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Squirrel Girl started her career at age 14 trying to a be sidekick to Iron Man with her pet squirrel Monkey Joe. After politely declining her offer, Iron Man and Squirrel Girl were captured by Doctor Doom. However, Doom would become the first villain (out of many) to be defeated by her due to underestimating her power.


Squirrel Girl was created by Will Murray and Steve Ditko and first appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes Vol.2 issue 8 (1992).

Major Story Arcs


Modern Day Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl was next seen joining the Great Lakes Avengers after saving them from muggers, witnessing Grasshopper die, and defeating Maelstrom. Monkey Joe was soon killed by rejected GLA member Leather Boy in a Doctor Doom suit. She was soon partnered by Tippy Toe, her new squirrel sidekick. She was able to defeat Thanos, Terrax and M.O.D.O.K, and was offered a position at SHIELD because of the number of villains she had beaten, but declined.

She was one of the few mutants who retained their powers after M-Day. Squirrel Girl had a big crush on Speedball, a.k.a Penance, and tried to get him to return to his old ways, even going as far as using a time machine in Latveria that belonged to Doctor Doom, to go to the past, but accidentally went into the future instead. After meeting an alternate Speedball and Mr. Immortal, she was told that she had things to do in the past, mainly kicking Deadpool out the group.

Heroic Age

After defeating Fin Fang Foom, the other GLA just hung around in their base and played cards. The team thought they would just have been in the way like when she had fought and defeated Baron Mordo, Korvac and Planet Ego. She decided to go solo again, thinking she might have held them back if she was in the team. She went to Disneyland for a while to relax and then returned to New York to her old stomping grounds, Central Park. While Luke Cage and Jessica Jones were looking for a superpowered nanny for their baby, Danielle Cage, they interviewed many people then settled on her. It was then revealed that there was some tension between her and Wolverine. When he went to Hell, his friends went into his mind to help him defeat the demons in his mind. Behind one of the doors in his mind were all the superpowered women Wolverine had fantasized about, Squirrel Girl just happening to be among them.

Fear Itself

It was revealed that Squirrel Girl was taking classes in New York University. Upon returning from school one day, she noticed Nazis attacking New York. She hurried to Avengers Mansion to her baby-sitting duties. She was slowed down by several mechs, but fought her way through them to the mansion. Upon arriving, the Avengers asked her what was causing the trouble in the city, to which she responded "Not to generalize, but ...... Nazis," referring to Sin's army of Nazi mechs that were assaulting the city. The Avengers then left to fight the Nazis, leaving Squirrel Girl to her babysitting duties, as the mansion went into lockdown, just as it was assaulted by more mechs. Luckily, Daredevil arrived, destroyed the mechs, and guided Squirrel Girl to a hidden bunker in the mansion, where she then took the baby and hid for the remainder of the attack.


While the New Avengers were out dealing the events of Spider-Island, Doreen was fulfilling her duties as a nanny, and watching over Danielle Cage. However, Danielle had become one of the many citizens of New York to gain spider-powers, and soon terrorized her caretaker, prompting Squirrel Girl to make an emergency call to Jessica Jones. By the time the Avengers returned to the mansion, Danielle was asleep in her crib, with the previously unbeatable Squirrel Girl trapped to the ceiling in a web cocoon. She was later freed and resumed working as a hero

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Most recently, Squirrel Girl received her very own series.

Powers and Abilities

Squirrel Girl has many squirrel-like powers. She has superhuman strength and agility, allowing her to leap several stories, as well as an enhanced sense of smell. She also has 2-3 inch retractable knuckle spikes that can slice wood, in addition to sharp claws on each digit that can be used for climbing. Squirrel Girl has buck teeth that can chew wood, and a 3-4 feet long prehensile tail. She also has powers allowing her to work with squirrels, beyond the abilities of normal training. She can speak and understand a squirrel's language and they seem to be able to understand her speaking English. This is often the means through which she defeats her more powerful enemies, as she can summon large armies of squirrels for help. Her eyes glow in low light, so it is possible that Squirrel Girl may have supervision.

Squirrel Girl has also been shown to be a rather formidable martial artist, being able to defeat both Deadpool and Wolverine in hand-to-hand combat, both of whom are some of Marvel's most dangerous melee combatants.


She carries a utility belt that has nuts in it for energy. She has a gyro-copter called the Squirrel-A-Gig that was given to her to by Big Bertha. She also carries 'Iron Man Vs. Series battle cards' which rank villain and hero skills and abilities.

Other Media


Fantastic Four

Squirrel Girl in The Fantastic Four

Squirrel Girl has a small cameo in the 2006 Fantastic Four cartoon episode "The Cure" in which the team seeks a replacement for a cured Ben Grimm. She was comically rejected for the position upon making her entrance. Ultimately, She-Hulk is hired as Ben's replacement. Squirrel Girl was given a slight makeover for this appearance.

The Super Hero Squad Show

She is also mentioned in the Super Hero Squad Show, it is said that she is secretly dating War Machine-

Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warrior

Ultimate Spider-Man

Squirrel Girl made her first actual appearance in the episode The next Iron Spider. In it she appeared in the cold opening seemingly easily taking down the Juggernaut. However as she went away he actually pretended to play asleep as to avoid a further beating from the all powerful Squirrel Girl.


Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat

MSHS: Comic Combat

Squirrel girl makes her videogame debut as a playable Squad member.

Marvel Avengers Alliance

Marvel Avengers Alliance

Squirrel Girl is a playable character in the Facebook game. She is a scrapper. You can recruit her with 90 Command Points.

Her bio says: At the humble beginning of her career, Doreen Green attempted to become Iron Man's sidekick. Afterwards, she quickly came into her own, becoming a legendary icon of superhuman power. Though her powers of agility and command over squirrels may seem unimpressive to the uneducated eye, she's proven herself one of the most powerful warriors in the world, having easily defeated Wolverine, Deadpool, Dr. Doom, Terrax,

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online


Squirrel Girl is a playable character in the 2011 PC and Macintosh massively multiplayer online role-playing game Marvel Super Hero Squad Online. She is voiced by Tara Strong

Her Description says: This bushy-tailed mutant may be a little nuts, but Squirrel Girl is super-sweet and super-tough!

Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes

Squirrel Girl also appears in Marvel's MMO, Marvel Heroes, as a playable character.

Her bio says:

You'd think that young Doreen Green's mutant power was Super-Adorability, but her abilities go far beyond simple cuteness. Her semi-prehensile tail allows her to display amazing feats of agility...well, yeah, that tail IS pretty adorable. How about the empathic bond she shares with squirrels? That's a good power! But, yeah, it's also kind of adorable.

Okay! Those enlarged incisors on her pouty little mouth! Those are...awfully, awfully cute.

All right, she may be the cutest thing on two feet (and a tail), but she's single-handedly beaten Dr. Doom, Mandarin, M.O.D.O.K and Thanos. THEY thought she was cute, too...until she kicked their butts!

She was released in several costumes.

She is voiced by Tara Strong,

Marvel: War of Heroes

Marvel: War of Heroes

Squirrel Girl appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

  • [Bright-Eyed] Squirrel Girl
  • [Nanny] Squirrel Girl

Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel Puzzle Quest

Squirrel Girl is a playable character in the game.

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