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The original model of the gauntlets was first shown in Amazing Spider- Man # 86 along with the new leather skin- tight suit that Widow currently wears. The gauntlets were created by the organization, SHIELD who implanted them with special technology that enabled them to be used for decades. They were given to the Black Widow, who was one of SHIELD's top agents. They are currently being used by Widow and have been ever since.

Special Attributes

These gauntlets contain a number of special equipment that Widow uses on a daily basis. These are:
  • Widow Line-  This is a retractable cable and grappling hook used for climbing rooftops. They also enable rooftop gliding and climbing up steep cliffs and hills.
  • Widow Bite-  This is a high frequency electrostatic charge that can be used to stun or kill. It can be set to deliver minor shocks that causes stunning and paralysis or high voltage currents that can cause death.
  • Explosives-  There are many types of explosives stored in the gauntlet which includes grenades and other types of explosives that can cause damage to an opponent.    
  • Tear Gas-  There is also tear in the gauntlet that can cause blindness when released. It can also cause the opponent to be knocked unconscious.
  • Radio Transmitter-  This enable Widow to lock on to a target and track its every move. If placed on a moving vehicle like a car or bike, it enables Widow to track down their location. 

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