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Major Story Arcs

Avengers Assemble!

Little is known of Dinah Soar, except that she first came into the public eye by applying for Mr. Immortal’s newspaper advertisement for a Wisconsin-based super hero team, the Great Lakes Avengers. Dinah is not believed to be a mutant. Hailing from the Savage Land, she is rumored to be a member of an unidentified species from the Antarctic, or possibly a member of an extra-terrestrial race. Kind, heroic, and gentle, Dinah's genuine nature belied her unusual appearance, and she truly cared for the citizens of Wisconsin that she protected.

Dinah had blade-tipped wings that enabled her to fly upwards to 300 miles an hour. Unfortunately, she has a hyper-sonic voice that makes it impossible for others to understand what she is saying, with the exception of her lover, Mr. Immortal. This is explained when Dinah tells Mr. Immortal that her people bond with one person for life, and only that person can understand the object of their affection's unique vocal pattern. Mr. Immortal gave Dinah a whistle as a Christmas gift, which enables her to summon her teammates. Dinah can make bird-like calls and whistles, but is severely limited in her verbal communication abilities. Dinah shared a romantic relationship with Mr. Immortal until her life was cut short by the villain Maelstrom.

Powers And Abilities

  • Reptilian Wings Granting High-Speed Flight Capability (Dinah's Wings Had Razor-Sharp Tips That Were Able To Cut Through Most Organic Material.
  • Hyper-Sonic Voice
  • Empathic Rapport (With Mr. Immortal)


Dinah Summons Aid

Dinah carries a whistle given to her by Mr. Immortal as a Christmas gift to summon or alert her teammates, if necessary.

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