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Risque (Gloria Dolores Muñoz) came from a broken home. She ran away during her early teenage years and relied upon her own wits, personality and mutant powers. As a result, she developed a very harsh and distant personality; always on guard, never allowing others to grow close to her and using people as she saw fit. She became Risque in name and deeds, as she lived life to the fullest and never mindful of the consequences.

During these early years, Risque found herself constantly in trouble. When everything in her life seemed to go wrong, she felt she had no other choice than to turn to the man named Sledge to bail her out. In exchange for his help, she became his agent; accomplishing tasks on his behalf that would consequently enable him to exchange favors with others.


Risque was created by Jeph Loeb and Luciano Lima and first appeared in X-Force 51 (1996).

Mayor Story Arcs

Target: Warpath

Target : Warpath

Sledge gave Risque a new target: Warpath, a member of the mutant group X-Force. Risque sent him a mysterious message which threatened to hurt those near him if he didn't meet her late one night. As he had been pushing his new found mutant speed and endurance, Warpath ran to the designated meeting place and angrily demanded to know who had summoned him. Risque caught him off-guard. With her sleek black hair and skin-tight leather outfit, she leapt out of nowhere and planted a kiss on his lips. Warpath was too shocked to be angry. Just as quickly as she arrived, she left him again. However, she knew she had begun to integrate herself into his life.


Risque and Warpath

When X-Force had been summoned to Times Square, they didn't expect to find many of the surviving Externals dying all around them. They had appeared in the middle of Selene's attack on her fellow immortal mutants. In the midst of the attack, Warpath believed he had spotted something in an apartment dozens of stories above street-level. An apartment appeared to have exploded out onto the street. Using his raw strength and speed, he dug his fingers into the concrete walls and began to climb the outside face of the building. Once in the apartment he was blindsided and knocked off his feet. Risque had laid a trap for him, and when Warpath arrived in the destroyed apartment she tranquillized him.

Young Love

The rest of X-Force were rendered unconscious by Selene's attack. Although Warpath was spared the defeat and time in prison, the other members of the team were worried for his safety, especially Siryn.

However, Warpath was completely unaware of Siryn's concerns as Risque had diverted his attentions. After rendering him unconscious, Risque took Warpath around the country on an elongated vacation. They spent time together doing whatever they wanted, going where ever they wanted to go. Risque had let Warpath into her usual life of carefree excitement. For the first time in years, he was free from the tragedy of losing his entire tribe. Instead he began to enjoy himself, had his back tattooed with a large eagle, and he began to fall in love with Risque.

True Agenda

Risque Defeating Blob

Risque took Warpath to many of the clubs she used to frequent. There she spent time catching up with old friends who usually owned the clubs. On one such night, as Warpath admired Risque as she chatted with friends, they were ambushed by the Blob. A fight broke out between the Blob and Risque & Warpath. Warpath's brute strength was not enough to defeat the Blob. Risque created a localized gravity field around the Blob which caused the floor to collapse underneath him leaving him to fall for several stories. However, the Mimic also arrived to help the Blob. He didn't threaten or attack the young couple. Instead, he reminded Risque to fulfill her mission.

She had been given the assignment to collect Warpath on behalf of Sledge. Originally she had no qualms about seducing Warpath in order to hand him over to Sledge. However, she had fallen in love with him and didn't want him to get caught up in Sledge's schemes. She also didn't want to reveal that she had originally used him, which was why she kept them moving from one town to another. This had prompted Sledge to send Blob & Mimic after them. When warpath realized what had been happening he agreed to meet Sledge, but kept his distance from Risque.


Caught By X-Force

Without Warpath, Risque fled to her childhood escape; a theme park called Wacky World. What she didn't take into account was that X-Force were still looking for Warpath. Or that X-Force member Caliban was able to track other mutants. Caliban rampaged through Wacky World. Families were either amused or terrorized as the monstrous looking mutant chased Risque around the park. She leapt from roller coaster cars to big-wheel carriages, with Caliban hot on her heels.

Siryn Attacked

It was when Caliban collapsed from a mysterious spasm that the rest of X-Force caught up to Risque. She turned back and saw Caliban suffering from what appeared to be a heart attack. For a moment she considered running away, since it was the perfect opportunity to escape without anyone tracking her. However, Risque felt sorry for child-like Caliban and tried to give him emergency medical attention. It was then that Siryn attacked with her sonic scream and Meltdown grabbed her by the scruff of the neck threatening to detonate her if she had permanently hurt Caliban. Innocent, Risque promised that she hadn't hurt him, and had only attempted to help. Cornered, Risque promised to take X-Force to Warpath. They found him safe and unharmed in Sledge's hideout. There, they discovered that Sledge offered Warpath information on the sole survivor from the Camp Verde massacre. In return Sledge would want a favor from Warpath that only his specific powers & skills would suit. He agreed to help sledge in return for information on the whereabouts of Michael Whitecloud.

As everyone left Sledge's hideout, Risque tried to approach Warpath. She tried to tell him how sorry she was and how she genuinely did care for him. However, he rejected her advances and made it clear that their relationship was over. He turned and walked away from Risque, while Siryn was clearly pleased with the turn of events.


She emerged once again and temporarily joined with X-Force while they lived in San Francisco. She helped X-Force to defeat the Demon Bear, which had haunted Danielle Moonstar several years earlier. Her appearance helped to ease her troubled relationship with Warpath.



Like many mutants who were too old to attend Xavier's Institute and wanted to help others, Risque later joined the worldwide mutant organization X-Corporation. She was based in Hong Kong and worked closely with former X-Force teammate, Domino. Together they began to investigate the new trade of mutant body parts by a human group known as the U-Men. They collected mutant body parts to graft onto their own bodies and therefore gain the mutant abilities that came with those body parts. However, Risque had already been killed in the line of action by the time the X-Men arrived in Hong Kong. Domino briefed the X-Men of scenario and informed them of Risque's death.

Lady Liberators

The name Risque appeared on a list of possible candidates to join She-Hulk's group; the Lady Liberators . However, the story did not reach any being called Risque, or address whether it was another hero who shared the same codename.

Resurrection by Selene in 'Necrosha'

Risque VS Warpath

Risque was among the several mutants resurrected as part of Selene's mutant army. Controlled by Eli Bard via the Transmode Virus, Risque was conscious of the fact that she was resurrected by Bard and was being controlled by an outside force. Against her will, Risque was forced to fight her former love, Warpath. Her attack pushed him through the wall and into X-Men student Blindfold's bedroom as she was communicating with Destiny. Risque was able to break free from Bard's control long enough to warn Warpath to escape. However, the influence of the virus over her body was too strong and she was forced to resume her attack.

Risque's hesitation in fulfilling her duties to Selene were brought to Mellencamp's attention, prompting him to threaten to harm her after they were done defeating Warpath.

Powers and abilities

Risque is a mutant with the ability to create localized gravity fields which cause inorganic matter to compress into small, high-density masses. She can telekinetically propel objects at high velocities as well as create concussive blasts of either pink psychokinetic energy.

Although not at superhuman levels, Risque was also physically fit with above-average agility and endurance.


  • Gender : Female
  • Height : 5'7"
  • Weight : 127 lbs ( 58 Kg )
  • Eyes : Brown
  • Hair : Black


  • Citizenship : American
  • Marital Status : Single
  • Place of Birth : Miami , Florida , U.S.A.
  • Occupation : Thief , Mercenary , Adventure .
  • Known Relatives: Unrevealed

Other Media


X-men: Battle of the Atom

X-men: Battle of the Atom

Risque is featured in the mobile card game "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" based on the comic book story with the same name. Her cards are:

  • [Undead Army] Risque
  • [X-Force] Risque

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