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Blastaar of Baluur

Blastaar was the leader of Baluur, a planet in theNegative Zone. He was not liked by his people and after he was overthrown, he was shot off of the planet. He then drifted, unconscious, through the Negative Zone. He was awakened whenTriton entered the Negative zone to save Mr. Fantastic, and he followed them through their portal back to the Baxter Building.

He joined with Sandman and tried to take over the world but was stopped by the Fantastic Four and Crystal of the Inhumans. Blastaar was sent back to the Negative Zone where he regained control of Baluur and has tried to take over the rest of the Negative Zone.

Annihilus is the only being in the Negative Zone who is strong enough to oppose him and Annihilus also wants to take over. Blastaar has been back to this universe to help in the battle against the Annihilation Wave. He has also been back to help the Kree battle the Phalanx. During this battle he was stepped on by a giant Phalanx and it is unknown whether or not he survived.

It was revealed that he survives and battles on the pages of War of Kings. He then conquers the Negative Zone, calling himself King. He is currently attempting to invade and assimilate Earth. He is also in control of the 'ceded territories,' a region of the Kree Empire. Blastaar also campaigns to take over other Kree worlds, now ruled by Queen Medusa and the Inhumans.

Powers & Abilities

Energy Manipulation.

Blastaar has superhuman strength, endurance, and durability. He is able to lift approximately 50 tons, and is incredibly resistant to injury; conventional weapons and even ballistic missiles could have no effect on him. His superhuman constitution can withstand extreme variations in temperature and pressure. He is virtually tireless. He can live without nourishment for several weeks and survive in the vacuum of space by inducing himself into a state of hibernation.

He can project blasts of highly concussive kinetic force from his hands. He can channel the same concussive force to give him flight by propelling himself through the air like a rocket, and can maintain this thrust almost indefinitely. This self propelled flight can reach escape velocity. His energy blasts can temporarily disrupt the molecular integrity of the Eternals.

He is also highly trained in the arts of warfare and has access to advanced technology from his home world such as starships and powerful plasma-based weapons. Most often, however, he only uses his powers without augmentation.


Height: 6'6"

Weight: 520 lbs

Eyes: Grey

Hair: Grey

Skin: Grey

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