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some of you guys divided by zero, I can tell

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"(My first post as this character.)

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"Ruin Cross said:
"(My first post as this character.)

It was on his birthday that the registration act was started. It was a monks religion to meditate for the full day on there birth-days. Ruin decided, that since he was new he would not take any part in the civil war, for he was not with the act nor was he against it. However, they would not agree with him. Ass he sat in the dojo meditating windows crashed, sentinels and cape killers filled his dojo surrounding him.


I hope your not afraid of the dark,


As he clapped every light in the dojo cut off. There were only large glimpses of light coming from his powerful hands. Ten seconds later there was another clap and every sentinel/cape killer was lying on the ground dead.  And Ruin was sitting in the edge of his windows sight seeing.

He walked through the darkening valley. Rodents swarmed his path. Insects clamped onto his neck in attempt to chew through him. However his rock hard skin was too tough for him to even feel they’re landing. His bright eyes lightened up the area and even though he was not in harms way his hand were always glowing with energy. Every since the lightning stuck him he was given these strange abilities. Ability to control different substances. Enhanced activeness. He was 100 times as powerful as he was before, and he loved it. Ruin was not a passionate or patient man. He liked to get things done quick and clean. And he didn't think twice about making an attack. He had once almost come up with an idea of starting an organization. Not of heroes or villains but of punishers. To punish heroes for doing wrong or villains for doing wrong. But the idea faded quicker than it came.


There were legends of the vine legends of gambler, Final Arrow, Renegade Lantern. Everywhere he turned there was a legend. But there was one mystery he began to look into. The mystery of Final Arrow. There was something going on with arrow, something deep. It was something that must have been there before HFC was formed. It was like a plant and HFC only watered it. The mystery got even deeper as the legend last arrow was killed, this was something that he knew only Final Arrow would have the answers to and soon when he felt the time was right he would confront and if he had to force answers out of Arrow, then that’s what he would do.


There was one legend that no body could inform him on. Everywhere he turned the name Mighty Magneto appeared. Oddly enough everyone denied knowing anything about him. Yet they shook at the sound of his name. This just made yet another case that he needed to get to the bottom of. The more and more he thought about it, he was not only here just to defeat AJ. But he was hear to unlock the true mysteries of the vine. And keep heroes and villains balanced.


Ruin noticed something about the vine. There were numerous amounts of villains but only one active villain team. This team was known as HFC. The HFC was known for its dominant clashes with Mobb Deep and other hero squads. Mobb Deep was the most powerful hero team on the vine. Its former leader was known as Renegade Lantern they say the man was a legend. And word on the street was he was back, and he would make god look like fool. This worried Ruin most rottenly. He hated the fact that there were others who could manage to stand up against him. Although, he never doubted his powers. If he had to he would take out the devil himself. Well that’s what he thought. The primary leader of Mobb Deep since Lantern’s disappearance is Kurrent.


Kurrent was sometimes known as the Ace of Electrocution. This was for his control over electricity. Along side Kurrent, Morte, and Acer showed dominant fighting skills. Morte was a most famous one for his fighting tactics. If Ruin remembered correctly he and Morte was trained in the same Dojo. The two were known for the various clashes with the god of mischief, Gambler. Gambler was a most definitely dangerous man. And becoming president of the vine only caused him to be overwhelmed with more power. Ruin always promised himself one of these days he would give Gambler a fatal clash.


However there was one character on the vine that he had many things in common. There fighting skills brought them to become close comrades. But when they were kids and Ruin went off to search for AJ, he had lost conact with Morte. He knew that Morte probably wouldn’t even remember all of the tournament battles they allied each other in. Their friendship was not just business. It was personal, Morte was once like a brother to Ruin. On the side of his parents training Morte always helped Ruin master certain aspects of his martial arts. Rumor on the street was Morte was the living weapon. And that was not a false statement in any way at all.


In his mind, Ruin knew that what he had seen was not even half of the vine. He had only been there for a total of six years. It was all because of his quest to track down his mother’s killer AJ. Or Ajnin Judithe. As he continued through the large forest. As he glanced to the sky he saw the stars gleaming with an unknown light. H decided it was time for him to rest. He sat down and leaned his back against the tree. He began to get a chill down his spine. A chill of fear. He worried that he would not be powerful enough to take down the one known as AJ. But it didn't matter he would die trying.


As he glanced back up to the sky, it seemed as if the stars were forming a circle, moving at hyper speed. He figured it was just illusion from his long walk as he laid his back against the ground he began to have flash backs of being with his parents. Training to be the best of the best. Hopefully all of his training would pay off soon. In his monk practice he learned how to do the art of fighting without fighting. He could knock someone a mile away without even making contact. Boom! He leaped up from his camp base. He jumped to see a large space shuttle on fire inside a deep hole in the ground.


He hid deep into the top of the trees. Leaping from branch to branch like a monkey, as he got to the tree closest to the space shuttle he stayed put. He analyzed the environment. He watched as a group of inter galactic beings opened a hatch on the top of the shuttle and exited the airship. They seemed to be deformed beast. He had heard of these before they were known as aliens. His mom made him promise to kill an alien every time he saw one. But she also mentioned to make sure you are in a group of at least a dozen to challenge one alien, there powers are divine. There were two who exited the ship. They looked around the forest as if they were looking for something special. No that wasn't it. They were lost!


The beast began to move toward his location. He leapt out of the tree and landed right behind him. But they did not detect him, for he was the master of stealth. As he continued to follow behind them, he drew his sword. It was not a normal sword at all. But it was a light saber he pick pocketed from AJ. AS he pressed the device the large laser extended itself about three feet. He quickly dived for the alien on the left. When he found himself between the alien’s legs. The laser just phased through as if it wasn't working. Dam they were powerful! He rolled out of the way, he could see that the beast were chuckling at him. Did they take him as a joke? That was a big mistake.


He began to hold his hands close to each other doing a various amount of movements. Fire began to form at both of his palms. As he continued this strategy. A large ball of fire formed. He launched the fire at the weird beast with a forceful push. As the fireball impacted the beast it began to burn to the ashes. The other beast began to run around as if he was on drugs. The beast gripped its claws into a tree before launching it at him He quickly retrieved his light saber as he split the fast coming tree in half. Straight down the middle. He then put the sword in its original place. He began to do what he did when he formed the fire blast but this time he was forming ice. He shot the long line of ice at the beast. The beast was quickly frozen. With no time to spare, Ruin quickly launched his body into the air. He could not be seen from the surface of the earth. As he came down his body was flaming with fire from his exotic speed. He held a katana in hand as he fell down. Before reaching the ground the Katana shattered the iced the now formed the beast.


As his feet impacted the ground it formed a large hole. This hole was larger than the one that was created by the space shuttle. It was ten times as large. He then exited the scene in a dramatic way. As he did so he came across many different animals that he had to kill in self-defense. As he came unto a large hill he could hear cars flying around behind the hill. That mean he was closer to the city. As he moved up the hill he saw cars swarming the streets. He took a few steps back and than ran forward and leaped into the air. He could feel his matrix agility kicking. It was as if he was flying through the air in slow monition. As he flew over the many cars. Well glided is what it was more like, he came to a stop.


When he landed smoke clogged the area. He waved his hands through the air in attempt to cleanse the oxygen. He looked up at a large sign to find out where he was. The name of the place was Nine Lives Coffeshop. He entered the building. He did not ask for a drink, he just took his seat. He reached into his black leather pants and pulled out a small, glass flask. In it was a orange liquid that looked like lava, and it seemed to be boiling. Ruin quickly swallowed down the liquid. He always wanted to live up to the legend. Not only was his skin very tough, but his digestive system was even stronger. He was immune to diseases.


He looked around at many of AJ’s friend. He knew they had his back and for that reason this was the wrong place to be. He rose from his seat and exited the building. As he walked out he could feel the rain pounding against his head. He decided to make a stop at the local library there was something he needed to look up. As he entered he dashed to the first computer he saw. He selected the Internet icon and began typing. In the selection he put “Cajun”. As he did many articles on the comic vine president appeared on the screen. All of the articles said the same thing. And that was Cajun-meant violence.


He then entered a search for the famous Renegade Lantern. There were not any results, he tried re-spelling it. Nothing worked. He banged his fist against the computer desk gently, but still enough to catch the others attention. This must meant the story of his return was true. The lantern was back and he was powerful enough to delete himself from history. When AJ was at WAL HQ he heard him speaking of a word that was called genesis. He typed in the word, as the computer shut down. Was this done by genesis, did it also have some history of power. He hen exited the building so fast that the chair was left spinning.


Ruin returned to his one and only home. His dojo. As he entered the lights automatically cut on. He pressed a red button next to the light switch as a section of the floor began rise. A pair of stairs could be seen. He walked straight down the stairs. This is where he made all of his potions and weaponry. He had constructed better material then the famous Tony Stark. As he walked into the large lab/arsenal he looked around. Some flasks with different liquids in them were already boiling. All of the filled flasks were over different little miniature candles.  He walked over and grabbed a flask with a purple liquid he mixed it in with a red potion.


A rainbow seemed to be a result of the mixture. A smile crept into Ruin’s face. This was obviously what he wanted to happen. Poured a small drop of the liquid into his mouth. His knuckles began to glow with a red aura. His eyes were pure light. He could feel his power level rising devastatingly. This was well over what he had expected. He inserted the flask into his small pouch on his inner thigh. He then began to equip himself with his best equipment. He knew this would be an high advantage on his fight against anyone. He then went back up the flight of stairs. Pressing the button once again as the room went to normal. In the middle of the floor there was a large rug with the martial art symbol on it. He moved toward the rug in sat down on the symbol. He folded his legs in meditation form.


He had learned this type of meditation from his father. This meditation was most different then other for the powers that it granted. He began to think of all the past exotic events. The Civil War, Renegade Lantern’s return, Alien encounter, he had just about seen it all. Well…. that’s what he thought. But actually he was a long way from seeing it all. Flashbacks of AJ decapitating his mom, his father being kidnapped. AJ’s face began to flash in front of Ruin’s eyes back and forth. Then something seemed to yell in his mind. “Kill the Florian! Kill kid Lebeau!” What could it mean? The vision appeared like an irritating insect. Rage began to boil at an even higher extent than before. As Ruin finally opened his eyes he could see that everything inside the dojo floated in the air. This new power was somewhat telekinetic with a mix of Telepathy. As he stood everything feel down instantly into its original place. He then exited the dojo.


I am the Vile Executioner and there is no creature in hell or heaven that will take that from me!


He yelled his words to the high skies as if he was yelling at the gods themselves. He may have been cocky but he could back up every word he said. On this day he had formed a new rivalry with most of the people on the vine. And if anyone even attempted to stop him he would execute the perfect fatality.


He had returned to the streets of the vine. Everything seemed calm but it was too calm. He was starting to get some bad vibes. He settled himself a nice hotel called the Hilton. He felt freer than ever. There had been this woman he had been speaking with, her voice seemed to soothe his every problem. He still had not known the woman name and was yet to tell her of his feelings. For he knew that he could possibly put her in danger, and he wasn't about to take that risk. He had seen her multiple times in the nine lives coffee shop. He now sat in his room in his nice comfortable bed. The neighbors were making so much noise he could have killed them for it. Instead he decided he was going to report it to the manager. But then he remembered he liked to lay low. He didn't ever speak to anyone.


Well there was one place he could go instead of being in this loud environment. The roof! He rose out of is bed and equipped himself with all his weapons. If there was one thing he never did it was fail to be prepared. He equipped himself with his best gear, and make his way to he roof. As he went up many flights of stairs he found himself opening a large hatch to the roof. He stood up as the cool breeze ran through his back. The sites of the city were more beautiful than he ever thought. He found himself quickly dozing off. As he awoke it was dark. He began to panic he made sure he still had all his gear. He did. Phew. Anyone could have robbed him while he had been asleep if he wasn't too careful.


As he looked up to the sky the moon shined brightly and the stars glowed. But there was a large bright light appearing. His eyes had to adjust before clearly seeing it. It was an aircraft. A huge one, nothing like the other one he had saw before. He knew that the other one he had saw was known for it’s traveling but they were thieves. But these new aircrafts he had never seen before. As if they were from another galaxy.  He drew one of his light sabers and extended the laser. He watched as more ships came. Then objects flew out of the ships. He gazed deep as the objects, they were some type of weird aliens just as he thought.


Comic Vine was known for its wide attraction but never anything like this. The streets of the vine were clogged with many different species. But this was different; these species seemed more of a vicious army, than lost tourist. He watched as the world began to become corrupted. Buildings crushed, houses burned, civilians enslaved. He watched for hours to wait till it was his turn. Before he knew several creatures landed in front of him. He held his light saber tight. At first he did not attempt to even move. He just sat and waited. He heard many odd groans, then he could hear the foot steps approaching him. With a swift motion he stood and spun in a 360 motion as his light saber decapitated one of the beast.


The other used his sword to bang the light saber’s handle out of Ruin’s hand. Ruin dropped the light saber to the ground. He could hear a beast beginning to attack. With a quick 180 with his hand he grabbed the beast sword, which was aimed at his skull. He used the momentum from the swords blow to throw a crucial fist against the beast’s jaw but in result he was the one hurt. He then grabbed the beast from behind and grabbed both his bottom and top gums and began to rip the top of the mans head from the bottom. This was his force and power absorption. It went in one hand and came out the other. As he did so he grabbed the sword from the now dead beast and launched it at the last beast on the roof. This sent the beast flying down and crashing to the ground headfirst.


He then sat back down. He had to get out of there quick as he saw that unfortunately the beast began to move and there body began to quickly fix itself. Dam! Somehow these beast could regenerate their cells quickly. He needed to know what was going and quick. First he needed somewhere to hideout. There was only one place he could possibly think about going. His Dojo, but he knew they would evade it soon so he didn't want to run into trouble. There was one other place he could go to. It was beneath the streets of the vine. It was a communication and technical labs his mother used to get paid from. Her life as a mercenary was born at this organization underground. He knew that he could reach any survivors with equipment there. He remembered there was only one way in. The business was shutdown long before Ajnin murdered his mother. Hi mother gave him the key and told him if he was ever in need of help to use the key. And she also told him the place to go. Every since then he wore the key around his very neck.


He moved to the coordinates. When he found the location there was a mail bow. He reached under the mailbox and pulled on a device attached to many cords. He inserted and twisted the key when it was inside. As he did the mailbox flipped back as a hatch in the ground opened. He grabbed onto a ladder handle before closing the hatch. As he did he began to climb down the ladder. There was no way he could possibly get lost, because there was a narrow wall, with a one dead end to the south. So he moved forward, it seemed like the narrowness began to widen. He ran his hands across the wall in search of a light switch. Instead he found a large red button. He slammed his fist against it.


As he did lights came on everywhere brightening up the large room. The many machines also cut on. He found different types of weapons were posted against the long walls. Swords, axes, guns, everything. He examined the devices several times as he analyzed his surrounding. He sat in the spinning chair and began to flick on buttons. If there was anything he learned from Tony Stark’s technician class it was to flip on every switch. And don’t touch red buttons. He flipped on the switches as saw a small microphone. He grabbed the microphone and rose up the volume. He knew this was only for really important situations. And this was really important! He pressed the yellow button on the microphone. He knew that there was speaker spread all over the world that would broadcast this spokesperson. But before he released the message he needed to do something that would stop him from being heard by the invaders. And with this type of equipment it was possible. See the thing about Comic Vine City was that nothing was natural. Bricks, floors, cement, walls, soil, it was all just a man made microchip. Everything contained microchips. He programmed the machine only o be heard by species who have been detected by the microchips before this day.


If there are any survivors, please evacuate all buildings and homes. We have unknown intruders in our city. And I am trying to do everything in my power to end this invasion. But that will not be possible without your help. Once I have given you the coordinates look at the closest mailbox and lift it up and precede down the ladder. The coordinates are 96 degrees latitude and 40 degrees longitude. 

this post is so my favorite"
Damn bro od
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lol Seph you cnat talk, we know abotu your long as post

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Ruin Cross said:
"lol Seph you cnat talk, we know abotu your long as post"
my nigga your post is way longer than mines lolz
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Hedatary's Best Post

It seems so long ago, that time when I once believed.

I’d been ready to face my enemies of all kinds, be it my own kin or ancient entities in mortal combat that day, prepared to fight and perhaps die for those innocents, people I didn’t know and never will. But I, Badou the Hedatary, found something there that I did not expect, something that no verse of the demon arts or lesson of the spiritual arts could prepare me for.

I am, or rather was, a soldier of the ancient Neolithic city, or general, if you like the more common name attached to the once greatest army, and am a servant to and believer in the strength of the Gods of the Stars. I trained first as a warrior, a man of spiritual yet deadly, learning to read the blade of spirits and send spirits to the other world, but I displayed unusual physical skill in my training to kill all that was my opponent and, at the behest of several older warriors, I began my service as a true elitist.

For several years after I left the acadamy, I’d hunted the marauding jungle beasts that plagued the outer villages as a missionary, such as the tiny, needle-toothed imps that lust for human flesh. I also spent some time policing lessor demons. I was content then, if only out of ignorance, but these are all memories of a time long past and lost forever, almost as if that life belonged to another, one who died and whose place on this poor earth was filled by me. My tale is that of an event much more recent, and therefore all the more horrifying.

A week later, I was joined a mercenary of the Assassin Guild in the great port of Mongolia, keeping order in the streets, when I received the message that would forever change my life. The note, delivered in the midst of a torrential rain typical of the spring by a breathless, soaking squire, said simply that the High Council had heard disturbing reports from the jungle settlements along the great river of So’harn Lake, and that I was to investigate and defeat any evil I found there.

I always did enjoy the rain; the clear, heavenly water seemed to wash away the corruption and filth, both physical and spiritual that seems to be second nature to cities and other collections of filth. I suppose its refreshing presence had something to do with the way I read the words that stained the tattered parchment without truly comprehending their meaning; after seeing the guild, I merely indicated my acceptance of the Council’s commands to the messenger, who had taken shelter under the rickety awning of a nearby fruit stand, earning a strident reproach from the merchant.

Maybe I’d wanted some time away from the city as well, since the drudgery of haunting the streets at all hours, watching for thieves plying their trade among crowds of drunken sailors and awed jungle dwellers, or for smugglers running furtively across the wooden walkways of the docks with their loads of illegal herbs and other idols, wore on my patience. Regardless, I prepared some supplies with measured haste, sharpened my deadly sword and dangers and set off into the hungry forest the next day, still ignorant of the true meaning lurking behind the hurried scrawl on the paper.

I soon came upon the clearing where the village was located; a circular patch of land cut clear by the jungle dwellers to serve as their home, and sighed with relief as the first of the thatch-roofed huts came into view. I slowed my pace and began to lower my sword, so as not to present an aggressive appearance to the innocent, and then stopped suddenly; something seemed wrong about the village. I didn’t hear any voices or anyone moving about in the huts ahead of me, although I saw a lot of smoke, probably from the cooking fires. I didn’t even notice that no sound was coming from the birds or the crawling critters who make there home inside there trees.

Then it came to me: blood. I smelt blood in the air, and burning flesh, fouling the wet air laden with the scent of plants and rot, and my sword swung back up into a guard position by reflex as I began to look around again, completely alert. Seeing no enemy yet, I invoked the name of God of Death to imbue my blows with holy power, chanted a quick prayer to the avatars of warriors and the saint of war, and then charged into the clearing.

Almost from the start, my mission began to change; like some magic beast, it constantly shifted forms, finally settling on the incredible sights. Barely hours after I had left the docks, another messenger reached me, a man clad in an unusually spiky black suit of armor studded with long skull like spikes, this time with orders to go instead to another village merely a few hours away, and serve as a temporary guardian for the frightened inhabitants.

This new command began to alarm me somewhat; I knew the Knight of the guild assigned to that region, and I had just received a letter from him several days previously, written in his flowing, princely script, detailing some of the concerns brought to his attention by the villagers. None of the stories he related gave the slightest hint that the laity there was in anything close to a state of panic, and I doubted that he needed help solving the odd property dispute. I began to question the man; what was wrong in the village? Where was the protector assigned to the area; should not one warrior be sufficient to deal with some jungle creature or ragtag bandit?

He seemed suddenly angry by my barrage of questions, refusing to offer any answers other than that the townspeople feared some sort of animal in the forest. When I persisted, asking what manner of threat demanded the services of a second soldier, he drew himself up, puffing his chest out like a proud rooster who does not know that he is destined for the soup pot tomorrow, and proclaimed that any more questioning of the Council’s decrees constituted faithlessness.

I quieted at this, though I remained wary; something about the messenger and the message itself had strongly reminded me of the way Evil blinds and manipulates unwitting Knights who seek only to follow orders. Too many of his words were designed to flatter and please, with not enough wisdom to prepare me for what might lie ahead.

The rain began falling harder, if such a thing could be possible without the intervention of the divine, as the messenger faded back into the deep mists of the forest, wispy vapours that smelled of earth and rot and life. Perhaps the stronger rains were indeed a gift from the Storm God; they took my mind away from the filth and lies of that would-be warrior. Then, I felt that it would be a black day for the world if ones such as he were ever made Paladins; now, I fear that the state of Order in this world could hardly be worse.

As I walked along the pathways leading into the darkness of the deep forest, the tapping of the falling water against my armour rose to a crescendo as the clouds loosed more tears, the pure liquid seeping through the joints of the steel plates to the leather padding beneath. Although I did enjoy the blessed coolness of the rain, more water ran over the sodden ground and pooled in the crude dirt path, making my journey slow. The mud grasped onto my greaves as I walked, almost as if the earth itself was trying to hold me back. Every now and then, my foot would end up on a particularly sticky patch, and I would have to pull hard against the muck, which held on with the desperate strength of a drowning man, before I came free with a wet popping sound, spraying globes of gooey mud. Once or twice, I fell into the soupy mess, struggling to rise against the pull of the earth. After the second time, I gave thanks to the spirits for stripping me of my vanity; I was such a mess that even a common peasant, who lives among his land and is almost one with it, would have reacted with disgust had he been in my state.

After following the directions of the messenger for about an hour, I sensed that I was near to my destination; the shrill calls of the monkeys in the trees no longer rang out, and there seemed to be fewer birds and other animals moving in the depths of the forest. As I neared the village, which I could see by the light of several torches placed outside, I realized with some displeasure that there was a tributary of the great river separating my position from the main portal in the crude stone walls, and that there was only a pair of tree trunks lashed together by vines to serve as a bridge.

I eyed them apprehensively for a minute, then gazed towards the silhouettes of the huts and the low stone wall, took a breath and began to cross. You’re not going to let some river stop you from carrying out the Council’s command, I admonished myself. Have some courage; there are always obstacles to the way of the warrior. I was halfway across the rickety contraption, lost in my ruminations on faith and courage, when the wood beneath me inexplicably rotated and sent me flying into the river with a loud splash.

The village was in ruins; the mostly untouched hut I saw from the outside of the clearing was the only structure left standing. All that remained of the others were piles of blackened wood and grass, with shards of pottery and metal and scraps of flesh scattered across them like some vile hellspawn’s twisted mockery of a twisted garden. This dreadful spectacle, however, was nothing next to the awful monument to the Three that stood in the center of the ruins; a shoulder-high pile of innocent corpses, burning furiously, casting a greasy, smoky pall over the wreckage, and filling my nose with the horrid stench of Hell’s delicacy. I stood there, astounded at the barbarous cruelty of the minions of darkness; I had heard tales of their blasphemous creations, but no second-hand account could have prepared me for the horror I saw here, the visceral disgust and stunned amazement of seeing the destruction of so many innocents. I stared for the longest time, unaware of all around me save the hellish pyre, and then sank to my knees, choking back sobs and anger

I’m not too proud to admit that I was shaken beyond words, and that I cried for the villagers, for souls I had failed and never would know. I could have dealt with that, though, could have moved on, continued serving the Council and the spirits as I did before; as horrible as that was, it was not why I am here now, sitting on a crate in the old, disreputable part of the docks, pondering my fate with, for the first time in my life, no guiding teachers to show me the way.

I rose to the surface seconds later, gasping for breath, more out of shock than actual need for air. The river wasn’t much colder than the rain, and I’d been soaked through already, so there was little to distract me from the task of staying afloat as I looked around hastily. I was caught up in a strong current of water, bobbing along like a piece of wood, almost helpless in the grip of the current, stronger than a miser’s hand on his purse. My vision was largely clouded by the spray of the river combined with the curtain of falling rain, but I noted unhappily that the flow of the water was taking me away from the village, towards the mighty Gen’tek forest itself, and that a good portion of my supply pouches had been lost in the fall.

I have no idea how long I spent in those swift waters, beating my way across the current towards the shore. Several times my strength began to flag and the weight of my armour dragged me below the surface, but by the grace of some unknown strength, I managed to surge back up and keep fighting my way through the river. When my arms could no longer propel my battered body through the rushing tide, I said a prayer to the God of war, took a breath, and then dropped beneath the churning, cloudy froth, resting for precious seconds before erupting back out, spraying and spitting water.

With all my efforts focused on breathing and moving out of the current, I would have been an easy mark for any river beast; I count myself blessed, or perhaps cursed, that I did not encounter a school of the hungry little fish-demons that tear apart anything foolish enough to swim, or one of the deadly watchers, the snakelike beings that seem to infest every pool and stream. I suppose removing some of my armour would have made my going easier, but I did not want to sacrifice my implements of war to the river, for I believed that I would need them once I got out and returned to the village. Little did I know that they would be no protection against the final sights of my journey.

Finally, as the shadows of the trees grew into a forest of darkness with the setting of the sun, shrouded by a blanket of grey cloud, I struggled into the shallows of the river and stumbled out onto the bank, managing to gasp out a thanks to the War God for my survival before collapsing. I was exhausted, more so than I had believed possible. Nothing I had ever done had left me this drained, not even the rigors of warrior training. I rested there, shivering violently, for what seemed like an eternity, my helmeted head against the soft grass and dirt, my greaves sinking slowly in the wet mud of the riverbank. Then, after I had regained a degree of mastery over my aching, weary muscles, I called upon an arch-angel of hope to watch over me in my weakness, and fell into a deep, blessed sleep. 

After I awoke feeling sore but renewed, I moved my head from side to side and listened to the bone complain in sharp, snapping outbursts as I tried to discern just where I had ended up after escaping the bitter grasp of the river, squinting in the morning light as it pierced the clouds. Upon seeing the width of the river from which I had so recently emerged, I judged, with great surprise, that I had been swept by the force of the tributary into the flow of the Gen’tek forest itself, and I had apparently managed to traverse the raging current of water without drowning. I gave thanks to the Warrior God once more, awestruck at the strength of human determination and will. No one I knew, not even the great lords of the Council in their prime, had ever succeeded in crossing the hungry river without a sturdy boat and yet, he managed to do it. Perhaps the God of the Stars were truly watching over him yet….he found something within him that is beyond anything he can comprehend. Something dark….

That was when I heard something within my earshot. It registered to me that the sound was of something terrible and large. I quickly turned around and came face to face against a monster of monstrous size. It’s foul breath could be felt even twelve feet away. Muscles under that flabby stomach could be seen as something as powerful. It’s tusk jutting upwards from under its mouth, yellow and broken. It’s large club the size of a tree trunk was held with it’s right hand like a I would hold a light sword.

I felt a chill creep down my spine. Cold, wet and hungry, loosing my sword within the depths of it’s sea, I felt the quickening of my heart beat. The pit in my stomach rumbled like uncontrollable animals pounding from within when I realized that the troll was smiling. It lifted it’s large club ever so slowly and with a growl, the club went down on me like a thunderous hammer….

Darkness, unadulterated darkness that ate away at the light with feverous vulture upon a dead creature. Badou opened his eyes, eyes glittering within his empty tower, eyes that ate away at the light. Fowl and madness run through them as he felt his memories when he was once a human. It has been over two thousand years since he was a human and still he cannot get rid of his past. Yet, he was wise enough to accept his past as a human to move on and learn from his experience.

Getting up from his throne, he disappeared through a portal he opened from using magical energies. His own teleporting powers are useless and used more on battling his enemies then teleporting. A magical portal serves him well enough in getting him where he needs to go.

And it was time he felt the need of chaos reign under the human world with his own hands rather than manipulation. It was high time he felt Badou felt the thrill of battle once again. However he was here for another reason. Since his eternal life and most of his power was gone, he needed to use a ritual to become a God Demon once more. And in order to do that, he needed to kill and collect at least a million souls. And with all the sentient beings that die by Badou or En’Mos are automatically collected within the Soul crystal.

Stepping into the city, his ebony skin shined under the sunlight. His armour felt light and comfortable. And with a smile he bent over to look at the ants that crawl down the streets from high atop the building he was standing upon. With nothing more than telepathic thought, Badou called his pet En’Mos’ to battle. And seconds later a large portal opened up. A growl so violent and so terrible, the many birds and other small creatures dropped like stones…dead. Glass from every store and every building shattered. Its large head bobbed from the portal, its entire serpentine like body was seemingly so large it was unimaginable for any human to comprehend.

Badou the Hedatary smiled as the large King of all dragons opened its mouth, gathering energy for the fiery blast that it will unleash like raging inferno upon the city. With every gathering energy, its very essence of the fire was melting nearby concrete, windows and human flesh.The people panicked and fled the scene as if hell it self was upon them…and indeed it was as the great dragon released its magical flames seconds later. It was pure chaos, the city tore apart asunder. Flames of magical hell made it’s mark upon earth, leaving it’s signature for all to see. Smoke and flames, flesh burned to ashes, lava formed from every melted building.

He instantly willed his dragon back to his city once again, to protect it while he deals in overseeing the hundreds of souls are being collected as it should be. Badou took out a small white crystal that acts like a portal, a portal that attracts all the souls from the freshly dead and transports it to the “Soul Crystal”.

Best post so far.
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long ass post about nothing!!!!!!!!'


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Hayden Miles said:
"long ass post about nothing!!!!!!!!'

lol don't wrry about that. I'm actually building up. My next post for Sha vs Hedatary will be longer i think.
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write to your hearts content dont get into writing so much that you forget you have to beat me

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"write to your hearts content dont get into writing so much that you forget you have to beat me"
hahaha don't wrry about that. I'm gonna whoop your butt so hard, your butt gonna still be sore in the afterlife.
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Ohhhhh I already have 2 plans to take you out,when i'm finished with you......you wont even be a gene

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Ohhhhh I already have 2 plans to take you out,when i'm finished with you......you wont even be a gene

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"long ass post about nothing!!!!!!!!'

well dont forget, everything in writing  has a meaning, its not all about combat
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"Hayden Miles said:
"long ass post about nothing!!!!!!!!'

well dont forget, everything in writing  has a meaning, its not all about combat"
You couldn't have been more right about that.
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Not everything,

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"Not everything,"
yea your right, but some people like to set a story before Going into battle to make more things interesting, if you go straight into battle its kinda boring, youre different though, if you set something funny or interesting before the battle it makes things more fun
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"Yeh HED'S POST WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER had he some how introduced how me and him came into conflict,Then again who am i you guys are my masters lol"
lol don't worry about that. The first part actually is part of the story seeing as i needed it for later on in battle lol. I'm not gonna give up too much of anything but anyway, my character never met you so it doesn't matter to me lol
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"Yeh HED'S POST WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER had he some how introduced how me and him came into conflict,Then again who am i you guys are my masters lol"
Im just a Veteran assassin that likes green tea lolz im know ones master , but yea i see what your coming from(if your sha)
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"not you seph!!!"
i dunno what your talking bout"
Neither do i
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yea your name for this account gives me the creeps, i was just saying
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i might hold the recored for battle rpg's i've only been here for 6 months and i have over 100

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i might hold the recored for battle rpg's i've only been here for 6 months and i have over 100"
  Jesus wtf too much accounts man , you guys get bored with your characters or something?

damn you had more battles then me, prolly 3 times more, and ive been on for 8 months
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but i have rpged with most of them

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"Nah most of my accounts are for humor!!^^

but i have rpged with most of them"
jeez theres accounts ive prolly never seen from u
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Yeah you might have cursed me out before lol.

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Hey your that mysterious nobody account from a month ago! i think i did get into some thing with you prolly lolz
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LexiCat said:
"overhead, lightning split the sky. its striking hue leaving an almost jagged blue mark against the darkening cloud of night. the wind was picking up, it almost seemed there was a storm coming. maybe more than just a storm. hell on earth, literally. she looked across the parched ground of Asgard where he stood, his sword at the ready, his red eyes narrowing as if to burn a hole straight through her. for a fraction of a second, neither dared move. the experience of the Dark Lord told him to wait, to let her make the first move. aided by the Mind Gem, her mind listened in upon his, gauging his intentions. she was full aware he would not move unless she did

"Shall we stand here and stare one another down, Dark Lord? Or shall we fight?"
he chuckled, and there was something so sinister about it that she raised an eyebrow slowly as though she couldn't comprehend the evil within him"I didn't come here to lose, girl. I hope you didn't come here thinking you would win."she was just a bit tired of his attitude, the constant boasting of his supremecy to her. she was aware she wasn't nearly as battle tested as him, but her courage and determination were something born, not learned. it was time he understood that"Then we FIGHT!"there was a sharp yell from her as the blue field engulfed her slender frame. she rose off the ground and in response to her movements, the Dark Lord countered, sending a flourishing set of blows with his sword. There was a clattering as blade met pure energy, both repelled back in the first stalemate of the battle. she lowered herself to the ground and she tossed her head, the movement sending waves of red blowing back off her shoulder and billowing in the wind a moment before settling back down along her back. she wasn't even breathing heavy, but she noted neither was he

"Face it woman, you aren't fit to wield the power of these gems. Hand them over to me and I might let you and your friends live!"
her eyes narrowed, blue flame flickering in the pupils, surrounded by the beautiful blue irises. she noticed the smirk he wore and in an unaccustomed rush of anger, she silently wished she could crush that side of his face and wipe it right away. if she gave in now, all hope would be lost. her friends needed her. Andy counted on her. there was no way she could fail"I may not be able to wield these gems with the cruel and iron fist like YOU might, Rayne, but I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!! I won't let you stain this world with your EVIL deeds! If that means that I must fall here in order to stop you then SO BE IT!"

she again unleashed an impressive wave of her telekinesis. this time, they manifested themselves in blue discs, each one hurling at the Dark Lord Rayne at remarkable speed. he was able to deflect some, but the ones that landed had him skidding across the Asgardian plain, his boots kicking up dirt and a haze of dust that lingered around him. he took in a few deep breaths and readied himself for another volley, defensively protecting himself with his blade raised
"Very well, AS YOU WISH!!!"his cry was heard before she actually saw him. the breeze swept across the battlefield, blowing the dust away to reveal him.... angry.... anxious. again, the two traded massive blows against one another, him unleasing a second fury of kicks and well timed slashes and strikes with his sword. she countered with the discs and with the telekinetic shielding. suddenly, the shrewd warrior unleashed a blast of green energy from his Soul Gem and it sent her skidding backward as she struggled to maintain her shield. she could sense the Soul Gem's powers and she knew... from somewhere in side the wielder of that gem was most dangerous. to have it in true evil's hands could only spell disaster for all!

with another surge of energy, the Gem's power broke through her shielding and she was sent hurling through the air, toward the massive stone towers of the Asgardian Castle. she let out a scream as her small body hit the tower, full force, and virtually sheared the top of it off. as she fell and hit the ground with a sickening thud, it began to rain debris onto her fallen body. massive chunks of stone and brick all piled on top of her from the destroyed towers of Asgard. and suddenly, everything was still. everything was silent. it were as though the light..... the hope had been extinguished. from all around her, even as they battled, her teammates screamed and cried out in horror as their guiding light lay extinguished... perhaps forever. The Dark Lord stood his ground, admiring his handywork. he'd warned the girl.... he'd told her that there would be no mercy. she'd felt the full force of his will and his evil

beneath the pile of rubble, the girl lay still. those beautiful blue eyes closed, that angelic face marred with scratches and smudges of dirt. her tiny body bruised and battered by the load she now found herself having to bear. in her mind, images of all she loved flashed slowly by, she heard their words, she saw their smiles, and she felt their love. slowly, the fire that burned from within her reignited with a passion.... its intensity was stronger than it had ever been. she had to break free. she had to stand tall. she HAD to win. quietly, there came a rustling from beneath the pile of debris. small pieces began to roll down the larger pieces and all of a sudden, with a light so brilliantly blinding, she burst forth... hurling the massive chunks of stone and brick in all directions around her. she shot up into the sky, the blue light shining all around her, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of its death. she had been reborn

as she hovered over the battlefield, looking down into the faces of those she loved, she thought about the misdeeds. she thought about the atrocities committed in this world, by those very people who in her world she loved like family. her very own husband, turned bitter and evil by his hatred.... only to be slain in front of her by someone even more twisted and evil. she swallowed, hard and as one single tear slipped from her crystal blue eyes, it left a stain... a track.... down that beautiful cheek now covered in dirt. she wept for what had been done. she wept for all she could not stop. she wept for all of those who never knew hope or never knew the feeling of being surrounded by the light of love. she thought of Andy, who'd given his life in order so that she might have a chance to set things right for the people of this world. they deserved a chance... they deserved to know hope

below her, Rayne was stunned to see her still alive. he gritted his teeth and growled, knowing that so long as she possessed the Power Gem, her physical strength and ability to take punishment was going to be upped immensely. that had been his best chance! Damn the woman and damn those gems!
"Aww you poor thing, don't tell me you've gone and become upset on me, this is only the beginning!!"his voice rose up to her on the swirls of wind, taunting.. teasing her. it was all a part of his plan. he'd seen her cry, he knew she was waivering. he knew she was beginning to lose hope. but that's where her factored wrong. that's where he underestimated her. for she wasn't simply Lexi Summers. she was that and so much more. she was the Dragon of Light. as Rayne darted up to her in a flash, making himself nothing more than a blur, he stopped just short of her and unleashed his energy blasts, powerful enough to destroy anything in its path! when the dust settled, he saw her. and what he saw chilled him to his very evil soul

surrounded by a ball of telekinetic energy, the normally blue hue was infused with the red glow of the Power Gem. the ball was now purple, with flickers of lightning shooting off in various directions. her hair was billowing wildly behind her, small strands crossing in front of her eyes, those once crystal blue eyes that were so beautiful and soothing were now narrowed and glowing and almost sinister purple that matched the TK field. she simply floated over to him and held out one of her arms, her hand open
"You know Rayne, you're right. This is only the beginning!! And you will SUFFER!!"as she spoke, it were as though her voice had taken on this etherial quality. it wasn't her usual almost sweet tone. it was something larger.. something darker. and for the first time, she sensed true fear within Rayne and she grinned, almost ferally at him. as the hand closed, Rayne felt a hand closing around his neck, cutting off his air. she slowly began to squeeze.... harder....and harder...... as if it were completely effortless for her. her eyes never changed. there wasn't a flicker of remorse. there wasn't a hint of mercy. she just kept squeezing, watching as his eyes began to roll back in his head, watching as his skin began to turn a slight hint of blue

"Let...GO....of me...."
there came a sputter and a cough as he was struggling to breathe and speak...."You wretched.....WOMAN!!"there came another almost feral grin as she began to laugh, the sick sound of it echoing across the battleground, chilling"As YOU wish!! But first, let's have a look at those precious stones of yours!"with her other arm extended, her palm held flat, she simply looked at the gems. they slipped from Rayne's grip and floated over to her, landing in her palm soundlessly. she curled her slender fingers around them and licked her lips slowly before she smiled once more"Oh look! Aren't they pretty? And see how much they love being back with their little brothers? All one big, happy family now. Aren't we, precious ones?"she addressed the gems as though they were living, breathing beings.. and the loving, almost nurturing tone she took with them was simply sickening"What's that my precious ones?"she leaned down, turning her head as if to listen to them"Mmmhmm, you are exactly right. I think we really haven't taught this insect enough of a lesson quite yet. No worries, my dears. I shall remedy that right now."as she released all six gems, the encircled her head like some almost demented halo, their glows all casting some sickening hue onto her pale, soft skin. she made a light tsk'ing noise with her tongue as she held out her hand toward Rayne's head and she smiled"It's time for you to die now. I'm bored with you."and with a furious blast of telekinesis, she slammed him upside of his head brutally. as he fell, screaming, she hovered with her arms crossed, laughing. he hit the ground of the city with a painful, earthshattering thud, causing a body sized crater in the earth before he began to tumble, like a rag doll, being blown by the wind. he lay there on his back a good while before he pulled himself to his feet, his body bloody and broken. he just looked up at her and he dropped to one knee. he lowered his head to her, defeated. he knew that she was truly a goddess. she was the most powerful being in all the world and he bowed down to her as if to worship her

"So it seems, I am not the destined one to rule this universe. Look at you, heroine, look at what you've become! You are no better than me. Nor will you ever be!! You are destined for darkness!! It is the fate of all who possess those gems! Accept it!"

up above, she hovered. she listened to him and she grew tired of his contrite drivel. she allowed herself to lower just enough to where she was eye level with the man before she finished what she began
"No. Indeed you are not destined to rule the universe. I don't believe you need worry about my fate, worthless mortal. I believe you need to worry about yours."she pressed her index finger to his forehead and he screamed out in horror. she sent a massive psy bolt straight into his brain, effectively curing him of his nasty little problem with back talk"When you learn how to eat and speak and function again Rayne dear, perhaps you'll remember to respect your superiors. Especially female superiors."she reached out and brushed a fingertip along his jaw and smiled before leaning down and brushing a kiss across his forehead"You'd make such a fun pet. I almost hate to destroy you. Perhaps I'll just keep you around for my amusement."with a sick little giggle, she floated up and away from him as a few of her teammates began hurrying over to the fallen Dark Lord. from her view above, she noticed she didn't see her husband. where could he have been? she began to scan the battlefield while reaching out with her massive mental abilities, touching them all

"Where is Andy? Where is my husband?"
her voice echoed in their heads, leaving them gripping the sides of their heads in pain"Tell me NOW!!! Where IS he!"she swooped down and landed, shaking the ground as she did. she looked frantically all through the city as she ran through it, her red hair trailing behind her"ANDY!!!"tears were welling up in her eyes and for a moment, the goddess lost her edge, became a human being again"Andy where are you? I need you! Just call out.. anything!"but only silence greeted her plea. she kept running throughout the guilded city of Asgard, looking for him. searching and praying that when she found him, he'd be safe. coming upon the site of where Rayne had thrown her into the towers, she stopped and just stared at the piles of rubble. suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a swatch of red and blue cloth. her heart dropping to her chest, she immediately tossed the debris aside without a thought and ran over. as she came upon his broken form, she screamed"NOOOOOOO"the whole earth seemed to shake as she unleashed the power of her angst within that scream"Oh god no!!! What have I done? What have I DONE!!!!"as she fell to her knees beside his battered body, she put her head in her hands and she weeped scalding hot tears. lowering herself to his chest, she sobbed against it, her hair spilling over his body, caressing it lovingly for a final time"I.. I killed him. He's gone and it's all my fault!"she choked out through the sobs"Andy I'm sorry! Oh god I am so sorry!! I love you.. I love you so much!"she continued her near hysterical grieving over his mangled body, crushed to death by her own hand. by her own power. it had taken over. the lust... the greed.. that need to be the most powerful and to take revenge upon someone who hurt others had cost her her husband's life

the others didn't dare approach her. they all stood back, in shock of what they were all seeing and after an undetermined amount of time... she stood slowly"These.. aren't meant to be held by one person. They corrupt even the most uncorruptable and I cannot ever let another innocent soul lose their life because of them."there was a brilliant flash of blue as she again shot up into the sky and with every ounce of power she had, she flung 5 of the gems to the ends of the earth. she floated the remaining gem down to where the Dragons assembled around the body of their fallen leader. its red hue glinted up at them as it dropped at their feet. a detached, almost hollow voice came from above"Allow Asgard to house this one. They shall protect it with their very lives, for they hold within them more honor than I. Do not follow me. Do not try to stop me. You no longer need me here. I've destroyed all your faith in me and it is time I go. Good bye my friends, my brothers."she streaked across the desert sky in a blaze of blue fire, heading for the portal home, her heart shattered, her hope lost, her humanity in question"