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     As the universe, already devasted by the Secret Invasion ( Skrull vs Humans), began to be shaken up by the War of Kings (the Shi'ar vs the Kree and Inhumans), Blastaar took advantage to create an army of mercenaries from various extra-terrestrial races (other than the Shi'ar, Kree, Inhumans, and Skrull).   Blastaar took over the Negative Zone Prison 42, recruiting many of the prisoners and executing the rest.  Then, Razor gave Blastaar the Cosmic Control Rod to enter War of Kings.  As a result of Blastaar's actions (possibly aided by the Army),  Lilandra (the main Shi'ar political opposition to rulers Emperor Vulcan) was killed.  After  Vulcan's demise and the Shi'ar surrender at the end of War of Kings, Blastaar's forces still remain, but are forced to retreat temporarily.  The forces left guarding Prison 42, led by Ning (who resembled a gorilla-human hybrid), battled the Shadow Initiative and then Taskmaster, Constrictor, Scorcher, Penance, and Living Laser.  Due much to Dragon Man and Hardball (former prisoners recruited to the Army) switching sides, the prison was regained by the Initiative. 

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