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Rahne Sinclair was born in Kinross, Scotland. The child of a priest ( Reverend Craig) and a prostitute, Rahne was unwanted by both her father and mother, the latter of whom died giving birth to her. She became a ward of the church and became the responsibility of the man who happened to be her father (she would not discover this for many years). Reverend Craig was a religious fundamentalist with a strong sense of faith, but he was also a cruel, mean-spirited man who often took to drinking. He was ashamed of the illicit activities that ultimately resulted in Rahne's birth, and raised her very strictly. From early on he worked hard to instill a sense of guilt in his young ward, and piled on harsh criticism whenever possible.


This coming from her would-be father would affect Rahne greatly and cause her immense internal anguish. Rahne would grow through the years and become almost painfully shy, introverted and a very emotionally repressed individual. Luckily Rev. Craig was there for her; lucky her indeed.

At the age of 14, Rahne would have both the best and worst thing possible happen to her in her, still, short life. It would be the emergence of her mutant powers of lycanthropy, the ability to transform to and from a wolf. The best: because these powers would make her a mutant. This would result in her meeting people would truly care for her and accept her for who she was. Worst, because Rev. Craig would find out and would take actions against her. He would gather together a large group of his religious fanatical followers and form a mob intent on capturing Rahne. They would quickly form and begin their hunt for her. Finding out, she would change to a wolf and run for her life. It was her, would-be-father's, plan to capture her and perform an exorcism on her. He believed that her powers where actually signs that she was possessed by the "devil." To rid her of the "devil", he was going to burn her at the stake. Knowing their plans, Rahne had no intentions of getting caught or allowing them to perform their exorcism. So, she ran like there was no tomorrow. Not being far behind her, one of the mob members would pull out a gun and shoot at her. He managed to connect with one of his shots but only grazing her and causing surface wounds.

She continued to run but with the injury she was weakened and her energies depleted fast. Her fate all but sealed, still running Rahne chanced upon one of the villagers name Moira MacTaggert, coincidentally the doctor that delivered her 14 years prior. As she passed Moira, Rahne succumbed to her pain and exhaustion and fell to the ground. As she fell, she reverted to her human form. Realizing who she was and what was going on, Moira quickly took her into her home and protected Rahne from Rev. Craig and his mob. There she remained, taken care of and cared for by Moira and free from Rev. Craig's evil intentions. This would be the first time anyone ever cared for her unconditionally and treated her as a person. From that point on Rahne would consider Moira as her mother and the same in reverse from Moira MacTaggert. Moira ended up legally adopting Rahne and brought her to her research facilities on Muir Island where she would continue to raise her.

Although Rahne was now in a much better place and cared for properly, she was still quite far from normal. As a result of 14 years being raised by Reverend Craig she was very much mentally affected. She was already a very shy, soft spoken and an insecure girl by nature. She, too, grew to become emotionally repressed, self loathing and became very guilty during any times of happiness. She also became even shyer than she already was and had intense melancholy tendencies. Due to her religious upbringing she was also very uncomfortable with topics of mythology or magic. The hardest part for her was her own mutant powers. Although she was in a place where powers were very normal, accepted even, she was still at odds with herself. When in wolf form, Rahne felt emotions of pure joy, freedom and happiness. Though most would openly accept this Rahne would not. At her core Rahne would feel wrong, guilty for these emotions. She claims when she views her reflection in the mirror, she only sees the face of the "devil." Due to this any joy she felt from her powers would quickly go away and replaced with many negative ones. Thus, Rahne was constantly in deep emotional conflict with herself and her mutant nature never allowing herself to truly enjoy life.


Wolfsbane was created by Bob McLeod and Chris Claremont and she first appeared in Marvel Graphic Novel #4.

Major Story Arcs

The New Mutants

New Mutants

Here, Rahne met Professor X who had a school in New York for young mutants. Through a string of events, Rahne would become one his first new student since his X-Men long ago. Rahne attended the Xavier Institute and became part of his team, the New Mutants. Actually, Rahne was the very first New Mutant, ever. It was because of Rahne that Charles even considered the idea of teaching once again. It would be here that she would get her codename, Wolfsbane. While apart of the New Mutant, Rahne would befriend, create and grow many lifelong friendships with most all of her teammates. Most notable would be those of Danielle Moonstar, Samuel Guthrie, Warlock, Doug Ramsey and Julio Richter. Though she would encounter plenty of wonderful things, the bad were never too far behind. The first of which was the death of one of her closest friends Doug Ramsay better known as Cypher. Making matters worse she had began to have feeling for him.

Death of Cypher

Death of Cypher

During one of the many adventures that the New Mutants went on they would befriend and, for a short while, recruit the Ani-Mate known as Bird Brain. Rahne and the New Mutants were fiercely loyal to their friends and their newest recruit would be no different. They would find that Bird Brain came from an island were an evil scientist name the Ani-Mator experimented on animals and gave them human like characteristics. Seeing the pain that Bird Brain was in hurt Rahne to the core and the New Mutants would set off immediately to the island to help. Once there the team would get caught in a fever pitch war pitting them against the Ani-Mator. Near the end of the battle he would draw a gun and aim for Wolfsbane, intent on killing her. He would have been successful except for the fact the Cypher would jump in the way taking the bullet and sustaining a mortal injury. Wolfsbane would run to his side and cradle him until he died. Another of the New Mutants, Magik, would make the Ani-Mator pay by sending him to her magical realm Limbo and sick her demons on him. The revenge was hollow especially since they would lose one of their own. Rahne would be greatly affected by his loss and to this day feels responsible.

X-Tinction Agenda

Mutate 490

Wolfsbane's time with the New Mutants would culminate and end with the events that would be known as the X-Tinction Agenda. All mutants, especially those that wore the "X" were targeted by one, Cameron Hodge. Once an ally of X-Factor, he now wished to kill them. His initial attack would have Wolfsbane, among others, captured and brought back to his base on Genosha. It was here that his Genoshan scientists and geneticists would experiment on mutants and have them placed in suit that would aid in their controlling them. Wolfsbane would be no exception. They experimented on her multiple times first psychically bonded her to one of their soldiers them into her suit. Numerous more manipulations to Rahne would have her only respond to her new name, Mutate #490. Once done, she was a loyal servant of Hodge's. Along with her, Warlock, one of her friends was also captured and experimented on as well. After numerous battles the multiple teams of X-Men finally began to see the tides turn their way. The once controlled Wolfsbane who fought against all of her teammates and friends would also be saved, freed from her mind control. Sadly what followed would be yet another death of one of Wolfsbane's friends, this time Warlock. Furious, a berserker rage took over and Wolfsbane went off separately seeking Hodge. All of Hodge's experiments on Rahne had an unexpected effect. When she morphed she accessed her "absolute" form; hulking in size and strength to match. She would find Hodge and rip him to shreds, destroying him and putting an end to his war against mutants. When all was done, she realized that she was more changed than expected, mentally and physically. She was not able to morph back to her human form anymore, which meant she stayed nearly all the time in a transitional form. It was also later revealed that the soldier she was psychically bound to was none other than Alex Summers, Havok. Due to the many changes that she was going through, she would decide not to return with the New Mutants, but stay and sort things out. In the following days she would follow Havok everywhere, not 'cause she wanted to but because her mental connection made it impossible not to. So, when the United States government wished to recreate X-Factor as a government sanctioned team with Havok as the leader, Wolfsbane membership soon followed.



Since X-Factor was a government sanctioned team, all member including Rahne would be forced to sign the Mutant Registration. The team would have to follow orders according to their government liaison, Valerie Cooper. As a part of X-Factor, Rahne went through many difficulties. The biggest was her mental connection to Havok. It made her unable to control herself. She had false feeling of love for him and constantly had Havok on her mind. These false emotions put Wolfsbane at ends with one of her teammates, Polaris. Polaris also had feeling for Havok but for her they were reciprocated. Jealous, Wolfsbane would act out at Polaris regularly and even fought her couple of times. Though it started out rough she would have many positive experiences while on the team. She would also become best friends with Strong Guy and it would be here that she would meet future teammate Jamie Madrox then known as the Multiple Man.

Unfortunately during her time on the government sanctioned X-Factor she would see her best friend Strong Guy have a near fatal heart attack and Madrox would contract the mutant killing Legacy Virus. Strong Guy's health would have him in a coma for a long while. As for Madrox, daily his health deteriorated and slowly began to die. Rahne would be devastated and barely able to cope especially since both occurred near the same time.


In a chance encounter with a female mutant named Haven and with blinding light Rahne was cured and in her human form. A form she hadn't been able to change to since the experiments the Genoshan scientist did to her. She, too, had full control of her mind. Overwhelmed with joy and shedding tears of happiness, Rahne was finally cured. This happiness would soon dissipate as Haven would offer Madrox the chance to be healed. Unfortunately, in his weak state, his system couldn't handle the stress and he died on the spot. These events would put Rahne through an emotional roller coaster that would lead to her officially quitting the team. Once she quit, she would head back to Muir Island to care for her mother, Moira.



While in Muir Island, Rahne would join yet another team; Excalibur, where she would do a brief stint. They had been on Muir Island for a while at that point, as their headquarters had been destroyed. When Excalibur disbanded, Rahne stayed on Muir Island, helping her adoptive mother Moira MacTaggert search for a cure to the Legacy Virus. Unfortunately, the island was attacked by the Brotherhood of Mutants, led by Mystique, and Moira was killed in an explosion . Rahne tried as best she could to get revenge and defend her mother, but was shot by Mystique with a version of Forge's Neutralizer.

The same neutralizer that had depowered Storm of the X-Men many years prior; this gun would have the same effect on Rahne. Depowered and now truly alone with no family; Rahne spent time traveling across the United States. She used this time to come to terms with all of her loses. While she was on her own, she went through a complete personality change. She grew her hair out long and got piercings. She wore leather and opted for a motorcycle as her means of transportation. She no longer spoke with an accent and didn't allow her beliefs or old ways of thinking to hold her back from living. She was wild, free and unrestrained the way she always wanted to be.

While traveling, she happened upon the long time X-Men enemy Avalanche as he was attacking a city. Without a second thought Rahne decided she needed to take action. Wolfsbane would take him on, directly engaging him in battle even though she no longer had powers of her own. She managed to effectively incapacitate him and win, using gutsy moves and taking many dangerous chances. Her actions wouldn't go unnoticed and soon came her old allies in the X-Men to bring her back home.

Back at her old stomping grounds, the Xavier Institute

Elixir And Wolfsbane

She ended up back at Xavier's and even became part of the teaching staff as a mentor and squad advisor for the Paragons squad. While an advisor, she accidentally became involved with one of the students at the school. She started a relationship with student Josh Foley, Elixir one of the advisee's and ward of Rahne's best friend Danielle Moonstar. He would decide one night to try and heal her and try to restore her powers. Elixir's powers allowed him to alter genetics and he was able to jump start Rahne's mutant abilities and repower her. Rahne's mutant powers had been gone for so long; she was unable to cope with them and became very fragile. She would attack anyone she felt uncomfortable with or simply did not like. Barely able to control her savage nature, Rahne restarted and then ended the relationship again. This time it was due to the secret being found out. She was fired from her post and left, attempting to find a place where she could come to terms with the new beast within her.

X-Factor Investigations

X-Factor Investigations

Rahne set off for Mutant Town, where she been would help Jamie Madrox with his detective agency. For a time, Wolfsbane was also blackmailed by Emma Frost to keep a lookout on Wither an ex-student of Xavier's. It would be during this time that Madrox reformed and renamed X-Factor as X-Factor Investigations, and Rahne became a member. She cut her hair very short and no longer hid her accent.

When Rictor was about to commit suicide, Rahne used a speaker phone to shout at him, and then tried to catch him (he was pushed off by a dupe of Madrox's), but Rictor was caught by M, who insulted Rahne while doing so.

When Layla Miller first joined the team, Rahne welcomed her and was very friendly. After Layla was taken back to the orphanage, Rahne and Jamie went there to see her, but when they weren't allowed, Rahne sniffed her out, the two of them surprised to see her black and blue. Rahne frightened all the children, because of what they did to Layla, and went to see the orphanage worker. The two tried to adopt Layla, but told that they weren't legally allowed to because X-Factor isn't a family, but the worker said that she has so much work going on, that if a child slipped through the cracks, she'd have no time to fill in a report, so they took Layla home.

Rictor And Rahne

Next, when X-Factor invaded Singularity Investigations, Rahne tried to attack Elder Tryp, but was shown a vision of the future by him when he grabbed her head. She remained unconscious until M flew them out of there. When the team went for a session with Doc Samson, Rahne told him what Elder Tryp showed her. It was a vision of her, in wolf form, standing over the corpses of a grown-up Layla and Jamie on their wedding night. She says she knows that she'd done it (Later however it was revealed that the killed was Wolfsbane's daughter from alternate reality named Vanora).

Next, according to Jamie, Rahne hadn't spoken since their encounter with Tryp, and only just started again after seeing Samson. So, she went with Guido to visit Alix Buchanun, and she explained to Alix what happened to her husband. Rictor and Rahne beat up a bunch of FBI agents, after they saw them attacking a young boy, mistaken them for bad guys, and were temporarily apprehended by the FBI. The Isolationist arc brought a lot of different things for Rahne, and she began sleeping with Rictor. Rahne was then teleported away to an arctic type place with Strong Guy and Madrox by the Isolationist. They were returned when Rictor figured out how to work the teleportation device/door.

Messiah Complex

During Messiah Complex, Rahne was drafted into the new incarnation of X-Force. The team was sent after Cable, and during a heated battle between X-Force, the Reavers and Cable, a Reaver mentioned Reverend Craig, and Rahne kicked him off a cliff. She then took part in the final battle on Muir Island, and bit Arclight's neck, but was then taken out of the battle by Riptide.


New X-Force

X-Force was disbanded after Messiah Complex, but Cyclops secretly re-formed the team to take out the Purifiers, permanently which meant he wanted X-Force to kill them. Rahne yet again was a member of the team, but this time for personal reasons as she found that her father, Reverend Craig, was somehow involved with the Purifiers. Rahne went ahead of the team into the Purifier's church, but was captured by them. Matthew Risman used her as a blackmail in an attempt to get the other members of X-Force to stand down. X-23 believed he was bluffing and attacked, and proving he wasn't bluffing he would shoot Wolfsbane. Thankfully, Risman only shot Rahne in the leg. X-23 realizes that she'd also been drugged with heroin. When X-Force stood down, X-23 sets off an explosion, but Risman managed to escape with Rahne in tow using a helicopter.

Rahne is then seen strapped to a chair, with her eyes forcefully kept open. Reverend Craig enters the room and begins talking with her. Through the conversation she finds that her own father is now a member of the Purifiers.

X-Force is able to rescue Rahne, but not before she is administered a near lethal dose of heroin by Reverend Craig. Barely alive, she is taken to Angel's Aerie where she is healed by Elixir after which Rahne immediately attacks Angel, ripping off his wings and bringing them back to the Purifiers. It is revealed that while captured by the Purifiers Reverend Craig managed to brainwash Rahne into attacking her teammate so he could use Angel's wings to augment a group of militants known as the Choir. Rahne is once more imprisoned by the Purifiers. Reverend Craig attempts to kill her, and although she is able to escape she lets Reverend Craig know that all she ever really wanted was her father's love.

Old Love Hrimhari

Rejoining X-Force, Rahne accompanies the team during their assault on Bastion, the Purifiers, and the Choir. During the battle Rahne is shot by Reverend Craig. He follows a trail of Rahne's blood to the room where Angel's wings are being stored. Again Reverend Craig berates Rahne, prompting her to knock him to the ground. She tells him that she only ever wanted to save him but cannot allow herself to care for him any longer. As she turns to leave Reverend Craig attempts to shoot her. When Rahne turns around to react she sees Reverend Craig in front of Angel's wings, giving her father the appearance of an angel. This triggers the brainwashing he had forced her to endure to obtain Angel's wings in the first place resulting in Rahne going feral and attacking him. When the rest of X-Force found her she was traumatized and praying, having apparently torn her father apart and eaten him. It is unclear how much of the attack Rahne is able to remember, if anything at all.

The team returns to Angel's Aerie to recover but Rahne is still suffering from the brainwashing she received at the hands of the Purifiers. Whenever she sees Angel she goes into a rage and attempts to attack him, prompting Angel to transform into Archangel to retaliate. The Stepford Cuckoos are brought in in an attempt to deprogram Rahne, however before they can accomplish much X-Force are sent on a mission, leaving Rahne behind alone. While by herself she notices someone outside. It turns out to be Hrimhari, the Wolf Prince of Asgard. The two run off together, with Hrimhari stating that they must have been reunited for a reason and if the Gods of Asgard can forgive her then she must be able to forgive herself. X-Force and the Stepford Cuckoos attempt to locate Rahne using Cerebra, but are initially unable to, most likely due to Rahne being in her wolf form. Rahne and Hrimhari successfully defeat a group of Frost Giants while adventuring together. Meanwhile X-23 has gone missing and while the Stepford Cuckoos attempt to find her they instead succeed in locating Rahne.



After defeating the Frost Giants Rahne mysteriously passes out, seemingly close to death. Hrimhari takes her to Angel's Aerie in an attempt to have Elixir heal her, but Elixir is not present because he was seriously injured while on a mission and had been left in the custody of the X-Men on Utopia in a comatose state. Hrimhari travels to Utopia with Warpath and Archangel in order to help Rahne and it has been revealed by Dr. Nemesis that she is pregnant with the Wolf Prince's child (a child that is neither human nor mutant) and the unborn child is threatening her health and her life. They arrive as Selene's teams of resurrected mutants are beginning their attack on Utopia. Hela is summoned and gives Hrimhari the option to save a life. Instead of choosing Rahne or his child, he chooses to save Elixir. Elixir is then revived and able to save Rahne and child. Elixir also elevates Rahne's physiology to the point where she could survive carrying and giving birth to Hrimhari's baby.


X-Factor 208

Rahne returned to X-Factor Investigations but not finding what she hoped for. She returned and walked in on Rictor and Shatterstar during a private moment between the two. Rahne instantly started yelling and then shifted into her wolf form and attacked Shatterstar, throwing the two of them out the window, and to the streets. She accused Shatterstar of using mind control on Rictor. Longshot used a fire hydrant to get her off of him. By this time Rictor appeared and asked Rahne who the father was. She told him she had been with anyone but him, so he must be the father. When Rahne said this Layla was watching, with a look that seemed to show that she knew Rahne was lying to Rictor.

While the rest of the team was busy tracking down Hela in Las Vegas, Rictor accompanied Rahne to the Obstetrician. On the way to the Doctor's office, they try to talk things out. The conversation quickly centers around Rictor's sexuality. Still incredulous at the idea of his homosexuality, Rahne, confused and evidently self-conscious, wants to know whether she turned him gay. Rictor proceeds to ease her concerns, explaining that it had nothing to do with her or any other external factor- he was always homosexual and was himself unaware of it.

At the Doctor's office, Rahne is given an ultrasound. Much to the disbelief of the Doctor, although she can hear the child's heartbeat, no image appears on the monitor. Apparently, Rahne's body has developed some type of protective shell that can't be permeated by any external stimuli, including sound waves.

Rahne left the office to go to church. On her way she ran into Shatterstar. He joined her on her walk to church. Once they reached the church Rahne smelt something wrong. The two split up and went in. Rahne stumbled upon a demon that was in the form of Rahne as a child, it asked for her baby and it would allow Rahne to live. She refused and the both began to fight Shatterstar showed up to aid Rahne, the demon almost got the best of them both, but with team work they defeated it causing it to flee. As the two heroes left the church Rahne's name was called out and it was the formerly deceased Feral, that was speaking.

Concerned that the impending birth of her child --and the related attacks by various mythic creatures-- posed a threat to the rest of the team, Rahne took off with Jack Russell, seeking sanctuary in upstate New York. There they found themselves pursued by the beast Cerberus, which was in turn controlled by a boy who proclaimed himself to be Agamemnon. Rahne was captured and imprisoned in the cellar of Agamemnon's cabin, where she went into labor. Agamemnon revealed that there would be a mysterious war in the near future, and Rahne's child, as the first offspring of mutant and god, would be a major player.

Godly Birth

As Madrox, Siryn, Guido and Shatterstar feverishly combed the woods for Rahne, she began to give birth to the child by ejecting it from her mouth, in a manner similar to the birth of the goddess Athena by Zeus. The child resembled a demonic wolf cub, and it's first act of life was leaping at Agamemnon and ripping him apart. A horrified Rahne screamed at the child to get away from her, and the confused cub ran out of the room, where it was accosted by the members of X-Factor. Siryn, startled and unaware that the creature was Rahne's child, unleashed a scream that sent the child flying out of the cabin and into the woods, where Hela was waiting for it. She called the child to her, but before she could leave with it she was attacked by the army of beasts, all seeking to claim the cub for themselves. A massive battle ensued, and in the midst of it the cub sneaked away to find shelter under a fallen tree trunk. Jack Russell found him and was able to calm the cub down, and carried him away from the scene while assuring the cub that he would take care of him and make sure no one ever hunted him again.

In the aftermath of the conflict, the members of X-Factor attempted to explain what had happened to Rahne, but she refused to listen to any of them, whispering over and again "I've been judged.....and this is my punishment." Banshee and Polaris took Wolfsbane to a road trip, they were hoping that it would help her if she talked to John Maddox. It did help her and she decided to track down her son she rejected. Rictor and Shatterstar decided to accompany Wolfsbane on her journey. They managed to track Tier, who was with a white werewolf, Vanora. Wolfsbane fought with Vanora, (unknown to Wolfsbane, Vanora is her daughter from another reality) but Shatterstar ended the fight by seemingly killing Vanora and teleported Wolfsbane and Tier into old Wolverine's cabin. Wolfsbane decided to stay there with her son and with Jack Russell, who had taken care of Tier thus far.

It turns out that Wolfsbane and Tier are still under attack by the gods, she sent Tier to meet her with the X-Factor, while she fought them. Darwin also caught up with Tier, but Wolfsbane managed to save him by running Darwin over with a taxi. They then go to X-Factor, and the gods find them again.

Hell on Earth War

Then time came for the war of the Hell-Lords, Wolfsbane explained to Tier that he does not need to fight if he doesn't wish to. At first Tier agreed and stayed away from the battle with Layla Miller's help. But they he soon realized the world would be destroyed, and went to battle Mephisto. In the fight tier was killed by Guido, and flash of light released from his death transported Wolfsbane into arctic. where she walked until her legs gave out. She started to hallucinate that she was reunited with Hrimhari and Tier in Niflheim. In reality she was hugging a polar bear. Guido came to her aid and refused to kill Wolfsbane even tough she asked for it. He instead transported her to John Maddox just as he was attacked by some men with guns. Wolfsbane knocked one man out and shot and killed another with a rifle she took from him. She then ran away. Later she returned and told John Maddox everything that had happened. John asked her to stay there and learn to be a Deacon of the church, Wolfsbane accepted.

Powers and Abilities

Rahne Sinclair - Wolfsbane is a mutant metamorph, allowing her to change her physical form with concentration. Unlike other metamorphs her's is a very specific one better referred to as Lycanthrope, the ability to change to and from a wolf.

Wolfsbane transformation

She is able, through mental concentration; transform herself into a wolf, while retaining most of her human intelligence, or into a transitional werewolf-like form which combines both human and lupine characteristics.

While her mutant powers are in use, Wolfsbane has 3 type of physical appearance. She can change completely in a wolf, a hybrid form taking on characteristics of both a human and wolf and her absolute form taking on the form of a huge werewolf like creature. She is covered with reddish brown fur and grew a tail. She also had reversed knee joints, an elongated snout and razor edged canines.

Although Wolfsbane can transform herself into a wolf, she is not a werewolf in the sense that there is nothing supernatural about her power. Her transformations are not dependent on the phases of the moon, and she has the same vulnerabilities to injury as does a normal wolf when she is in lupine form, and no special weakness against silver.

Wolfsbane is capable of moving and running faster than the finest athlete while in her wolf form. Wolfsbane's muscles produce far less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the muscles of an average human. She can exert herself at peak capacity for several hours before fatigue impairs her. Combined with her regenerative healing ability it allows for Wolfsbane to be more durable in battle, thus allowing her to sustain more damage than the average.

Wolfsbane possesses a healing factor, though not on par with Wolverine. She is able heal her wounds and restore her health at an accelerated rate.

Wolfsbane's natural agility, balance and coordination are enhanced to increased levels, similar to that of a wolf, but even greater then. She possesses reflexes enhanced beyond that of the average human, match that of a wolf but greater.

Dani Connection

Rahne shares a telepathic rapport between both herself and longtime best friend Danielle Moonstar. This rapport allows both of them to mentally communicate with each other over long distances. It also allows one another to know when the other is in great pain.

She possesses super-humanly acute senses of sight, smell, taste and hearing comparable to, though incredibly stronger than, those of some animals such as dogs, cats and wolves.

Wolfsbane possesses claws at the tip of each finger. These claws are capable of cutting most conventional materials including flesh, bone, wood, stone, and some types of metals. She also has elongated canine teeth that she can use to rend flesh or even break through bone in combat situations.In wolf form, Wolfsbane tail provides greater balance allowing for more precise athletic movement.

Wolfsbane possesses superhuman strength enabling her to lift about 1 ton, though in her "absolute form her strength levels have yet to be measured.

Wolfsbane is a formidable hand to hand combatant, trained in self defense in combat training by none other than the likes of Cable, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Havok. A fearsome opponent she has held her own against the likes of Wolverine, Sabretooth and Feral many times over.

She is also an excellent tracker and hunter due to her enhanced senses with her mutant talents.

Rahne's surrogate mother, Moira MacTaggert was, when alive, the world's leading genetics. Rahne was eager to learn and apprenticed with her mother and gave large amount of valuable knowledge. Rahne is skilled at Advanced First-Aid and Emergency Medical Training.

Wolfsbane is able to determine if someone is lying by judging the person's emotional stated. She simply observes the changes in their heat patterns and the scents they give off.

Wolfsbane enhanced sight grants her the ability to see ultraviolet and infrared portions of the electromagnetic spectrum; thus allowing her to perceive objects or people in patterns of heat. She is also able to see is absolute darkness.

Rahne, as a result of her mutant nature, was initially unable to grow her hair (in human form) longer then a crop top. Though never explained, it may be as a result of internal mental inhibitors. For Rahne, beauty was a negative thing, as her father thought of her. She may have affected her ability to grow her hair, herself.


Wolfsbane previously was only able to change in a wolf or wolf/human hybrid, only later her absolute form was granted to her. While she was a mutate on Muir Island, she was experimented on by their scientist. This occurred when she was being bonded and stuck into her mutate suit. Due to the further mutation they processed on her they inadvertently induced, potentially, a secondary mutation or simply gave her a power increase. Either way, the result allowed for greater size and strength. Roughly 8' on all four legs, 12' on her hind legs. A mass weighing nearly 1000lbs and an increase in all her other mutant attributes. The source of the additional mass is assumed to come from an extra dimensional source, but not yet revealed.

Wolfsbane retains virtually all of her human intelligence when she is in lupine form. However, as a wolf she might have difficulty at pattern recognition, or in comprehending particularly complicated concepts which she could understand somewhat more easily as a human. She does not possess a wolf's instincts, and therefore must learn how to use her lupine abilities. However, when she is in lupine form, since she then has a wolf's vocal organs, she cannot speak. But as a wolf she can achieve a degree of telepathic communication with her fellow ex-New Mutant Dani Moonstar.

Wolfsbane's "transitional form" combines elements of her human and lupine forms. In it she retains her full intelligence and is capable of speech. In transitional form Wolfsbane is less agile than she is as a wolf, but she is stronger than she is as a human being. She can stand erect and use her front paws as hands. She is still covered with fur in her transitional form, but the coat is thinner. At least some of her senses in transitional form are more acute than they are in her human form.

Wolfsbane's lupine and transitional forms are more massive than her human form. The source of this additional mass is unknown. For a short time Wolfsbane gained Dagger's ability to project light and she gained a new beautiful human body and upgraded wolf transformation.

Alternate Earths

Rahne of Terra/Geshem (Earth-1991)


Here the New Mutants are represented as non-mutants living in a time very similar to the Dark Ages. Here, Rahne (Wolfsbane) is Princess, later Queen and Ruler of the World, Rain of Gesham. Members of her Royal household include: Tabby ( Boom-Boom) her lady-in-waiting, her Prince consort Douglas Ramsey ( Cypher) and her knights: Robert ( Sunspot), Samuel ( Cannonball) and Richard ( Rictor).

None of the New Mutants in this reality have the powers of their original counterparts except for Rahne's knights Robert, Samuel and Richard. Though they are not mutants, they are granted their powers through the use of magical items.

Legacy Virus Merged with Warlock (Earth-8545)

Wolfsbane is a former team mate of Cypher before he was infected by the virus that made contact with Warlock. However, further information regarding Wolfsbane and other of her teammates whether they are infected or not by the virus is yet unrevealed.

Magik Rules (Earth-37072)

The Exiles helped overthrow a tyrant ruler, Kulan Gath, in a world overrun by magic.

Mutant X Universe (Earth-1298)

In the Mutant X reality, Wolfsbane was a member of the Marauders. Her personality was very close to her mainstream Earth #616 counterpart. Apparently she was forced to join the Marauders and as a member she was the most level-headed of all the members. Last seen with her team led by Jubilee, also including a morbidly obese Cannonball, and facial deformed Husk and Sunspot, they failed the mission that they were sent on by their, unseen, employer. They were on the run in the Morlock tunnels trying to distance themselves from the fury of their employer. In the end Wolfsbane informs her team that there was no longer any need to run as their employer was already there. She deduced this by using her hyper keen senses. Their fates as a team or singly were never revealed.

Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610)

Wolfsbane (Earth-1610)

She was initially looked at as a member of the government selected group of mutants called the New Mutants, led by Emma Frost. She was immediately declined by the president saying, "No to the wolf girl." Rahne Sinclair then appeared as a carnival performer under the name Wolfsbane.

She later appeared as a member of the new group called, Mutant Liberation Front led by Stryfe. She fought the Sentinels and was blasted by one, it seemed that she died.

Sasquatch (Earth-1610)

But somehow she survived the ordeal and then joined the Alpha Flight under Sasquatch alias, since her appearance of a wolf drastically changed into a large beast as a result of the use of the mutant growth hormone, Banshee. This is also the first time where she has an official codename. Rahne still can revert to a more human appearance when she powers down. Later, she is injured by Nightcrawler, who, while trying to teleport her away, seemingly teleports part of her arm off.

X-Men: The End (Earth-41001)

X-Men: The End

The End depicts the last story of the X-Men approximately taking place 20 years in the future. Here, Wolfsbane, is still associated with the X-Men as part of the Senior staff at the Xavier Institute. She has apparently taken on leadership duties to some extent, acting very much like Cyclops. During the attack on the x-mansion she was attempting, as best she could, to save as many lives of the students. During the pitch of the battle it is revealed that there is a bomb set and was going to decimate the school. Through Wolfsbane's effort she manages to gather almost all the remaining student there and save them. Unfortunately she would not. She would get caught in the explosion and lost her life. Before she died though she would call out to her longtime best friend through their psychic rapport ( Danielle Moonstar). Dani had been detained at Neverland Ranch on the blue side of the Moon. She was unable to go to the X-Men as the scientists, at Neverland, had a constant flow of drugs in her system. Rahne's cry for help during her death was so strong that it managed to pull Dani out of her fake coma. It was would be due these events that Dani would completely destroy Neverland Ranch and free all the mutants before she left to Asgard.

House of M (Earth-58163)

House of M

Wolfsbane appeared on the cover along with the rest of Hellions, making the connection that she was a member of SHIELD's Red Guard. Later Wolfsbane appears to be guarding Lord Magneto's halls. She tried to stop Lord Doom from entering but, Doom defeated him and her fellow guard. After Lord Doom's failed attempt to take over the world, Wolfsbane and another guard escorted him off the premises.

What if Phoenix had not died?

Wolfsbane is a member of the New Mutants who were brought to Xavier's School for further learning. She along with the other New Mutants was trained by Jean Grey. They were late whisked away to be present in the Secret Wars. When they have returned, they were shocked to discover that Jean is already missing from the School.

What If: The X-Men Stayed in Asgard? (Earth-904)

An offer is made three of the New Mutants remain in Asgard effectively putting an end to the group as a whole. Karma, Magma and Warlock would choose to leave returning to Earth and become fully fledged X-Men. Those that remain in Asgard dramatically change history there and most take on important roles while there. Wolfsbane fell in love with Hrimhari and she becomes the Queen of Wolves and has three cubs/kids continuing the royal line.

What If: The X-Men Died in Their First Mission? (Earth-105709)


In this reality both the original X-Men and the "All New, All Different" X-Men perished in the battle against Krakoa, severely changing the events of the X-Men. All that remained was Professor X. Beast, who at the time was part of the Avengers, would return to his old teacher to care for him in his time of need. Moira MacTaggert, an old friend, would Charles and would come with a very young Rahne (Wolfsbane). Rahne at this time was very young, so young that her powers had not naturally occurred yet. After checking on her longtime friend, Moira would return home to Muir Island taking her adoptive daughter with her.

A while later the world would be threatened by Count Nefaria; and Professor X decided that he must do something. Along with Beast, they would create and use a machine that would find mutants around the world and automatically teleport them to any location, sending them to do battle against Count Nefaria. Included in the group of mutants would be the very young Wolfsbane, despite her powers not yet emerging, the machine was able to deduce that she was in fact a mutant. Beast would be sent there as well as he was the last X-Men. Once together the team would fight Count Nefaria but would quickly find themselves overpowered. Professor X not having any other option would use his psionic powers to forcefully active Rahne's mutant powers and nature. By sheer chance, she managed to tip the scale and pull a victory for the mutants. When the group was done they would be teleported to Xavier. They would decide to stay together and become the next incarnation of the X-Men. Led by Beast the rest of the group would include: Warpath, Namorita, Siryn and the young Wolfsbane.

Home world of Morph, ex-member of the Exiles (Earth-1081)

The New Mutants of this reality were/are very similar to the mainstream counterpart of Earth-616 with an exception to the actual members of the team. The team consisted of Cannonball, Sunspot, Moonstar, Wolfsbane and Morph. Apparently in this reality Wolfsbane and Morph are great friends as well with the other members of the New Mutants.

Age of Apocalypse (Earth-295)

Earth-295 Age of Apocalypse

Originally seen only in her wolf form only, she was actually stuck in; she was always at the Dark Beast's side seeming to be his sidekick. It was later reveal that, she, along with all the other mutants at the Dark Beast's lab were all experimented on. Wolfsbane, unable to deal with the traumatic experience, shifted to her wolf form as a defense. In her wolf for her higher brain functions were more limited. This meant less memory, which meant less pain. Similar to a dog, she followed the Dark Beast most everywhere he went. Apparently her parents in this reality were slaughter after they attempted to protect and hid Wolfsbane mutant powers.

When AoA was revisited 10 years later, all of the mutants that survived were either rescued or escaped the Dark Beast's pens. Thankful for Wolfsbane, she was found by the X-Men and joined, where she began her recovery. As a result of her extended time as a wolf, she maintains a very animalistic personality. Although she is very feral, she once again is getting a hold of her dwindled humanity. In the mean time she has also become an active and respected member of the X-Men participating in active field duty missions.

Days of Future Pasts (Earth-9620)


Leather wearing, head shaved (almost completely), pierced and morbid interest of watching death. These were the words that best described the Wolfsbane that lived in this reality. In this apocalyptic future, Wolfsbane is one of the few remaining mutants that still worked as a member of the X-Men. As a member of Excalibur that is. Being surrounded by death and losing so many people that were close to her, Wolfsbane gained a morbid obsession with death. She would spend much of her time watching recorded images of death and murders of both mutants she knew and didn't know. Her final fate was never recorded but she may have died in the final battle that Excalibur participated in.

Viking settled America (Earth-991)

By this point, Europe had been conquered by Mongolians and America was ruled by viking descendants.

Wolverine-Lord of the Vampires Killed The Punisher (Earth-9250)

Wolfsbane is a vampire who was slain by Dormammu's mindless one.


Wolfsbane is a part of a government formed group that investigates about the N.X.Y.F., a growing population of mutants. She along with her team mates are led by Cable.

Home World of CrusaderX (Earth-2122)

Wolfsbane is along with the New Mutants in a reality where the United Kingdom still rules over America.

Age of Xavier

After Charles Xavier dies, Wolfsbane arrived at the Xavier Institute to learn about her powers, she and the other new students were welcomed by Scott Summers, who said that even though Charles Xavier has died, seeing them, he knew that his dream lived.

X-Men Forever (Earth-161)

This reality diverges from Earth-616 continuity following the publication of X-Men #1-3 (1991).

In Other Media


X-men Animated Series

X-Men Animated Series

Wolfsbane is a member of the X-factor led by Forge. As Iceman thought that Polaris was not a member but a hostage of the X-factor, the X-Men followed him and fought the X-Factor. Wolfsbane as a part of the team fought Beast as she transforms into a lycanthrope. As the tension calms down between the two teams, she was introduced to the X-Men like her X-Factor team mates.

X-Men: Evolution

X-Men Evolution

Wolfsbane was a member of the New Mutants who undergone trainings with the X-Men. She then left the Institute with Jubilee when the humans have misinterpreted the mutants. A noticeable difference is that, in the show, her given name is interpreted differently. She was referred to as "Rah-nee" instead of "Rahne (Rain)."

Wolverine and the X-Men

Wolverine and the X-Men

Wolfsbane was one of the mutants apprehended by the MRD and was saved by the X-Men. When she was freed, she was later on shown in Genosha as Scarlet Witch tours Nightcrawler. In a later episode, she was taken down by a Sentinel.


X-men: Battle of the Atom

X-men: Battle of the Atom

Armor is featured in the mobile card game "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" based on the comic book story with the same name. Her cards are:

  • [Black Ops X-Force] Wolfsbane
  • [Ghost Dance] Wolfsbane
  • [Necrosha Team] Wolfsbane
  • [X-Factor Agent] Wolfsbane
  • [Ghost Dance] X-Force
  • [Black Ops] X-Force

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