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As a way to hide his son, Blastaar gives him the job of protecting some obscure star in the Negative Zone. But the star turns out to be unique, it is the only star known that gives off a certain type of radiation that the Supreme Intelligence wants. He sends Genis-Vell and Una Rogg to the Negative Zone to retrieve the radiation and they fight Burstaar and his father. Una is able to manipulate Burstaar into turning against his father and she and Genis escape with the radiation they wanted.
Burstaar is next seen as a mercenary hired by an evil alien race to take revenge on another evil race that took a planet from them. Genis shows up and kills him in seconds, the aliens thank him and say that they are eternally grateful because they are actually afraid of him. Genis takes advantage of this and torments their leaders relentlessly until they get fed up with him and tell him to leave. As he flies away he uses his powers to reanimate Burstaar and he finishes the job he was hired for.

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