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When the Scarlet Witch went crazy after discovering the true story about her children, the tragedy that ensued caused the Avengers to disband. But when the villain Electro caused a massive breakout at the super-villain prison The Raft, a team of New Avengers assembled. Spider-Man seeing the explosion from his apartment hitches a ride on a helicopter heading towards the prison. The helicopter crashes and Spider-Man lands into the water and is helped out by Captain America who was on the helicopter and the two meet up with attorney Matt Murdock, Murdock's superhuman bodyguard, Luke Cage and Spider-Woman (a S.H.I.E.L.D. escort) who had been visiting the mentally imbalanced inmate known as the Sentry.

Iron Man and Sentry eventually join the fight and the riot is calmed down when a SHIELD Helicarrier arrives. The next day Captain America gathers together all the heroes that were at the battle except for Daredevil - who felt that he should not join - and Sentry whom S.H.I.E.L.D. would not allow to Stark tower. Their first mission involved them going to the Savage Land to find the person Electro broke out. There they find Wolverine who is after the same man. They also find S.H.I.E.L.D mining for vibranium and they are confronted by the second Black Widow, Yelena Belova. After Yelena is burned by Sauron and Sauron is defeated, S.H.I.E.L.D bomb the vibranium dig site and the Avengers manage to survive using Iron Man's force field. They confront Maria Hill and then offer Wolverine a place on the team, which he accepts. A day or two after, the team battles the Wrecker and then along with the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and the Inhumans try to help the Sentry remember who he is. After the Sentry and everyone else remembers him he finally joins the team.


The New Avengers assembled first in The New Avengers #1 (2005) and were written by Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch as a rebooting of the Avengers franchise. The Avengers had recently been brought to an end by the Avengers Disassembled storyline.

Team Evolution

The initial line-up of the New Avengers, following the prison breakout storyline, consisted of Iron Man, Captain America, Luke Cage, Spider-Woman (actually Skrull Queen Veranke in disguise) and Spider-Man. These are soon joined by the Sentry, Ronin ( Echo) and Wolverine. The events of the Superhuman Civil War resulted in the team becoming something of an underground team, with Iron Man departing to lead the Mighty Avengers. After the Civil War, Dr Strange, Hawkeye (as a new Ronin) and Iron Fist join the team as well. The Skrull Secret Invasion further shook up the team with Jessica Jones, Ms. Marvel and Bucky Barnes (as the new Captain America) joining, along with returned heroes Mockingbird and the real Spider-Woman.

After the conclusion of Norman Osborn's Dark Reign and the Siege of Asgard, a newly emboldened team forms, now with Luke Cage as team leader, Spider-Man, Wolverine, The Thing, Jessica Jones, Mockingbird, Iron Fist and Victoria Hand. Dr Strange once again joins the team after the death of Dr. Voodoo along with his associate Wong. The team also recruits Squirrel Girl as a nanny for Luke Cage and Jessica Jones' daughter.

Major Story Arcs

To Japan

The team go to Japan to try and arrest the Silver Samurai who broke out of the Raft during the riot. They send Ronin to give them a sense of the situation but and find out that Silver is working with Madame HYDRA. After fighting off a large amount of ninjas they capture Madame Hydra who escapes thanks to help given by Spider-Woman. When they get home Cap forces her to reveal her entire history with Hydra and her double agent job with Nick Fury. Ronin also reveals herself to be Echo: a friend of Daredevil.

Cap decides to reveal the team to the public but before he does, he invites Jonah Jameson to Stark tower and offers him exclusive access to the team as long as he lays off Spider-Man which he seems to accept but once the roster is revealed he starts a smear campaign against them. The team rushes Jessica Jones to Doctor Strange's house when she goes into labor. During the delivery of her baby, she quits her job at the Daily Bugle because of the things Jonah published about her husband. While meeting with the mayor of New York they are attacked by Yelena who has been given new powers, but manage to defeat her using an army of Iron Man armors and the Sentry. Yelena is then seemingly killed by Hydra because of mission failure, raising distrust over Spider-Woman. Shortly after, the whole team attend the wedding of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.

The New Avengers then meet with the X-Men to decide the fate of Wanda Maximoff and all of them get caught up in House of M. In the aftermath of House of M, the Avengers are called in to stop the Collective who had just killed Alpha Flight. After the team fights the Collective and Spider-Man is tortured by Maria Hill to get information about House of M they figure out that the Collective is energy made out of the powers of the depowered mutants controlling a man named Michael Pointer. The Collective then heads to Genosha where he reveals himself to be Xorn and takes control of Magneto. With the help of Ms. Marvel and Quake, the Avengers defeat Xorn, separate him from Magneto and have Sentry throw him into the sun.

Fugitives on the run

New Avengers Post-Civil War

The team splits during Civil War, with half (Luke Cage, Spider-Woman) joining Captain America's (Steve Rogers) group of Secret Avengers during the Superhuman Civil War and the rest (Spider-Man, Sentry) joining Iron Man's team of Registered Heroes. However, Spider-Man joins Cap's side after the death of Bill Foster. When the war is over, what's left of Cap's underground Avengers forms the new New Avengers.

This new unregistered group of Avengers oppose the Super Human Registration Act and find themselves hunted by the Mighty Avengers, led by current director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Tony Stark (Iron Man). Struggling to hold the team together as fears that a bigger conspiracy is the driving force behind recent events, the New Avengers are a volatile group who seem ready to explode at any moment yet still manage to carry on combating evil as true Avengers. They go up against some of the most fierce foes on the entire planet such as the Hood and Jigsaw. They were caught up in a disastrous Symbiote Invasion, along with the Mighty Avengers and almost all of them were transformed into Symbiote monsters. They are living in a penthouse purchased by Danny Rand. Jessica Jones, Luke Cage's wife leaves the team and joins the Mighty Avengers in fear of safety for her daughter, giving Iron Man a dead Skrull in the form of Elektra and letting the Leader know that Skrulls are among us. A Skrull had recently tried to replace Echo, but luckily Wolverine was following her and scared the Skrull off. The Skrull appeared to have all the powers of the X-Men. Ronin confesses to having feelings for Echo.

Secret Invasion

During the events of Secret Invasion the New Avengers followed the Mighty Avengers to the Savage Land only to find a ship holding 70's versions of themselves. A battle begins and the counterparts are revealed to be Skrulls. Spider-Woman declares herself Queen of the empire, stating that Earth was theirs. Once the battle finishes the Skrull Queen arrives in New York, followed by the two Avenger teams working together for the first time in many months. The new Captain America and the newly reborn Thor appear with Iron Man at their side. The final battle began and in the end Echo and Iron Fist seem to be M.I.A. Wolverine noticed the broken-jawed queen and attempts to go kill her. Instead Norman Osborn a.k.a Green Goblin gets the kill. Osborn is named the leader of H.A.M.M.E.R.: intended to be a better version of S.H.I.E.L.D. A ship lands on the ground revealing all the people that were replaced by Skrulls - the real Jessica Drew and Jarvis come out with Elvis Presley in the background. Everyone was shocked to see Jessica and she becomes worried with all the stares. Jessica Jones goes crazy when she sees the real Jarvis and flies back to Avenger Tower only to find her baby girl gone.

Dark Reign

In the aftermath of the Secret Invasion, the new team roster consists of Captain America ( James Barnes), Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Spider-Man, Ronin (Clint Barton), Mockingbird, Wolverine, Ms. Marvel, and the true Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew).

After the battle is over, Captain America organizes a meeting with the New Avengers at his home, offering it as a base of operations. When Luke, Jessica Jones, and Ms. Marvel arrive they contact the Fantastic Four and Iron Fist to begin searching for Danielle, Luke and Jessica's lost daughter. They then attack various villains such as A.I.M., HYDRA, Electro, and the Red Skull for any information regarding the Skrull Jarvis, thinking he might have contacted them for a way to escape New York City, and possibly the Earth. Eventually they find a Skrull pretending to be an ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. agent at a bar. After a brief confrontation, the Skrull is about to reveal where Danielle is when another agent shoots the Skrull in the head, leaving Jessica convinced Skrull Jarvis is going to kill Danielle. Meanwhile, the rest of the New Avengers are unaware that Luke has asked Norman Osborn for help in their search. However, when Luke gets his child back, he reneges on his deal with Osborn and returns to the New Avengers after Bullseye kills the Skrull Jarvis.

Who is the next Sorcerer Supreme?

The New Avengers later witnessed the announcement of Osborn's Dark Avengers. Ronin refuses to stand for this and says that the true Avengers are going to get back at them for this. The New Avengers are around the television trying to figure out who these Avengers are. The whole team agrees that they can't let these impostors continue to run amok, and agree they must be stopped. So they come up with a plan, Spider-Woman flies to Avengers tower but is attacked by the Dark Avengers, who think she is the Skrull queen. Finally Osborn gets them to stop fighting, then Jessica says she wants a job. Norman then says Luke Cage already used that on him, she says she's been an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA. Spider Woman just pleads for something to do. Spider-Woman flies to the Hellfire Club where the rest of the New Avengers are. Ms. Marvel is in possession of a Starktech power drainer to use on the Dark Avengers so they can take them down easily. First Wolverine smells something wrong, then the power drainer is shot and broken. Then the Hood busts the door down with a bunch of villains saying it's payback time: it turns out their trap backfired. The New Avengers fight the battle and are holding their own, but a win is nowhere in sight, so Ms. Marvel tells Spider-Woman to blast her - she is able to redirect this energy and give it back to the Hood's gang twice as powerful. The team then leave and go to Cap's place.

Clint Barton leaves and goes to a T.V. station and holds a press conference saying that Norman Osborn and his Avengers are nothing but impostors. Back at Bucky's house Ms. Marvel is watching the interview. Clint shows up and they argue about what he did, he assures her they will catch Osborn when he slips. The next day the team is having a meeting - Clint says they need a team leader, and Clint says he'll take it if no one else will. Then he starts talking about his first order of business might be a bit awkward, Spider-Man then says "Ooooh, I love awkward."

Clint confronts Spider-Man about his secret identity. Logan says he smells that it's him, but Clint then tells Logan he couldn't smell the Skrulls. Spider-man explains that it's not that he doesn't trust the team it's that he has protected his identity so hard. Spidey gets up to leave, but takes off his mask, and reveals he is Peter Parker. Jessica Jones is shocked and hugs Peter, explaining that they went to high school together, that she was in science class with him, and she was in love with him. She then explains how she was in a car accident. Peter then goes "Oh! Coma girl." Luke Cage can't get over the fact that his wife liked Peter. Jessica is upset about the coma girl thing and walks off. At this, the team hear a crash and go rushing to the door. Doctor Strange falls in, pretty beaten up and asks for help.

New Sorcerer Supreme

Is this the new Sorcerer Supreme?

Sitting around the table Doctor Strange explains about the battle with The Hood and that he was after the Eye of Agamotto, and fills them in about the Sorcerer Supreme situation. The New Avengers decide to team up with the Doctor to get to the Hood so they go to New Orleans with Doctor Strange.

As the New Avengers arrive in New Orleans, they begin to wonder who they are there for, when Luke Cage figures out that they are there for Daimon Hellstorm, the Son of Satan. Spider-Man, Luke and Jessica Jones are still tense over Jess liking Peter back when they went to high school together. This makes Luke angry, but before he could really do anything, the Eye of Agamotto begins to light up and then starts to show all of those who would become the new Sorcerer Supreme looking at the Eye, but the Eye then disappears and before the Avengers could do any thing, they are attacked by Madame Masque, The Hood's girlfriend. Wolverine jumps out of the Quinjet and goes after Madame Masque, but is shot multiple times and is saved by Spider-Man. Spider-Woman then jumps from the jet and begins to fight Madame Masque, and after a short fight, Spider-Woman manages to knock her off of the building they were on. The Hood had already made his way to Daimon, demanding the Eye of Agamotto, but Daimon tells him that he does not have it, and as the two are talking, the Eye itself appears in front of them, but then disappears again. This makes The Hood mad and he and Daimon begin to fight, this fight then leads out into the streets of New Orleans. As that happens, Cap, Spidey, Wolverine, Spider-Woman, and Ms. Marvel begin to search for Madame Masque, while Ronin, Mockingbird, and Dr. Strange go to find Daimon. As Daimon fights The Hood, The Hood transforms into his Dormammu form, Luke Cage then lands on top of The Hood. The other Avengers then find Madame Masque holding a woman hostage and she gives the Avengers to the count of three to leave, but before she can say three, Captain America shoots her mask, knocking her out. Dr. Strange joins Luke and Daimon in their fight with The Hood, Dr. Strange then asked Daimon if he had the Eye of Agamotto and is surprised to find out that he doesn't have it, but before he could think about the matter, Brother Voodoo appears, wearing the Eye.

New Avengers and the new Sorcerer Supreme, Brother Voodoo

Brother Voodoo wakes up one night after sleeping with a girl, he then begins to fight with his dead brother, whose voice Voodoo is able to hear in his head. His brother starts telling him that he shouldn't be with this girl and that Voodoo should be out helping people, and as they fight, the Eye of Agamotto appears in front of them. Voodoo then hears the Ancient One's voice and he tells Voodoo that he has been chosen to be the new Sorcerer Supreme. After this, Voodoo then sees a creature outside of his window and goes to see what has happened, Voodoo then meets up with the New Avengers and Dr. Strange, who are trying to stop the demon-powered Hood. Voodoo attacks The Hood and is joined by the rest of the New Avengers, the Avengers begin their attack on The Hood, but are pushed to the side when The Hood sees Voodoo wearing the Eye, Luke Cage then attacks The Hood and allows Dr. Strange to cast a spell that would trap The Hood in a magical seal. Brother Voodoo then uses a spell and performs an exorcism, splitting Dormammu from The Hood, after doing this, The Hood is left powerless and badly burned. Clint Barton then sees a guy video taping the whole battle and says on tape that he and the other Avengers had just captured The Hood and said The Hood is working with Norman Osborn, after saying this, Clint tells the guy to get the tape out anyway he can and to make sure everyone sees it. Twenty-four hours later, the powerless Hood lies in a hospital bed, still burned, and slowly crying. He is then visited by Loki who tells Parker he can have a second chance and have his powers back. Back at the Avengers base in Brooklyn, Clint and Mockingbird watch Norman Osborn on the news, saying that Clint Barton was a villain once and he was given a second chance, so why not him. After this Clint tells Mockingbird that they are going to have to kill Norman Osborn.

The Avengers fighting the Hood's Gang

After the incident at the Hellfire Club between the New Avengers and The Hood and his gang, after escaping the fight, The Hood's gang begin to doubt the Hood's leadership. They recover the Avengers' power disruptor which had been damage during the battle. Back at the Avengers' hideout in Bucky Cap's apartment, at a team meeting, Clint wonders where Wolverine is, Spider-Woman tells him that he went to to help the X-Men, Clint wasn't happy that Logan left without saying anything, getting to business, the team tells Clint that the T.V. stunt he pulled was a dumb move, which he agrees with, but then said that he should have just killed Norman instead; this angers Spider-Man, who tells Clint that the Avengers are heroes, and that killing Norman was not how a hero deals with the problem, which Clint disagrees with. But before they can go any further, they are alerted that the Avengers are needed.

Chemistro using a power disruptor on the Avengers

The Avengers find Chemistro attacking Times Square, as they engage in battle with him, he unleashes the power disruptor the Hood's gang recovered and he had gotten fixed by Jonas Harrow. The disruptor affect the Avengers, disrupting all of their powers except Mockingbird who has no powers. Mockingbird, who is the only Avenger who is able to fight, stands alone against Chemistro and puts up a good fight, but when the rest of The Hood's gang enter the battle, she is defeated. Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers then arrive on the scene, but they too are affected by the power disruptor. Norman is forced to make a deal with the gang's new leader, Dr. Harrow. Norman tries to arrest the New Avengers, but the team is saved by Mockingbird's timely intervention, helping the team escape via the team's Quinjet.

Mockingbird with the fallen Avengers

Thanks to the power disruptor, Luke Cage's heart was badly hurt and he was in need of surgery. After escaping from the Dark Avengers and The Hood's gang, they go to the Night Nurse for help, but she tells them that she can't help him because she can't break through Luke's unbreakable skin. The hospital is then surrounded by H.A.M.M.E.R. forces and Norman's "Avengers", Luke then tells the team that the only way that he can be helped is to turn himself in to Osborn and get help from his men, while also allowing the rest of the Avengers to escape. When Jessica Jones finds out what has happened, she snaps and flies to Avengers Tower, only to be stopped by Ms. Marvel who tells Jessica that they have a plan.

Thanks to the power disruptor, Osborn's men are able to operate on Luke's heart. After the surgery, Norman demands that Luke tell him where the Avengers are hiding in exchange for his wife's safety. The Avengers, with the help of Doctor Voodoo, Misty Knight, Hellcat, the Thing, Iron Fist, Valkyrie, Dr. Strange and Daredevil, enact their plan to rescue Luke. The Avengers attack Camp H.A.M.M.E.R. in New Mexico, making Norman believe that they think that's where he's hiding Luke Cage. While he and the Dark Avengers go to arrest them, the rest of the heroes rescue Luke. Little do the Avengers know though that Norman has planted a small device on Luke's heart.

Hawkeye being forced to relive his worst memories

After the rescue, Dr. Strange finds the device on Luke's heart, which is also leading Norman right to them. Teaming up with the Wasp ( Hank Pym), Dr. Strange enter Luke's body and make their way to the device, but accidentally activate the device's self-destruct. They are able to get the device out just as Osborn and his Avengers arrive to find the heroes gone. The device meanwhile, is in his fancy summer home that is then destroyed by the device as it explodes, which infuriates Osborn. The Avengers return home to celebrate their victory while Luke wonders, for the sake of his daughter, if he should continue to do the hero thing. The Hood then returns to find his gang now working for Norman Osborn, first he kills Dr. Harrow, and then makes a deal with Osborn that after he and his gang kill the Avengers, they can walk away as free men, Hood then asks Norman about Spider-Man, who Norman then says he wants captured alive.

As the Avengers watch the news footage of the X-Men's Utopia Mutant island, Clint tells the team that he's going to kill Norman Osborn and that nothing will change his mind, the others disagree and argue that they should go help the X-Men, but Clint still doesn't change his mind. After one last night with his wife, Mockingbird. Clint goes to Avengers Tower, he waits for the Sentry to leave, then attacks Venom ( Mac Gargan) in his room, throwing him out of the tower's window and onto the streets below. He then shoots Bullseye, but his attack by Daken, who he then shoots in the head with an arrow. He then runs into Moonstone, who then says that she would help him kill Norman, but can't since there were cameras watching them. Clint then finds Norman, but after a short struggle with him, Clint is knocked out by Ares and captured.

Clint then finds himself captured, and finds Norman trying to force him to tell him where the Avengers are hiding, Clint refuses to tell him and tries to escape, but doesn't get far. Mockingbird wakes up that next morning, finding a note Clint had left telling her that he went to kill Norman, she then tells Ms. Marvel and Spider-Woman, who along with Jessica Jones attack H.A.M.M.E.R. Helicarrier while. Norman then gets Mentallo to force Clint to relive his worst memories and to find out where the Avengers are hiding, which he does, Norman and his Avengers then attack the Avengers hideout, but find no one there. Mockingbird, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman, and Jessica Jones then find and free Clint Barton and then escape.

Spider-Man then finds the Avengers hideout destroyed by Norman's Avengers, he then finds the team in one of Cap's other secret hideout's a block away. Clint then tells Peter that he was right and that he wasn't acting like a hero, but was angry that the world was going to hell and no one was doing anything about it, but before they could do really anything, Steve Rogers comes in, agreeing with Hawkeye and saying that it's a good thing that the Avengers are there to save the day.


Bucky Cap and the newly returned Steve Rogers

In Hell's Kitchen, thanks to the Norn Stones that were given to The Hood from Loki, The Hood was able to power up his gang so they could hunt and kill the Avengers. Back at the Avengers hideout, which had been destroyed by Norman and his Avengers, Steve Rogers and Captain America (Bucky Barnes) are doing recon of the old hideout, they are then attacked by the Living Laser and the Corruptor, who is able to control Bucky and forces him to attack Steve, Steve is able to defeat the Corruptor and free Bucky from his control, but they are then attacked again by the Living Laser. Over in Manhattan, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman are attacked as well by Mandrill and Griffin, who seemingly defeat Spider-Man and then try to force Spider-Woman to tell them where the rest of the Avengers are hiding.

Siege on Asgard - Intercepted

Steve and Bucky continue to fight off Living Laser, and with the help of Luke Cage, they defeat him. Luke is then surprised to to see Steve alive but this reunion is cut short when Nick Fury arrives. Spider-Man and Spider-Woman continue to fight each other, and with the help of Spider-Man's plan, Spider-Woman is able to break free from Mandrill's control, and the two heroes defeat Griffin and Mandrill. Back at the Avengers hideout, Fury activates the code to shut down all Life Model Decoys to make sure that it was the real Steve Rogers and not a Life Model Decoy, Fury then reveals that he is not alone and that his Secret Warriors are with him, the two group of heroes are then attacked by army of H.A.M.M.E.R. soldiers and fight their way back to the Avengers Safe house where the rest of the heroes are surprised to see Steve Rogers with them, Steve and Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) then have a touching moment. Spider-Man and Spider-Woman then join up with the group as well, but when they see the news feed from Asgard and see Norman Osborn and his men taking down Thor, the two teams then prepare to leave for Asgard.

Powered-Up Avengers

Led by Captain America, the Avengers arrive in Asgard and are able to catch Norman Osborn and his team by surprise. The team manages to hold off Osborn's forces until The Hood arrives with his gang and evens out the playing field. But both teams are caught off guard when the Sentry smashes through Asgard and causes it to crumble onto the Oklahoma fields. Ronin begins searches for Mockingbird, who had gotten caught in Sentry's attack. After finding her, the two heroes run into The Hood and Madame Masque, but before either four could make a move on each other, they see as the Sentry turns into his Void form and begins to attack both the heroes and villains. Loki then steals The Hood's magical Norn Stones and gives them to the Avengers.

Free of Convictions

With the combined might of most of Earth's heroes, the Avengers were able to defeat the Void. Once the battle was over, the New Avengers regrouped, finding some of The Hood's gang captured by some of the Asgardians. They demanded to know where The Hood was, learning that his cousin, John King would know. With the help of his cousin, the Avengers made their way to California, where the now depowered Hood and Madame Masque are now hiding. Once finding the two villains, they learn that they are with Masque's father, Count Nefaria. With the help of Wolverine, the Avengers are able to defeat the three villains and, along with John King, leave them with Maria Hill since they didn't know where to leave them, but figured she would.

The next day, the New Avengers meet with many of Earth's heroes at Avengers Tower. There, they learn that Steve Rogers is now the America's new Top Cop and that they are all free men and women again since they SHRA was thrown out. But when the question comes up on what to do next now that they've finally won, Luke then says that the they day that he's able to walk as a man free of convictions, he'll know that they had finally won. All of the team then walk through Central Park, free at last.

The Heroic Age

The newest New Avengers

In the aftermath of Siege, Luke Cage complains that he doesn't want to be a part of the world according to Steve Rogers, so Steve talks to him about making his own team, thinking it would be a better idea to have more than one team of Avengers, with Luke leading the other one. Luke agrees, and Iron Fist buys Avengers Mansion for $1 to be used as the New Avengers' base. Luke invites most of the members from the old New Avengers team as well as the Thing from the Fantastic Four. However, before the team can get settled in, they are suddenly attacked by a possessed Doctor Strange and Daimon Hellstrom. This series of demonic possessions gives way to a full-scale dimensional invasion.

One of the demons possesses Iron Fist in an attempt to possess the Eye of Agamotto which he was holding at the time. However, Danny's status as the Iron Fist mystically protects him from being destroyed when he entered the Light Dimension. The one who brought him there reveals himself to be the Ancient One and convinces him that Dr. Strange stole the Eye of Agamotto from him. He sends Danny back in a new white costume to confront Strange. Hawkeye briefly shows up to quit the team and departs for the main Avengers team who had sent out an emergency call. Soon after, Iron Fist shows up to confront Strange. However, Strange explains that he never stole the Eye and that whoever told him that is unable to physically possess the eye and was tricking Rand into stealing the eye for him. It is eventually revealed to be Agamotto, the rumored original Sorcerer Supreme himself who wants his eye back and will stop at nothing to get it.

Agamotto reveals that the Vishanti are no more and that he needs his eye to boost his power to maintain the balance of all existence. Knowing what he must do, Jericho Drumm boldly declares an arcane challenge against Agamotto for his eye. The challenge is revealed to the others to be a death-match. It is supposed to be one vessel against one vessel but Dr. Voodoo uses the "Macodine Spell of Binding". The Macodine Spell of Binding was able to gather all the powers and abilities of their group into one vessel to enter the challenge. That vessel was Wolverine. With Wolverine as their vessel, the New Avengers do battle with Agamotto. Daniel Drumm, Voodoo's brother, sees the fight and intervenes. Agamotto announces that the battle is won by him because of Drumm's interference. Doctor Voodoo sees his brother and sacrifices himself and the Eye of Agamotto, killing Agamotto. After the battle, Daniel Drumm possesses Luke Cage and vows that the New Avengers will pay for what they've done to his family.

After their mystic battle, the New Avengers decide to fix up their broken Avengers Mansion, and get their line-up straightened out. Squirrel Girl joins their ranks as the nanny for Luke Cage and Jessica Jones' daughter, Danielle. Also joining the team is Doctor Strange's assistant, Wong as their "second-rate Jarvis". Luke Cage and Jessica Jones take a break from Avengers business and go on a date. During their date, Luke tries to convince Jessica to go back to being a superhero. Their date is interrupted by Doctor Doom which is really a Doombot. The rest of the New Avengers arrive on the scene and immobilize the Doombot. The next day at Avengers Mansion, Jessica announces to everybody that she is going back to superheroics as " Power Woman".


Staking out Superia

The New Avengers arrive in Rhode Island at the behest of Victoria Hand. Superia and a splinter cell of HAMMER soldiers are setting up an operation. Mockingbird is undercover at the shopping center and providing surveillance for the team. The New Avengers spring into action and are successful in taking down the operation. However, Superia escapes after defeating Ms. Marvel in one on one combat. Tragedy strikes as Mockingbird is severely injured by a gunshot wound to her stomach. Hawkeye is notified of her situation and vows to kill or take down Superia before Bobbi is released from the hospital. At Victoria Hand's apartment, Victoria is attacked by Superia who is furious she sicked the Avengers on her operation. Victoria reveals she's been a spy for HAMMER all along and Superia needs to listen to what she has to say.

Current Roster

Other Media


The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

New Avengers in the animated series

The team appears in the episode "New Avengers" as a team of replacement heroes gathered by Tony Stark. It is explained that the New Avengers were chosen as part of a last resort program that would ensure the safety of mankind if the real Avengers were ever killed in action. After the Avengers were wiped out by Kang, the program went into effect and recruited Spider-Man, Wolverine, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, War Machine and the Thing as the replacement team. The heroes succeeded in stopping Kang, and went their separate ways after the original Avengers were restored to the timestream. Despite this, Spider-Man was officially offered membership in the Avengers as part of the team's reserve roster, and the various members of the team returned in "Avengers Assemble!" to help fight off Galactus' invasion of Earth.

Video Games

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

The New Avengers appear as one of the official teams you can create within the game.

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

While not officially appearing, several members such as Luke Cage and Wolverine show up. The team is also explicitly mentioned during a conversation with Wolverine.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

As with the original game, it is possible to create the New Avengers line-up as one of the official rosters.

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