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Aegis is Born!

While Trey grew up in Brooklyn, he had a tendency to keep to himself. Instead of doing the things most kids his age did commonly which, in his case, were join gangs and commit crimes; he read and researched Greek and Roman mythology. When Trey was walking home from school one day, he heard disturbing noises coming from an abandoned warehouse. He went in, expecting to find a group of miscreants, but instead found the mystical breastplate Aegis of the Greek goddess Athena. He kept the object and soon discovered its force-field capabilities. Soon afterwards, he designed a costume and became the superhero Aegis. He began fighting small crimes, but soon found himself alongside the New Warriors fighting The Negative Zone's inhabitant Blastaar. After the heroes' victory, Aegis was rewarded with membership in the New Warriors.

Mayor Story Arcs

New Warriors

Although Trey had proven himself as a hero, Nova was weary of the new member, mainly because of his inexperience and reluctance to reveal his true identity. Aegis soon got another chance to prove himself when one of the gangs from his hometown began using high-tech weapons supplied by A.I.M.. During the dangerous conflicts between the Warriors and the gang, who were known as Lobo's Boys, Aegis repeatedly protected his childhood friend James; who was now a member of the gang, from harm. This brought more doubt to Nova. Although James had been saved by the Warriors, he still threatened to reveal Aegis's true identity, amongst other threats. When James was released to his home, he told the gang where the Warriors' headquarters was, and then helped them destroy it. Afterward, the Warriors found the arms dealer and put him behind bars. When Aegis was made to explain his relationship with James, he had to inevitably reveal his true identity. This took a large amount of doubt away from Nova, and he began to trust Aegis.

After a while much of the team spread apart, and Aegis ceased to be with the new incarnations of the New Warriors.

Civil War

The then-current team of New Warriors challenged a group of super-villains to a fight. After being cornered and injured by Namorita, one of the villains (Nitro; on large amounts of the drug Mutant Growth Hormone) used his powers to blow up both teams as well as the entire town of Stamford, Connecticut. Aegis had left the New Warriors before this happened, but was enraged at the vilification made of his deceased friends by the media and the public. As a result of the disaster, Congress passed the Super-Human Registration Act, requiring all meta-humans to reveal their powers and identities to the government and cease any super-actions that they did not get permission from the State to preform. This was the final straw, and Aegis refused to comply.

Multiple Man Saves Aegis from Arrest in Civil War.

After police saw him use his powers in public to stop a mugger, they demanded he surrender. Instead, Aegis attempted to run away. He would have been unsuccessful had he not run into Jamie Madrox/Multiple Man, who had been directed into his path by the then-child Layla Miller who said it would help him discover what to do with his team during the Civil War between government forces and illegal supers. Madrox decided to use his powers to create a crowd of duplicates who covered up Aegis so he could escape. Madrox then reabsorbed the dupes from a hidden place and escaped as well.

Aegis fought as a Secret Avenger in CW's last fight.

Aegis then was able to contact and join Captain America (Steve Rogers)'s Secret Avengers, the resistance to the government forces. He fought in the final battle of Civil War; after seeing Captain America change his mind and surrender Aegis stopped fighting and left.

Aegis did not register, but he did not rejoin the post-Civil War incarnations of the New Warriors.

The God's Support

When Hercules met Aegis, he accused the "mortal" of stealing from Athena. Knowing that he could not be reasoned with, Athena came to the two heroes and explained that the plate was a gift to her new earth champion. Hercules knew it was the truth that the goddess spoke, and he left peacefully. When the event was through, Aegis began fighting much more confidently, as he knew he had the Greek gods on his side.

Dark Reign

Athena reveales Trey as one of Earth's Champions!

Aegis died in battle trying to keep Athena's enchanted breastplate out of the hands of Hera's Olympus Group. Confused after a fear-based attack, Aegis jumped out a window, under the impression that the armor was still protecting him; but the armor's enchantment had been temporarily disabled in his fight, and the fall killed him. After his death, he would appear once as a spiritual guide to Hercules' comrade Amadeus Cho.


Using the Aegis breastplate, Trey is able to generate impenetrable force-

Force Field in Full Force

fields. Although the force-fields are impenetrable, Trey can be hit if he is taken by surprise, even if he has a force-field up. The force-fields are capable of being stretched outwards or inwards, and can absorb and redirect energy near it. The force-field generation has a reach of about ten feet, and can be projected onto other people or objects. Aside from the plate, Athena has granted Trey unlimited access to Olympus.

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