene, the group was meant to seek revenge against all those that had betrayed her or stood in her way in the past: the X-Men, Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw, Hellfire Club, and Magneto.

Additionally, the clan of deadly mutants were to aid her in her rise to goddesshood, a state she believes she was destined for.

To accomplish this mission, Selene employed her former lover Eliphas (now known as Eli Bard), who had been her loyal companion in Ancient Rome. Bard had acquired the ability to infect others with the techno-organic virus. The virus had been used by his previous employer, Bastion, to resurrect and control notable anti-mutant humans hell bent on eliminating mutantkind. For Selene's purposes Bard would use this ability to resurrect an army of mutants to do her bidding (Selene's own mystical abilities came into play, but the effects of her powers are unknown).

Inner Circle

Bard first resurrected the mutant Caliban, whose ability to sense and track mutants would prove useful in locating the bodies of deceased mutants. The trio then began to resurrect key mutants whose resurrection and attack would provide emotional turmoil to the X-Men. Before long, the group began resurrecting the millions of mutants who died on the nation of Genosha.

The collective group's first on-panel mission together was to seek revenge on Selene's behalf by massacring a building of one of the Hellfire Club's branches. Blink then teleported the legion of mind-controlled, resurrected mutants to the mutant haven of Utopia where the X-Men dwelled.

When Eli Bard revealed to Blink his failure to retrieve an ancient relic dagger after stabbing a Demon Bear with it. Upon realizing it was vital to Selene's ascension into a goddess, Bard asked Blink to help him retrieve. She agreed, but instead of helping him, Blink teleported the pair to Selene and spilled Bard's betrayal to her leader. Selene was disappointed with Bard and instructed the Inner Circle to teleport to Utopia themselves to retrieve it. The group ambushed the X-Men as they were already near defeat against Risque, Firefist, Darkstar, and Bolt.


Wither (Kevin Ford)

Wither (Kevin Ford)

Selene's Inner Circle began with former X-Men student Kevin Ford, whose tragic, matter decaying powers were not removed after M-Day when 90% of the mutant population lost their powers. Mistakenly thinking all mutants had lost their powers, he grabbed a hold of the girl who he had longed to touch, Laurie Collins (Wallflower), withering her arm into a gruesome, fleshless state.

As the newest member of the arrogant training squad the Hellions, Wither was left with no one to console him and ran into the Morlock Tunnels, disappearing from the Institute. Homeless and distraught in Mutant Town, Selene--disguised as an old woman--found Kevin and offered him companionship. When police track the woman down for killing nineteen people in District X, she is shot before she can evade the authorities. Wither comes to her defense and kills two policeman with his powers. Selene and Wither passionately kiss and offers the young man to be her king.

Still longing for his first love Laurie, Selene manipulates Wither with her magical abilities by making a couple appear to be Kevin's arch-rival and Laurie's then-boyfriend Elixir making out with her. In a fit of rage, Wither kills "Elixir". When the illusion wears off, he still kills the woman he thought was Laurie, solidifying his path as a killing machine.

Blink (Clarice Ferguson)

Blink (Clarice Ferguson)

Selene then traveled to the dimension Blink had been trapped in-between dimensions following her sacrifice to save her friends (who would eventually become Generation X) from the Harvest. Thought to be deceased, she had been waiting to be rescued by Emma Frost. Selene lied to the young mutant claiming Frost (also Selene's arch-rival) had abandoned her due to fears of Blink's immense and deadly abilities. Selene then cared for the scared mutant, mentoring her into becoming one of the deadliest members of her covenant.

Senyaka (Suvik Senyaka)

Senyaka (Suvik Senyaka)

Selene also tries to use her sorcery to trick Senyaka into joining her group. However, her attempts to manipulate him were both inadequate and unnecessary as the bloodthirsty mutant was more than happy to take more lives from their owners.

Mortis (Lois London)

Mortis (Lois London)

The jealous sister of mutant pop star Dazzler, Lois London lived in envy of her more famous sibling, envying her more glamorous powers. With the ability to kill with merely a touch, London had been living in regret and fear since killing a homeless man that had attacked her in an alley. Unfortunately, Selene posed as her father's secretary and brought London face-to-face with her father as he ranted in a drunken state. After going on about his other daughter Dazzler, he slapped Lois across the face, bringing back memories of her childhood when he would abuse her mother. Lois then used her powers once more and killed her own flesh and blood. The pair were next seen in a restaurant where Lois would kill all inside.

Eliphas (Eli Bard)

Eliphas (Eli Bard)

Eli Bard was a former politician from ancient Rome that became obsessively in love with the immortal Selene. After failing her in her ascension, she cursed him and since then, he has been finding ways to gain the Black Queen's favor back.


Current Members:

  • Black Queen (Selene Gallio) , leader, Venerated as Queen of the rest, actually dead
  • Eli Bard (Eliphas), kills via vampire powers, actually dead
  • Blink (Clarice Ferguson) , kills via teleportation, actually status unknown
  • Mortis (Lois London, kills via disruptive energy field
  • Senyaka (Suvik Senyaka, kills via life-drainning psionic whips, actually dead
  • Wither (Kevin Ford), kills via death touch, actually dead

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